Saturday, 13 December 2014

Robert Morningstar - Not on the cover of Time, but perhaps a mugshot ?

Like my mate Expat. I have issues with liars, cheats, fraudsters, and people who maul science with utter bullshit claims. People like Hoagland, Bara, Wilcock and Robert Morningstar immediately spring to mind.

Expat has blogged about Morningstar on more than one occasion. This weeks blogpost included.

I came across an image of a "Robert Morningstar" that bears more than a striking resemblance to the woo-meister Morningstar himself. I REALLY wonder if it's the same guy. I have mentioned before that I have absolutely zero experience in image analysis so I cannot in all honesty say that the man in this police MUGSHOT for DUI and DOMESTIC ABUSE is the Robert Morningstar of C2C fame but to my untrained eye it certainly looks like him.  Bear in mind that the mugshot is from 2010.

Does any reader with any expertise in image analysis care to comment ?


Sunday, 7 December 2014

David Wilcock stars in "The Crying Game."

If you can stomach it here he is.....His Royal Lying Like a Bastardness - David Fraudcock. Crying like a little bitch claiming that an Illuminati hit team are threatening to kill him.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Hoagland on Art Bell - Parody

Hoagland on Art Bell - Courtesy Uncylopedia. Just couldn't resist posting this.

Artwork credit: CaricaturesByCobb

David Wilcock. The Ego, the forehead and the ascention.

I've despised this little thieving creep since I first laid eyes on his overbearing forehead, treacly smug face and his slack-jawed devious look. Then I heard him talk. Fears confirmed I checked his website. Once I had stopped laughing and picked myself up from the floor I read on. 

He claims:
  • To have an IQ of 187 
  • To be able to channel an entity called Ra
  • That humanity will ascend into light beings who can fly and travel anywhere at will
  • That 2000 would be that year
  • That 2012 would be that year
  • That the Illuminati ordered him to generate multiple thousands of hits on his own website or be killed by an assassination team
  • To have contacts deep inside black ops
  • That there is a "jump room" to Mars in an underground base in the USA
  • That the "Montauk project" was real
The above are a tiny sample of his utter garbage. He also claims to be a singer. The below video will prove that that claim was as false as any of the others he has made. I give you "David Fraudcock."


Friday, 21 November 2014

Hoagland resurfaces - In Alaska.

Hi Richard,

I heard you on some weird Alaskan radio station recently. Grats on the air time.

Why no more C2C - is it because you blew Noory a big fat raspberry and live on air read his private messages to you on Art Bell's Dark Matter ? - Then implied Noory was a "limp noodle" host ?

Anyhow, where is the Jade Rabbit part two that was promised ? - Has it gone the way of all your other invisible part twos ?

I also heard you tell the host that comet 67P was a spaceship. Just as we predicted you would months ago. It would seem that not only is science nothing if it is not prediction. Calling out pseudo-scientists fits that soundbite rather well too don't you think.

Anxiously awaiting the "D" word (again) and for you to claim obfuscation and shenanigans by the rulers of the planet and their black spacefleet.

Kindest Regards

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Skyscrapers on 67P/CG and the evil European empire

Hi Richard,

Whatever will we evil Europeans come up with next.

Live streaming
Immediate release of unprocessed raw images
Constant updates by the minute on social media
Unprecedented access to the engineers and scientists

Doesn't leave much room for the monkey business you will claim has being going on to obfuscate the libraries, hyperdimensional warp drives, gun emplacements and skyscrapers. Does it ?

I even notice that your ex-acolyte and bottom licker extraordinaire Mike Bara has been rather quiet on this one. Unusual, since he normally laps up every piece of gobshite that comes out of your mouth.

You are on record Hoagland. On record as saying that 67P/CG was a spaceship with skyscrapers on it. That little gem is freely available on the internet. No denying it "big man." How are you going to spin this one. We are Europeans, not nasty NASA Nazis. Show me the skyscrapers. I double dog dare you.

Kindest Regards

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Bara paints himself into a corner - AGAIN !!!!!

Hi Mike,

Yes me ole' mucker. You've done it again haven't you, and I bet like me other ole' mucker RCH you will not admit to being wrong and retract. Valve on Mars ?

Now that the whole valve thing that you wet yourself over and ran with has been perfectly explained how will you wriggle out ? - Wait I know, you will say you are correct and NASA are wrong and they are trying to cover things up even when good guys are leaking stuff like crazy. Your standard bullshit Mike, we are all wise to it.

You must be about as humiliated as Hoagland was with his two inch high Martian apartments. You remember I am sure. Oh, and Hoagland never admitted to being wrong about that either. Instead he said, the physics had changed and it would be possible to have wee tiny 2 inch tall Martians. Seriously Hoagland get the fuck out of Dodge. Nano seconds earlier he was telling people that the face on Mars was a structure that was massive - on the scale of a mile or more. Now he wanted us to believe it was built by two inch high Martians.

Bloody clownhats. Such abject idiocy entangled with such contempt for ones readership, coupled with a complete lack of understanding of the most basic physics.

Can you spot the big fat fucking lie in the below statement from yourself ?

"My Ancient Aliens buddy Jason Martell has suggested this could be a Rock Abrasion Tool (RAT) mark left over from Opportunity drilling on the rock. I initially considered this but dismissed it for several reasons, although I should have probably brought it up in my initial post."

Pants in an advanced state of combustion big time Bara. You absolute liar. I'll tell you what happened. You wet your panties and ran with it without checking the facts. Then your mate Martell comes along with a suggestion that you said you had already considered and then dismissed. What a whopper.

Karma won't like that Mike. No she wont at all.

Kindest Regards

*ps* I hope the $247 you made from your last lie-a-thon keeps the repo men from the door.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Clown-Hats and spaceships

Hi Mike and Richard,

The below is taken from that NASAPEDIA website that is so corrupt no-one ever references it. Except when it suits them. Like you do Mike. Oh man does it describe both of you perfectly. I knew you were both ill in the head. Anxiously waiting Hoagland's take on space station 67P/CG. 

As we predicted with "stunningly confirmatory confirmation" Hoagland would call THIS COMET !!!!!, NOT A COMET, but an "ancient artificial spaceship" with LIBRARIES and SKYSCRAPERS onboard.

In our model Hoagland is once again "stunningly, embarrassingly wrong !!!!!"

Kindest Regards you two clown-hats

"The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias manifesting in two principal ways: unskilled individuals tend to suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than is accurate, while highly skilled individuals tend to rate their ability lower than is accurate. In unskilled individuals, this bias is attributed to a meta-cognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their ineptitude. Skilled individuals tend to underestimate their relative competence, erroneously assuming that tasks which are easy for them are also easy for others.
David Dunning and Justin Kruger of Cornell University conclude, "the miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others".

Ancient Spacestation. Image credit: ESA.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Hoaglandisms - Feel free to add some more

George !!!!! - Can have many meanings. But is usually interpreted as an
instruction for the host to agree with Hoagland or to compliment him.

If you had been following our work - Get ready for the Hoagland bullshit
nozzle to go into overdrive.

My good friend - Hoagland is about to name drop. Usually famous people.

My dear departed friend - Hoagland is about to name drop like a bastard.
Pedal to the metal. Be ready for some serious bullshit since the "dear departed
friend" is obviously dead. Therefore no checking up can take place.

MSNBC,CNN,CBS,FOX and all that - Hoagland name dropping news corporation
names attempting to legitimise himself by association.

Do you remember <insert some ancient fucking 1960's TV show> - Again
Hoagland waxing lyrical and saying six words when he could have used two.
Interpreted as a pathetic attempt to associate himself with TV from way
back as if he was an actual TV regular.

Stay tuned !!!!! - Keep buying into my shit until I come up with more shit.

This could change everything - Get ready for nothing to happen and Hoagland
to instantly forget and move onto the next thing that could change

What are the odds ? - Meaningless Hoagland mathematical drivel about to be
spouted. Hoagland again assuming his audience have the brains of a
lobotomized mouse (actually most of them do).

In our model - Hoagland loves to use sciency sounding terms. He loves to
use the word model, he really really loves to use the word model. He also
uses it because when one of his predictions yet again fails to materialise
Hoagland will say it was only a model.

If we are correct
- Misuse of the Royal "we". Hoagland loves to give the
impression that he is heading up a huge team of scientists in a gleaming
office and lab complex. It is however just him. On his todd, on his
lonesome. So the use of the word "we" to describe himself in the singular
perhaps points to a superiority complex. Or maybe he just fancies the
Queen. Come to think of it she's one of the few people he has
mentioned on air without actually claiming to know them. 

Back in my Cronkite daysI was Walter Cronkite's science adviser.  Translates as "I used to be a fact checker for Cronkite on and off for two years."

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Potential cash earnings for hucksters, liars and highwaymen.

photo credit: David Mitchell (25%) Time-Life (the rest)

I wonder just how much cash is to be made by writing lies. I guess that depends on the size of your prospective audience.

Take Mike Bara for example. He's been hawking tickets now for a couple of weeks or so for a MUFON gathering in California in early November. Tickets are going at $10, or if you prefer it's a $10 "donation" at the door. It's a three hour job and it would appear that Bara is the only speaker.

So how much would Bara get for this sort of thing. - A percentage of the house takings ? Or would he demand a fixed fee. Let's play with numbers. Bara has written four and a half really shitty books, filled with errors, typos, mis-captions and generally a plethora of other embarrassing boo-boos. He's also appeared on a couple of utterly atrocious TV shows and on woo radio at odd times of the night.

Not exactly a Richard Dolan in the popularity stakes, but he would perhaps pull in a maximum of two hundred people. At $10 per "donation" that's $2000. For an afternoons work. Not too shabby, but then there are the costs of hiring the room and all the other guff that goes with woo conferences. So perhaps Bara might trouser about three or four hundred dollars. Still not too shabby for showing up with blurry photographs and lying like a bastard for three hours.

I doubt Mike gets a gig like this every month, but let's suppose he did. At the upper end ballpark that's about $5k per year in woo-fees. Add to this his book sales. Unfortunately we have no idea what Mike would get for these since we have no way of knowing how many books are sold annually. I doubt it's very many. Especially since there are places to visit on the web that show just how much of a scoundrel this highwayman is. Call it $25,000 a year. Add his woo-fees and that's $30,000 a year. I wonder what else Mike gets up to if that's all he's pulling in ? - After all he does have a massive ego, porn starlets to impress and a 2007 5 series Beamer to maintain.

As for Hoagland. No idea. He writes no books, gets no more woo-conference invites, is never on TV and rarely gets to appear on woo-radio. Perhaps Robin is subsidising poor old Hoagland with her Gulf oil remedy for fifty bucks a pop.

I doubt Bara or Hoagland are in the same earnings league as Richard Dolan or David Wilcock and certainly not in the same league as the bullshitter extraordinaire Dr Steven Greer. Small fish in a pond full of small fish and a few biggies.

Mike will say I am a loser who is  jealous of his success. The type of simple argument that one would expect from him. I'm just happy to be a Father and Grandfather and to have had a successful career as a real engineer. I am pretty sure my children would have disowned me if I lied like a bastard for a living and wrote books full of embarrassing high school physics mistakes.

Just as well Mike is so "successful" he doesn't have a partner and has no children to humiliate.

Way to go Mikey.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Hoagland 67P - Siding Spring and the end of something somewhere. Probably, maybe.....

Now that ESA has started naming things relating to comet 67P with an Egyptian flavour, and sat on data for a couple of months before general release. Will Hoagland again break cover and lever in Nazi's, Obama and all his usual numerology shite.

Nobody would appear to be listening. Both Hoagland and Bara  still use the 1976 images of the face to push their claims. But conveniently don't show the latest super hi-res images available. Is this why nobody is listening anymore. The images being sent back from comet 67P are quite literally breathtaking and breathtaking images are not what Hoagland and Bara deal in. They deal in "what the fuck crap quality is this" images that people scrunch up their eyes and pareidolia kicks in.

Hoagland has only made (as far as I know) a single reference to 67P being a spaceship with skyscrapers  on it. How will he push this as the landing date gets closer. Will he say ESA are now in on the act and are paying homage to NASA and Pharaoh Barry Obama by naming things Egyptian. I don't know, but it's possible. I mean this frothing, increasingly irrelevant madman has claimed even more outrageous things in the past. So he has previous for this sort of thing.

Look folks Hoagland was in on the whole comet Hale-Bopp spaceship thing. You remember Heaven's Gate don't you ? - You know where this bunch of cultists maimed and then killed themselves because they thought space aliens were coming to save them. This unprincipled pretend-scientist was all over Hale-Bopp like a bad suit making all sorts of bullshit claims. Check out his Hale Bopp bollocks at his shitty 1990's style 'scroll forever' website.

I especially love this quote from "The Big Man" himself....

"The very act of publicly making a "prediction" about a possible future action of an individual (or group of individuals) may cause those planning that event to change their minds ... making the initial prediction appear completely wrong. [In fact, the act of publicizing the "prediction" was part of altering the "initial conditions" around the event itself (in this case, the clandestine intentions of the planners), thus altering the specifics of the outcome ...]

Nice one Hoagland. That's like giving yourself carte blanche to say whatever the hell you like and claim that the 'evil powers that be' were paying attention to you figuring out their secret 19.5 degree, 33 degree, ritually aligned plans - and consequently changed them just to spite the great Hoagland. I'm surprised that he didn't use this sort of get out with Elenin. Instead he tried to drive home his bullshit predictions about an "Elenin afternoon" - and shoehorn in the Arab Spring. Man what an unprincipled prick.

As for Bara. I'll simply paraphrase a quote by the inimitable Chris Lopes......."All Bara does is write the same book over and over again." - Priceless mate. Loved it.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

How will Hoagland apply the shoehorn this time ?

Hi Richard,

I know you like numbers. Being a numerologist and all. Well here are some numbers for you to mull over. They are related to comet 67P. You know the comet that you say is not a comet, but a gigantic spaceship with skyscrapers on it. I digress, here are the numbers.

The head, or smaller lobe of the comet, is 2.5km by 2.5km by 2.0km. The "body" is described as being 4.1km by 3.2km by 1.3km.

With the previously released mass of 10 billion tonnes and a density of 400kg per cubic metre, this makes for an object that has a volume of 25 cubic km.

Its rotation rate is also now known to at least six significant figures - at 12.4043 hours.
Other details released:

  • Spin axis: Right ascension, 69 degrees; Declination, 64 degrees
  • Water vapour production rate: 300ml/sec (Jun 2014); 1-5 l/sec (Jul-Aug 2014)
  • Surface temperature: minus 68C to minus 43C (Jul-Aug 2014)
  • Subsurface temperature minus 243C to minus 113C (Aug 2014)
  • Gases detected: Water, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, methane, methanol
  • Dust grains sizes detected: A few tens of microns to a few hundreds of microns
Mission scientists have taken almost two months to release Friday's very simple data-set.
Could this be because they were secretly airbrushing out all the skyscrapers and buildings, gun emplacements and torsion field generators ?

Or could it be......................

No-one has ever been this close to a comet before, and there are major discoveries to be made, and to follow a completely open approach to the mission could allow anyone to claim a breakthrough.

I know where the smart money would be on that one.

Anyhow Richard. We are anxiously waiting your take on this whole scenario. The above are the numbers, the data, the real stuff. How will you manage to shoehorn Nazi's, 19.5's, 33's, Horus, Obama and HD physics into this one.

Kindest Regards

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Kenyan douchebag and Horus

So is Obama a Kenyan douchebag or is he the reincarnation of the ancient Egyptian god Horus. Stop laughing. This is a serious question. Those chuckle brothers Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara cannot seem to agree about one thing. Is Obama a Kenyan or is he the reincarnation of Horus ?

They agree that there are huge ancient alien structures on the Moon, Mars, in Saturn's rings and scattered throughout the solar system. They agree that NASA is run by Nazi's, Magicians and Freemasons. They agree that every physicist, engineer, astronomer and scientist on the planet are using a set of physical laws that either a: Do not exist (according to Bara) or b: Are merely a subset of a higher physics (according to Hoagland).

Preposterous notion ? - Yes it would appear so. Yet they sell books and conference tickets. Having said that Hoagland has written one and a half books in 40 years and his conference appearances have diminished to the point of "no more invites."

Bara co-authored Dark Mission with Hoagland and polluted book stores with 4 more books speaking of things he has no knowledge of. Things such as engineering, planetary science, mathematics, physics, orbital mechanics and spirituality. Bara also has made a few TV appearances and is invited to conferences on a regular basis. Perhaps Bara has taken the crown from Hoagland. Or shall we see "The Big Man" (as Hoagland calls himself) make a comeback and rip the crown from the young pretender.

I doubt it. Hoagland's credibility is shot through. Caked in mud. Gone. He has been caught out in so many lies and these lies have been highlighted and made public by his many critics.

Bara, although far less intelligent than Hoagland will probably be able to hang on a little while longer. Primarily because while he makes laughably inaccurate statements and actually has them published in rubbishy books. He does not make a howling arsehole of himself by claiming that just about every fucking comet that sails through the solar system is actually a spaceship sent by Obama's ancestors in ancient Egypt's past. Not comets but intelligently controlled spacecraft sent by Atlanteans and Egyptian gods Hoagland shrilly maintains. - I know it sounds utterly batshit insane, but unfortunately it's true.

So is Obama a Kenyan douchebag or the reincarnation of Horus ? Perhaps the current crisis in the middle East will answer this most important question.

Hoagland tells us that Obama never refers to the terrorist group as ISIS but as ISIL. He maintains that this is important but neglects to tell us why.

Mike Bara thinks ISIS are douchebags and should be slaughtered to a man. (I cannot disagree with Bara on this point.)

Look to the skies folks. Comet 67P. Will Hoagland try and shoehorn some 19.5's into its parameters and then associate it with the mess in the middle East. Will Bara concur. Will Hoagland again use human tragedy and suffering to grandstand and aggrandize himself and his wallet.

Bara is no stranger either in using tragedy to grandstand and sell books. He used the dead children at Sandy Hook to advertise one of his books claiming that the massacre proved what he had written regarding spirituality and the connected consciousness of the human race.

What a filthy pair of lying mongrels. Just filthy. I need a shower.


Monday, 22 September 2014

A chance meeting in Seattle. Perhaps.

Imagine you are sitting in (say) an airport lounge and get chatting to a guy at the bar as you wait for your flight. Smalltalk ensues and you are told that the person you are chatting to is an author. Not just a wannabe author but a published author. Impressive you may think. What sort of author you ask. Historical, fiction, scientific perhaps ?

You are then informed that your new drinking buddy is a published author in fields such as astronomy, physics, metaphysics and consciousness. Excellent you think. Since airport bar smalltalk usually revolves around work and family. Then comes the stark realisation that while you may indeed be talking to an author, this author believes some really crazy things indeed.

He tells you that there is a ziggurat not unlike the one at Ur in modern day Iraq on the Moon. You ask in amazement what is different from this "Moon ziggurat" to the Ur construction and are told that the ziggurat on the Moon is one mile square as compared to 65m long 45m wide and 30m high here on Earth.

You eye the exits. All three of them. Just in case. You are then informed that not only is this astonishing construction being hidden by NASA and indeed every other space-faring nation on the planet but there are more images available that clearly show that there are artificial structures all over the Moon, and indeed Mars too.

You ask why has nobody been made aware of this and are told that every space faring nation on planet Earth are in on a conspiracy to hide this fact from the entire human race. They employ battalions of people armed with airbrush tools and Photoshop. They tirelessly go over every single image returned to earth and airbrush out all the ziggurats, broken robots and apartment buildings. Not to mention 3 mile high glass towers and domes as well as flying saucers in hangars, gun emplacements and satellite dishes.

Hang on a second you say. Wouldn't it be impossible for every nation that has a vested interest in spaceflight to keep this secret. Given the resource that would have to be made available to ensure the airbrushing went to order and that nobody spoke about it.

You are then confidently assured that NASA, being run by Nazi's Freemasons and magicians are more than capable of ensuring people stay quiet, but there are a few "good guys" in these agencies that conveniently forget to airbrush a tank, or dome or ziggurat here and there so that there is a constant drip feed of information being made available to people who are smart enough to know how to manipulate the images and see what's really there. People like him and his venerable friend and co-author.

You tell your new drinking buddy that even without looking at his evidence it cannot be the case. Since even a small dose of critical thinking points to the hypothesis being false. Your new buddy now calls you a fucking douchebag faggot.

You look him straight in the eye and ask him politely if he would care to repeat that to your face in the parking lot. He mumbles something incoherent and you catch a faint whiff of human excrement in the air.

You leave by the nearest exit and go find another bar leaving your ex friend to contemplate the mess in his trousers.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Mike Bara brags of his success with women.

Oh deary, deary me. Mike Bara has once again plumbed the depths of depravity. Yet more misogyny from the bloated one. He spends Saturday evenings in the company of his pet cats and spams farcebook and twatter about it. He has never mentioned a single significant other in his life, yet makes claims that would appear to put him in the same category as a super handsome playboy.

Believe me folks. If Mike Bara ever scores with a hot lady he will be all over social media like a rash bragging like a teenager who managed a quick grope at a cinema. And whomever Margie Johnson is she cannot be aware that a woman worthy of Mike Bara would cost something under $5.

Mike Bara super stud

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Mike Bara demands to be paid.

How much do "expenses" cost for a filthy liar. I'd love to know. Mike Bara (the filthy liar in question) is complaining that he has been waiting 6 weeks for his expenses from some woo-conference or other. As hard as it is to imagine that people would actually pay to listen to Mike Bara make things up I guess he has cats to feed and rent to pay.

I honestly wonder how these third rate authors and woo-conference regulars actually make a living. As I understand it David Wilcock and Steven Greer are out in front in the financial stakes by quite some margin.

I know people "donate" via pay pal to the likes of Kerry Cassidy, and apparently at one time Hoagland was accepting donations via pay pal for entry to his enterprise forum. Hoagland has also used his facebook page to beg for money to fund research trips which never happened. Hoagland of course trousered the cash and never refunded a cent to the absolute fucking idiots people who donated.

Mike Bara demands his expenses.

One may think that there is only so much cash to go around. So there must be competition for that cash. Hoagland would breathlessly tell us that disclosure was imminent and that he was about to save the world. If of course his utter made up shite "model" was correct. Mike Bara to his credit actually produces tangible work in the form of books. Albeit terrible books devoid of facts. As far as I know Bara has not resorted to begging for donations yet.

Nevertheless isn't it odd that all these amoral arseholes who claim to be "in the know" or in possession of "the truth" want to sell it ? - Just tell your story if you have one then go get a fucking proper job you bunch of lazy woo-meister bastards.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Ok Hoagland - show me the skyscrapers.

Hi Richard,

Please take a look at the latest fantastic images from comet 67P reported today by the BBC. Look at the detail. The closeup views of the proposed landing sites are quite something to behold.

I doubt you will be able to convince any but your most blind cult members to sap up any further hogwash about "skyscrapers on this clearly artificial ancient space station."

Mike Bara will of course back you up. Since he has never contradicted you about anything. But even Bara who is getting far more airtime than you these past couple of years is wisely keeping his mouth shut.

Is this it for you now Richard. It's pretty much game over. No radio, no conferences, no nothing. Better get working on that book that was first announced 14 years ago.

Oh, and perhaps you "might" get some conference invites when you start realising that you are not an A-Lister in the woo community anymore, and stop asking for first class travel for you AND your partner. Then asking for first class hotels and fifty plus percent of the house takings. Travel cattle class, sleep at a Travelodge and leave the woman at home. That's what the rest of them do.

Kindest Regards

Friday, 12 September 2014

The only thing to light up the skies were Richard C. Hoagland's filthy big lies.

Hello Gentlemen (and Mike),

It's over Richard. Admit it. Sure it was good while it lasted but all good things must come to an end. Even the careers of pretend-scientists. Mike Bara's career won't be far behind either. Although to be fair he only pretends to be an engineer.

You will notice if you have the gonads to follow the supplied link, that many of these comments are coming from ex-Hoagland fans. People who used to buy into your fear porn and bullshit. Looks like YU55 and Elenin (as discussed on my attack-blog) really were the final nails in the coffin lid of your career.

At least you had a career of sorts. Poor Mike is just a stand-in with a leather jacket, and a bad comb over, reduced to projecting his own utter failures as a human being onto others.

Kindest Regards
Image credit: Lesley

The fans are revolting.

 Here are some comments I have assembled regarding Hoagland's mendacity over the past couple of years. Notably with regard to asteroid YU55 and comet Elenin. These comments were taken primarily from YouTube. One should remember that many of these people used to buy into Hoagland's lies. Oh how the mighty have fallen. His credibility is at an all time low.

Jett Rink

When Richard Hoagland predicts something, I hope he says it will hit my house. That way I will know for certain that I am 100% safe, because Hoagland is ALWAYS wrong.


Hmmm...I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure that Richard C. Hoagland is not taken seriously by anybody in the scientific, skeptic or astronomical communities.


This just goes to show, no matter how much info you throw at ppl, they will always claim it's doomsday or blow it up bigger than it should be. Richard hoagland also believed elenin was a space ship..........


it's December 1st and I don't feel dead. Maybe Mr. Hoagland (or Hoaxland) should stick to writing scifi. he could really make some money with these wild tales. Oh, BTW, he's on Coast to Coast right now spouting the same nonsense!


lol Elenin fizzed now we got this.....


Richard Hoagland's source is deep inside his own rectum. The guy is a crackpot and anyone who swallows his bullshit really should come and buy one of my exclusive bridges.


i think richard hoagland has discredited cant believe anything he says, nothing he said has come true..its a shame I should to like him, now i think he's full of shit.


You're right. If this should happen, we'd witness something really major - ie Richard Hoagland actually being right about something for once in his miserable, worthless, dishonest life !


Hoagland said this? Now I KNOW there is no danger.

Ted Judah

Richard Hoagland has spewed sooo many claims that have been demonstrably proven false. To pseudo-quote Mark Twain: I don't take no stock in Richard Hoagland. And neither should you.


Here it is Dec 27th, 2011. Earth is here. The Moon is here. Nothing hit anything - unless you count Hoagland's already piss-poor reputation took another hit. What a pile of gullible crap. Watch the same thing happen in Dec, 2012. NOTHING. Scientific illiteracy in this country is a national disgrace.


He is a dip shit! Wrong again idiot!!!! How are you ever gonna go on air again and speak! You have lost all credibility


Richard Hoagland.. LOL. What a joke.


Richard Hoagland is an idiot and you are too for believing him.

Art Warfy

Hoagland is the premiere fake. Zero credentials... check it out yourself.


Hoagland epic fail......again. What a tool.


What a crock of shit! When is this stupid old fool going to shut his damn trap!


Richard C. Hoagland also believes that peruvian cows can speak french if you take the time to teach them! He is as dumb as George Noory!


Just a small question? Has Hoagland ever been right about anything? Ever?


After this dip shits stupid predictions about Elenin who could ever care again what hoagland says about anything. He is a fool and so also is anyone that pays any attention to what this moron says. And you are just another fool You Tube idiot that should be licking his balls rather than trying to make a video!

Derek Eunson

Hoagland has no mathematical abilities whatsoever. His Elenin probabilities equation falls to pieces when he allows a division by zero possibility when assigning numbers to Elenin's inclination. Utter junk science. And what the FUCK he's telling people that Obama is the reincarnation of the Egyptian god Horus. Serious snake oil.


After this dip shits stupid predictions about Elenin who could ever care again what Hoagland says about anything. He is a fool and so also is anyone that pays any attention to what this moron says. And you are just another fool You Tube idiot that should be licking his balls rather than trying to make a video!


Hoagland loves to hear himself talk. Does he EVER get to the point? What a windbag! And Tea Leoni's dad in Deep Impact was Maximillian Schell, not Omar Sharif, you thick twit!  And jesus, you could get to your point in about 1/3 of the time. But you're a tool, so why expect anything else..

Sol Sharif
Hoagland did a mong


a load of bullshit, and I'm a conspiracy guy, but this is all bollocks

David Evans

If one of these conspiracy theorists who "know the hidden truth" could please just not have fucked up weird hair, fucked up weird jewelry or had just a credible appearance it would help the cause greatly. Looking like your alcoholic never-married middle aged uncle who moved to Arizona because of the harmonic convergence of Turquoise energy doesn't help give you or what you're saying any credibility, and credibility is the most important commodity in the who conspiracy theory racket.


Jesus he has been speaking for one hour but hasn't fucking said anything

kevin weiler

how many god damn times did he say "later in the evening"? I mean jesus fucking Christ get on with it already. this is 3 and half hrs? could of easily been 1 and a half if this idiot got to the point sometimes


"I'll tell you a secret at the end" didn't inspire me to watch this documentary all the way through. I only got to about 1/3, and decided he has a stripped gear.


No idea why youtube posted my comment twice but anyway I think this man is really retarded, I will never watch another video of this man, He keeps goimg on and on about something "if he's right".. god damn he is just fucking blowing smoke up this audience's asses, its always something that is gonna happen I the next few weeks and months "if he's right" fuck me, he was wrong about the space progrm, he full of shit about there being something specific about 39 people that died when halebop went by, I think this retard should be medicated and locked in a nut house, and his fear porn bullshit is lame, this was three hours of pure fucking nonsense, bullshit.


Ahhhh... my man, Mr Richard Hoagland. The only motherfucker I know who can talk for 2 hours - and say fuck all!



waz wazz

any one know if this clown gets paid for these talks I bet he does , he presents no real facts, not one iota , folks u are getting ripped good if u pay too see this arsehole speak his lies in fact I think he is a disinfo agent / misinfo spreader!!

Oscar Delta

Hoagland is the Benny Hill of space conspiracy theorists, he is playing all of his followers like a fiddle. Wonder how much his followers pay him yearly to listen to his BS just like Greer...

Mark Manning

I can't stand this richard c hoagland buffoon.He is so in love with himself.He mentions,china,russia,nasa,like he actually is an inside man.And walter cronkite.Usually when arrogant aholes like him do this,they know nothing.And the people they mention as confidants,when asked about hoagland they say WHO?I got sick of this dildo hearing him and george noory on coast to coast.Always much talk indicating how smart he is,then him and geirgie boy exchanging compliments towards one another.A bunch of hot air with nothing ever being proven.Since this is july 10,2014.Obviously nothing this conceited prick spoke of came to pass.Not even close.Fraudulent human being,constantly bragging on his 20 thousand fb friends or fans I think he'll call them.Someone should knock this twit out.
His foolish assumptions that obama will jump back into the space program full bore is pathetic.I'm hearing his self important voice and assertions while commenting on this waste of human flesh and bone.He speaks of movies as if they are a reality.I hate this guy.Won't ever listen to this know nothing again.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The comic book scientist and the price of lunacy

I got wondering.

Since Hoagland's last performance on radio was such an unmitigated disaster. When did he start to really lose the place. Yes, it could be said that it may even be as far back as when he first got into the face on Mars rubbish.

Then I thought wait a minute. At least back then he wasn't telling us that comets were space stations and that the global elites were sending each other coded messages via artificial asteroids, space-station-comets and Hollywood.

Was it when the pseudoscientist was in his John Carter of Mars phase ?

Hoagland tells us the above is actually real.

Was it when the delusional one was in his Tom Corbett Space Cadet phase ?

Hoagland also thinks this is real.

Then it came to me. It all started when he began to lose the battle to convince people that his face on Mars hypothesis was just a complete and utter mish-mash of "sciency sounding" bunk. Hoagland loves to talk about his "decades long demonstrated scientific competence" - decades long scientific made up shite more like. Now he's just a sad parody of himself squealing louder and ever more shrilly trying to get attention with his absolutely unbelievably insane babble. I actually have a bit of sympathy for the poor fucker. Seriously.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Pot kettle and black. Mister Bara.

Hi Mike,

Taken from your most recent bloggery.....

"None of this should really come as a surprise to anybody who knows anything about Plait or his tactics. He's a well established, inveterate liar who never argues science, logic or facts, but rather prefers to use the time honored debunking techniques of character assassination and personal attack."  - Mike Bara on Dr Phil Plait.

Well Mike that takes the biscuit don't you think. You are the one who;
  • Uses insult as a stand in for debate
  • Conveniently forgets the best ever image of the face
  • Refuses to debate Dr Robbins. Preferring instead to hide and throw insults to which Robbins has no avenue of immediate reply.
  • Call female critics ugly and cunts
  • Refer to male critics as homosexuals
Pot kettle and black. Dude you should take a good look at yourself. Dressing up as a caring messenger who brings the real truth. You are a liar (and I can prove it), you have no degree in engineering (and I can prove it), you are guilty of all the wicked bullet points above (and I can prove it), you shit yourself seven shades of shit when radio hosts bring up Dr Robbins and debate (anyone can prove that - they just need to listen to your voice changing and your bottom lip beginning to tremble at the mere mention of debate with a real scientist.)

I'd put my mortgage (if I still had one) on you never having the guts to debate Robbins. You keep running and hiding from him, and I expect more of the same. It is obvious that you suffer from insecurities probably related to weight issues and your inability to maintain or possibly even enter a relationship with a woman.

It's bad form Mike. Please stop lying. Then we will have no option other than to stop exposing your lies.

Kindest Regards

Monday, 8 September 2014

Hoagland calls on his "fans" to petition Elon Musk

Last week during his unusually less than enthusiastic radio appearance with John B. Wells on the "Caravan to Midnight" internet radio show Hoagland made the usual preposterous claims about comets being space stations, or space ships, or space craft. He also informed the great unenlightened and unwashed, that not only was comet 67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko not a comet. But as well as being a space-craft-thing it had skyscrapers and buildings and arcology all over it.

He then went on to ask his fans to petition Elon Musk. Yes he of SpaceX fame whom Hoagland referred to  as "Mister Ego." Yes, I laughed at the irony of that statement too.....He asked his "fans" to email or fax or phone Musk telling him to look at Hoagland's data (which of course is always stunningly confirmatory) that shows ancient space ships, buildings, and arcology on comets, the Moon, Mars and just about every other solid body in the solar system. He has the resources to do it yelped Hoagland almost reaching the shrill tones of his more usual breathless performances.

Wells asked Hoagland if he had met Musk. Hoagland replied that he had spoken to him briefly at some point in the past. Generally this would have been Hoagland's cue to claim Musk as his "good friend." But not this time. Hoagland wanted his fans to petition Musk with the message that "Hoagland would be contacting him."

I can imagine Musk saying something along the lines of, "who the fuck is this Hoagland nutcase. I've got better things to do with my cash than throw it at abject morons or lunatics."

Thursday, 4 September 2014

The Z-listers

What is so attractive about being a z-list celebrity. I cannot think of a
single reason that such status would appeal to me. Nor can I imagine what
being a z-lister must actually be like. Would it be like a soap actor from
a 30 years ago cancelled show who is still clinging on by opening
"everything for £1" supermarkets ? Or would it be even sadder than that.

We know why Mike Bara enjoys his z-list status so much. He tells us in no
uncertain terms that a relatively new BMW 7 series, living on Redondo beach
CA, strippers and porn starlets half his age are high on his list of
reasons. You see Mike is fat. Really fat, and he has no track record of
success with women. If he did he would be all over social media telling us
about it. Instead he uses his minor status to pretend he gets the girls to
his small Twitter following.

Richard C. Hoagland is not a mysoginistic homophobe like Mike Bara. He is
in a long term stable relationship with a woman unlike Mike Bara. So what
floats Hoagland's boat ? - I would tentatively suggest a few things; money,
money, money, a need to maintain the  fawning adoration from his
congregation, desperation to be seen as a real scientist, utterly desperate
to be accepted in mainstream, and of course to slag off NASA because of a
decades long grudge since they refused him press accreditation. Oh and ego.
Hoagland has a huge fucking ego. Hoagland's ego could easily be a stand in
for "yo Mama" in all the yo Mama jokes. "Yo ego is so fat....get the

Hoagland failing

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Mike Bara - The scientific method redefined.

Hi Mike,

I heard you defend your hypothesis that there are ancient mechanical objects and machine parts all over Mars on radio. The way you researched these "finds" was to send them to one of your facebook friends declaring that "she is a real gear-head, and she came back saying oh yeah that's a turbo charger, and that's a compressor....etc"

Wow, just wow. You call this research and have the audacity to redefine the scientific method. Pure genius mate. Just pure genius.

Kindest Regards

Has Hoagland actually lost the plot and went insane

I listened to Richard C. Hoagland's performance on John B. Wells' "Caravan to Midnight" radio show. It was utterly pathetic. So pathetic in fact that it began to get me annoyed. Normally I find Hoagland a little entertaining. Entertaining in a "small monkey in a fez" kind of way. But this was an unmitigated disaster. A clusterfuck of Elenin proportions.

Was this lunatic actually trying to convince the listeners that the terror group ISIS are actually named after the ancient Egyptian god and that their agenda is part of some global elite conspiracy. After all, the Illuminati and the world's elite all worship ancient Egyptian gods don't they. So it's not that much of a leap to assume that the elites also control the ISIS terrorists. I am not making this up.

We were also told that comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko is an ancient space station/space craft/ space ship. This is standard Hoagland fare of course. But it was the manner in which all this drivel was presented. Gone was the breathless delivery. In fact he sounded as if even he didn't believe the gobshite that was gushing forth from his lying mouth.

Perhaps the fact that he knows he is being scrutinised and every mistake will be jumped on. Every failed prediction, every ridiculous claim of ancient spacecraft comets will be highlighted.

Hoagland was pathetic. I think he's finally and totally lost the plot.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Mysoginist Mikey scores own goal

Hi Mike,

I noticed on your twitter feed you posted a link to debunking the debunkers. Very interesting. Don't you think the below list which is taken directly from the site you point to describes you perfectly. Nice own goal Mikey

Kindest Regards

How Can We Identify Them?

  1. Vicious attacks against the person who is providing the information rather than the facts themselves.
  2. Name-calling and mud-slinging with no evidence.
  3. Malicious disregard for the value of public debate and discussion, as if to question or bring up an alternative view is to be shunned.
  4. No proposed solutions to the problem being discussed.
  5. Lack of facts or rational logic to support their argument.


Hi Richard,

Predictable as ever. Comet 67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko is artificial. Just like Elenin, Phobos, Deimos, Hale-Bopp, Ison and the rest.

Come on man you can do better than that. Remember you were saying 1997 was the end of the Mayan calendar, then it was 2012, and now you say 2016. Make your bloody mind up for goodness sake.

I don't expect you to answer this but I will ask anyway. Since your ex fawning acolyte Mike Bara has output more books in 2 years than you have managed in over 40 years. And huge swathes of Mike's "research" is plundered wholly from your own work. Are you being paid by Mike ? - because he sure ain't crediting you very much when he appears on crapmeister woo-woo internet radio shows with dozens of listeners.

You probably advised Mike not to debate Dr Robbins on C2C. Mike agreed. Imagine my utter lack of surprise when he chickened out. He has since agreed on Jimmy Church to debate Dr Robbins.

Please do not try to talk him out of it. Mike after all has said he has put some of NASA's best Ph.D's to shame and would beat Neil de Grasse Tyson worse than the Bronco's in the Superbowl in a debate.

Bara won't of course debate Dr Robbins. That is just wishful thinking I guess. But just in case he does, do us all a favour  and don't dissuade him. He is such a misogynistic homophobe he deserves a public humiliation.

Kindest Regards

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Mike Bara in the headlines

Is there any harm at poking fun at the woo-meisters such as Bara, Hoagland et al ? - Nah I didn't think so. Therefore a link shall be provided HERE.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Hoagland in the headlines

Poor old Richard. Where is he. Has he been abducted by a remnant of a type II civilisation, flown to Mars and anally probed in front of the face at Cydonia. Is he hiding because of the Jade Rabbit mess. Has he taken cover because he is working on all the promised but as yet undelivered part 2's of what he calls "papers." - Or is he working furiously on his promised 2nd book as a solo author ?

Now that would be something. Especially since Hoagland has a penchant for running with anything "sciency" in the current news. Aggrandising himself and grandstanding until he either gets caught lying like a bastard or something more interesting takes his fancy and off he goes with that.

Hoagland in the news.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A list of crimes against science and common sense and the fleecing of the sheeple.

I thought it would be fun to make a small list of the crimes against science the previous blog entry woo-woo dolls have perpetrated. To document all of their claims would require a book-length blog entry.

David Wilcock - Claims mass arrests of illuminati are imminent. Imminent in this charlatan's mind means anything he wants. Claimed we would be ascended in 2012 and become light beings of pure energy. He also claimed similar in 2000. Claims he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. Claims that there is a "jump room" to Mars under secret government control. Claims to channel an alien called Ra. Cried like a little bitch claiming secret government forces would kill him if people didn't go to his website. I shit you not. This clown claimed he needed 500,000 hits on his own website or he would be killed. Unbelievable that people buy into this huckster's bullshit.

Richard C. Hoagland - Claimed Phobos was a spaceship, so was Elenin, so was Hale-Bopp, so were various other celestial objects. Claims NASA murdered the Apollo 1 crew. Claims there are miles high glass domes on the moon, an ancient civilisation on Mars, Obama is the reincarnation of Horus and that we are the descendants of a long lost type II civilisation. Documenting all of the utter batshit crazy shit Hoagland has come up with would also need a book. The face on Mars, his hyperdimensional physics model, his accutron torsion field detector, his ritual alignment model where NASA are sneakily choosing launch times and landing sites due to elevations of special constellations such as Orion. Hoagland is so off his head now he is scraping at anything to keep himself relevant in his mind.

Mike Bara - Homophobic, misogynistic dunce who was once a fawning acolyte of Hoagland. Bara thinks centrifugal force makes you heavier, light from space can reach the bottom of the ocean and reflect back, Mars' eccentricity is measured relative to Earth and that his dead pets write poetry from the grave. Mike also thinks that he once designed jetliners. He was a cad/cam technician in real life.

Steven Greer - Closet homosexual who sells "the truth."  He cannot tell the truth about his own sexuality yet expects people to believe he is channeling aliens and that all aliens are goody two shoes types. He also charges a fortune for his seminars and makes his disciples sign non disclosure agreements. I would guess the NDA's are to stop people outing this scumbag's cheap laser tricks which he claims are UFO's.

Kerry Cassidy - Ego maniac. Batshit crazy. Believes anything and everything she is told no matter how insane the stories are. Believes she is an "indigo child." Also believes she can channel aliens and do remote viewing.

Jordan Maxwell - Fat lying bastard. Claims to have been contacted by aliens. Claims to be an expert in all aspects of the mystery schools. Once was chased by a UFO in the desert.

 David Sereda - Claims to be in contact with people from the Pleiades and sells healing crystals imbued with alien goodness for $445 on his website. Claims that he can communicate with his space pals at millions of times the speed of light. Basically he is a filthy liar.

Aaron McCollum - Kidnapped by the CIA as a child and trained to be a super soldier imbued with dolphin DNA so he can operate under water on water world planets. No I am not making this up.

Duncan O'Finioan - Another super soldier trained from childhood. Also claims to have flown in a TR3B, also known as a black triangle.

Andrew Basiago - Claims as a child he was involved in a DARPA project named project Pegasus. He time traveled to Mars along with a young Barack Obama. I know it's hard to believe but people actually buy into this absolute nutjobs bullshit.


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Mirror mirror on the wall. Who is the biggest liar of them all.

I've come to believe that the woo crowd is not just filled with delirious morons, but criminals who actively and with explicit malice fleece money from people who should but don't know any better.

Below is a list of  people I suspect of being duplicitous, ego driven and utter liars. In no particular order. Is there anyone missing apart from David Icke that should have made the top ten ?

David Wilcock
Richard C. Hoagland
Mike Bara
Steven Greer
Kerry Cassidy
Jordan Maxwell
David Sereda
Aaron McCollum
Duncan O'Finioan
Andrew Basiago

Friday, 15 August 2014

Are the rats turning on themselves ? - Hoagland and Wilcock attacked.

Are the woo-meisters turning on each other ? - Recently I came across a post entitled "Duncan O'Finioan on Hoagland and Wilcock."  I had been interwebbing for bits and pieces to further discredit the likes of Hoagland, Bara and Wilcock.

I've no idea how old the rant is, but since Awake and Aware 2011 is mentioned we can at least get a ballpark timeframe.

"Make no mistake, this little blog post will make me so many more enemies. Ah ? what the hell. I have more people who are against me than support me ? it just doesn?t really matter. This is my blog post. Not my precious Miranda?s, but mine and mine alone. And I am pissed. I want and need to keep this short. SO ?

Richard C. Hoagland and wife, I am calling your asses out. Along with you, David Wilcock. You two jackwagon asshats have made TONS of money telling the people what they want to hear. Don?t like that? Too damn bad!

Hoagland: I have read everything I can find about the connection you have with ?Mad Martian.? Let me be straight and clear: I DO NOT GIVE A RAT?S ASS ABOUT BUSINESS DEALS. However, IF what is being told is true, that your wife, and by proxy YOU, almost fraudulently had this man committed to a mental hospital, dude, if this is proven to be true ? I hope you both rot in prison.

And oh yes, Richard. I do remember what you are so afraid that I remember. I know thousands saw you lean forward and look at me with fear when I finally got to talk at Awake and Aware 2011. Of course, if that loud-mouthed, ❤❤❤❤ for brains Sean David Morton had not been put in his place, I never would have been able to talk. You know, that doesn?t make me wonder, just why was he running crap out of his mouth so much that night? Seems he would only let you and, uh, NO ONE else speak! Oh, right, except for David Wilcockkksss. As I said, short and to the point.

Because I am flying back to Europe tonight, even farther away from my Girl to fight and argue for the human race, more than I damn well know any of you asshats have ever done. Miranda and I were never supposed to be here ? again! Hell, we hardly had enough time to unpack, and we were sent back here! To fight for jackwagons like you and Wilcock.

Yes, I know, O?Finioan, I hear it all the time. You are full of it. But ? at least *I* have been tested and tried! And by the Gods I am still alive and fighting! I don?t give a damn about being invited to conferences and smiling to bull❤❤❤❤ faces, and there are many MORE internet WARRIORS out there who are total frauds that had better start looking over their shoulders. Because I am breathing down your necks.

Which brings me to YOU David Wil Cock ?You?re next. Pray I die in Europe. Because I am coming after you and hell?s no I ain?t finished with YOU, Hoagland!
Long live Hale Bopp! (sarcasm intended)
Duncan O?Finioan
Loved by few, hated by many."

Next up was a reply from Bill Ryan. Yes the same Bill Ryan that used to hang out with Kerry Mad-Tits Cassidy.

"I'd not have written what Duncan wrote using quite the same words.

But I fully understand where he's coming from, and I fully support him and his courage. He's calling out BS where he sees it.

For many years I, too, chose not say a word against any of my colleagues who I felt were wrong or mistaken. But times are changing: there's been so much nonsense and deception in the latter half of this year, particularly about Elenin et al, that it's no longer okay for people to be misinformed and to sit back and just watch it all play out. We have to take stands sometimes. Way too much is now at stake.

I too would not have Sean David Morton anywhere near any conference which I was hosting; he has no idea how to conduct himself in public any more. I think something went very wrong with Richard Hoagland's judgment this year; and much as I like and respect David Wilcock as a friend, I have problems with some of his material and the style in which he presents it.

Time will tell whether he and Ben Fulford are correct about a number of recent extreme claims: I think they are both mistaken -- let us simply say. David and I disagree strongly about the pedigree of at least one source who reports to him (who is known to myself also: he is an admitted agent and proven liar), and -- as we Englishman say: this is a cricketing analogy -- David may be on a stickier wicket than he believes. If I prove to be wrong, and a number of underground bases really have been destroyed, I will be the first to admit it. But in the meantime, none of this correlates with any information which I understand to be true.

Back to Duncan: what he did not state in his blog is that he also had an attempt on his life the other day, and is under quite some pressure. He and Miranda have been under regular, continual, electronic and psychic attack. Kerry and I received a couple of messages from them both the other day asking us to confirm that we stood with them. We do."

It looks to me like the rats are beginning to devour each other for the last few dollars they can screw from the gullible.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Is it over for Hoagland

Ever since Richard C Hoagland disgraced himself in front of his thousands of "Farcebook"  fans with his ridiculous Elenin nonsense. He has been appearing less and less on radio and at conferences. I notice that at the latest Contact in the Desert conference Hoagland was not there, but his small time acolyte Mike Bara was.

Was Hoagland invited, did he refuse to appear, is he pissed off at Mike Bara stealing his "research" and having it published solo. What's going on in woo land. Is "The Big Man" no longer deserving of that title. Is Mike Bara now "The Big Man."  After all Bara has managed to deliver on his promises of new books being published, and has actually managed to get on television albeit in cheap and ridiculous shows that are of the same caliber as "Finding Bigfoot." Bara even managed to get his chubby face on the "Ancient Aliens" TV show. Hoagland was nowhere to be seen.

This is curious. Anyone who knows anything about Hoagland will be very well aware of the fact that there is nothing that Hoagland loves more than the sound of his own voice. He can talk for literally hours during his presentations, but not before the feisty Robin plods through Hoagland's aggrandizing introduction. I'd have thought it would be a little embarrassing by now to keep up with the "Cronkite" association. I do not dispute the assertion that Hoagland worked as a researcher for Cronkite, but this was almost 50 years ago. A huge proportion of Hoagland's audience probably don't even know who Cronkite is. I had to Google him myself.

Below is an excerpt from his long abandoned Facebook page. I am suggesting that this sort of utter rubbish is why Hoagland now finds himself unemployed and marginalised.


This afternoon (US time), Elenin passed closest to the Earth -- at 19:50 GMT (give or take ~30 seconds ...).

People are now asking--

"Well, did ANYTHING happen?"

On this same afternoon, in Washington DC, thousands gathered on the Mall -- including President of the United States of America, Barack Obama -- to celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, and to dedicate a Memorial to his championing of human rights ... 50 years ago--

The SAME day as Elenin passed by ....

Around the world, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS gathered in cities, towns and villages across the globe, to protest against the increasing "dehumanization" of the human family by those who are "less than 1% ... but own more than 99% of the riches of the world" -- from London, to New York, to Denver, to San Franciso,(sic) to Tokyo, to Sydney, to Rome ... to Washington DC -- in an UNPRECEDENTED mass global movement ... which BEGAN precisely when Elenin was "19.5 degrees to the Earth/sun line" ... on September 17th, 2011.

And yet ... people are STILL asking, on this "Elenin Afternoon"--

"Did anything remarkable HAPPEN ...?"

Stay tuned. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Hoagland, Rosetta and the missing shoehorn

Hi Richard,

It looks like someone beat you to the bullshit.

I don't like that. When I want to hear about comets being "obviously artificial" I want to hear it from "The Big Man" himself. Not some snotty nosed teenage apprentice.

When will we get the "REAL" story of Rosetta. When will you tell us about it's obvious artificiality and how the real reason for the orbiter and lander is to identify the libraries and technology that are undoubtedly there as they were on Elenin/Ison/etc. Such a pity Elenin disintegrated and Ison turned out just to be a comet.

Have you had any time yet to shoehorn some 19.5's into comet 67P's trajectory, orbital inclination or closest approach to something ?

Better be quick though because you won't be able to say "I predicted that first."

Kindest Regards

Monday, 11 August 2014

Duck theory according to Mike Bara

When is a duck not a duck ? - A duck is not a duck if it only looks like one. We have to see that amusing waddle-walk and hear it quack too. Then it's a duck.

But for Mike Bara it only has to look like a duck. Below you can see a screenshot of Bara eating himself whilst masturbating furiously on Twitter. Sorry If I made you vomit, but looking at how he's been drunkenly spamming commenting on Twitter regarding the NASA team who did some small amount of testing on the Emdrive. Bara obviously feels vindicated in his assertion that there are no laws of physics. "As I said in my 2nd book The Choice." He yelps shrilly and repeatedly.

Mike Bara masturbating furiously whilst eating himself and tweeting.   

Bottom line. They built two models one of which was built not to work. However both displayed the same apparently anomalous behaviour. Now is this a new physics or does there need to be some serious engineering resource thrown at this to establish if it is real or the equipment and/or experiment are set up wrong. Shades of the speedy neutrinos perhaps.

If this turns out to be real I will be one seriously happy puppy. If it turns out to be a mistake I won't be surprised but will be a little disappointed. Mike Bara on the other hand will declare that it has been taken "black." The whole thing does operate but the powers that be are scared so they falsify its results and it will now be fully developed in secret by the secret NASA people who always hide shit from us while they are doing secret stuff. Or it wouldn't be called secret now would it.

Or you could just have a look at this article which explains the entire scenario.


Monday, 4 August 2014

Bara, Gaza, Space Drives and Filthy Lucre.

Hi Mike,

I knew you would wet yourself and run with the "impossible space drive" story.
You are now claiming validation for hyperdimensional physics even though you cannot possibly hope to comprehend the mathematics or physics involved in the NASA experiments.

Interesting that you haven't been crowing about this for years Mike. Why are you suddenly tweeting like a drunk. I mean the technology isn't just out of the bag. It's been in development and testing for years.

If you understood it or do understand it, why not call up NASA, tell them how and why this experiment appears to work. Then simply swagger up and claim your Nobel prize.

I notice tricky Dicky is staying silent on this one for now. Perhaps he's waiting for the final results and peer review before claiming it as his own. A wee bit premature I think Mikey.

Also stunned by your assessment of the Gaza situation on Twitter. Showing your true colours there mate and they make me feel ill. 
It is about as vomit inducing as your dismissal of "scientific materialists." - Then you post what a total and utter hypocrite.
Mike Bara being the caring, non materialistic human being we know he is. Fucking wanker.
Kindest Regards

Friday, 1 August 2014

Face - what face

The best ever face pic. Credit NASA.

Hi Mike,

Here is the image you refuse to use or address in any rational sense.
Where are the tear ducts, where are the eyes or nostrils. In fact where is the face.
I even cropped and rotated it for you Mike. Where is the evidence of your claims.
Or did NASA really "nuke it" to save us all from a public meltdown and world revolution?

Man, you are so confused, so wrong, so gullible. Or you are simply a plain old huckster trying to fleece the daft. Whatever you are you are NOT an engineer so quit claiming to be such. It is embarrassing for real engineers to be corralled with such a dunce.

Kindest Regards

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A Quick Listing of Things Mike Bara Has Lied/Been Wrong About (By no Means Complete)

Hi Mike,

Imitating your bloggery I came up with this.

Mike Bara blogged recently a list of "errors" his critics have made. Below is a list showing just a smidgin of the errors Bara has stated. Both on the web and in his books.

The eccentricity of Mars - Mike thinks it is measured relative to the Earth.

Centrifugal Force - Mike thinks it makes you heavier.

The behaviour of light -  Mike thinks it can travel from space, hit the ocean floor and reflect back into space.

Map reading - Mike thinks that two roads can intersect even though they do not cross each other and one actually winds up a dead end.

String theory - Mike claims that the work of Dr Kaku et al is simply "poor man's hyperdimensional physics."

Engineering - Mike thinks that a person with no engineering degree could be employed by Boeing to design jetliners.

Physics - Mike claims he is 100% confident that he can prove that there are no such things as the laws of physics. Of course no proof has been presented.

Mathematics - Mike has shown on numerous occasions that he is a mathematical dunce. Hilariously miscalculating the orbital insertion of Explorer I.

The scientific method - Mike thinks thinks that no controls, baselines or peer review are necessary.

I don't expect a reply. Since Bara is utterly terrified of debate.

Kindest Regards

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Asimov on Hoagland

Isaac Asimov, talks about Hoagland in his essay about the cruise to observe

the launch of Apollo 17.

Hoagland talked Asimov into going because, Asimov said (probably with

tongue somewhat in cheek), "How would it look for the greatest science

fiction writer to not have seen an Apollo launch."

When Asimov questioned that, Hoagland said he had signed and notarized

statements to that effect. Once on the ship, Asimov found that Hoagland had

told several other writers that he had signed and notarized statements that

the other writers were the greatest science fiction writers.

Asimov also mention that as the time for the ship to leave approach, and

the launch had yet to take place because of a hold, Hoagland convinced the

captain of the ship to stay longer, because he had signed and notarized

statements to the effect that he was the greatest captain in the world.

I took the "signed and notarized statements" thing as Hoagland, even back

in 1972, had the ability to con people.- The essay was titled "The Cruise

and I".


Their first contact was by phone and Asimov said "He [Hoagland] was anxious

to see me and had all sorts of plans and projects in mind. He had an eager

spirit that was very contagious." Which may indicate, even then(1965) was

able to get people excited about things. Asimov goes on "When we finally

made personal contact I was taken aback to find him a thin, narrow-chinned

youngster of 19; extraordinarily bright though and filled with enthusiasm

for space.

Somehow he persuaded me to do a television show in Springfield and I drove

out there on May 6.... Hoagland also talked a good deal about Mariner 4,

which was on its way to Mars, to take photographs as it flashed by.

I avoided becoming overcommitted at that time, for I sensed even then
that Hoagland, like many utterly enthusiastic people, might have a reach

that slightly exceeded his grasp." - These quotes are from pp 364-365 of In

Joy Still Felt. First Edition, 1980. - Issac Asimov autobiography


Got a Bara barf bag handy ?

Here's a small collection of Mikey courtesy of Twatter.

Bara re-tweets a TV image of himself. He then tried to eat himself.

Mikey boy once again showing his skills with the ladies. This one is married.

Do I really need to answer that Mikey ?

Mike Bara NYT "bestselling" author. Classy.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Threats of violence and sexual harassment

Hi Mike,

Again you are accusing people of sexually harassing your female fans and of making threats of physical violence towards yourself.

"I have stopped responding to these people because they have used multiple false identities to attack and me, sexually harassed my female friends and threatened me with physical violence. Enough is enough." - Mike Bara

This has to be a joke right.

Remember your internet wife attacking James Concannon with vile sexually explicit language - Do you remember your brother Dave asking for my address so he could "come there and kick my ass ?"

Dave Bara threatens to kick my ass...."tremble tremble."

Pot kettle and black Mikey boy - Pot kettle and black. Why would anyone need to resort to physical violence with you, when all they have to do is punch your fat face in with facts, mathematics, and physics.

Kindest Regards

Wrong again as ever Mikey

Hi Mike,

Regarding your most recent bloggery. Where you attack people who have pointed out your plethora of mistakes in every book you have ever written, and just about every daft notion you propose as science.

Let's start with a simple one.

Two streets that do not meet cannot intersect. The image you provided requires lines to be drawn North/South and East/West before any "intersection" can be visualised.

The streets do not cross one another therefore they do not intersect. By your reasoning Isis could intersect many streets planet wide. Clearly you are wrong.


Isis not intersecting 33rd

Kindest Regards

Friday, 25 July 2014

Mike Bara - Internet research guru

to Mike, RCH, martin
Hi Mike,

I notice that you are using internet amateurs to do your research for you again. Well at least you credit the people in the facebook group or do you ?

Let me get this straight. You are taking images from a facebook open group where people are playing with pareidolia. They are even making jokes about being able to see Jimmy Durante, or a "blurry Indian Chief" - yet you use images from this group and claim machinery, and the usual stuff.

Brilliant Mikey, just fucking brilliant. 

Now step up along with Richard C. Hoagland and collect your Nobel prize. What an absolute joke.

Not joke as in funny you understand. Just to be clear on that.

Expat calls your condition "baradolia."  - Now that's funny.
A collection of baradolia.

Kindest Regards

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Dark Mission in the ultimate bargain bucket.

Hi Richard,

I remember Robin chastising people on your facebook page when they complained that you never seem to come up with the promised "part two" of many of what you refer to as "papers."

Robin then went on to ask people if they worked for free, and indicated that if people wanted the next installment they should contact your site and offer money for you to deliver your promised part two's.

Imagine my horror when I found THIS link to DARK MISSION in pdf format for FREE.

Some people are just plain irresponsible, and whilst I in no way want to see internet censorship, this kind of precipitous dissemination of balderdash terrifies me.

There are teenagers and young adults on the internet ALL the time. Some of them are not even looking at porn. Some of them may accidentally come across this error laden doorstop and believe it's true.

This is outrageous. I hope you will do all in your power to have this garbage removed to a place where no young people can be harmed by reading it.

Kindest Regards