Saturday, 13 December 2014

Robert Morningstar - Not on the cover of Time, but perhaps a mugshot ?

Like my mate Expat. I have issues with liars, cheats, fraudsters, and people who maul science with utter bullshit claims. People like Hoagland, Bara, Wilcock and Robert Morningstar immediately spring to mind.

Expat has blogged about Morningstar on more than one occasion. This weeks blogpost included.

I came across an image of a "Robert Morningstar" that bears more than a striking resemblance to the woo-meister Morningstar himself. I REALLY wonder if it's the same guy. I have mentioned before that I have absolutely zero experience in image analysis so I cannot in all honesty say that the man in this police MUGSHOT for DUI and DOMESTIC ABUSE is the Robert Morningstar of C2C fame but to my untrained eye it certainly looks like him.  Bear in mind that the mugshot is from 2010.

Does any reader with any expertise in image analysis care to comment ?


Sunday, 7 December 2014

David Wilcock stars in "The Crying Game."

If you can stomach it here he is.....His Royal Lying Like a Bastardness - David Fraudcock. Crying like a little bitch claiming that an Illuminati hit team are threatening to kill him.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Hoagland on Art Bell - Parody

Hoagland on Art Bell - Courtesy Uncylopedia. Just couldn't resist posting this.

Artwork credit: CaricaturesByCobb

David Wilcock. The Ego, the forehead and the ascention.

I've despised this little thieving creep since I first laid eyes on his overbearing forehead, treacly smug face and his slack-jawed devious look. Then I heard him talk. Fears confirmed I checked his website. Once I had stopped laughing and picked myself up from the floor I read on. 

He claims:
  • To have an IQ of 187 
  • To be able to channel an entity called Ra
  • That humanity will ascend into light beings who can fly and travel anywhere at will
  • That 2000 would be that year
  • That 2012 would be that year
  • That the Illuminati ordered him to generate multiple thousands of hits on his own website or be killed by an assassination team
  • To have contacts deep inside black ops
  • That there is a "jump room" to Mars in an underground base in the USA
  • That the "Montauk project" was real
The above are a tiny sample of his utter garbage. He also claims to be a singer. The below video will prove that that claim was as false as any of the others he has made. I give you "David Fraudcock."