Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Has Hoagland actually lost the plot and went insane

I listened to Richard C. Hoagland's performance on John B. Wells' "Caravan to Midnight" radio show. It was utterly pathetic. So pathetic in fact that it began to get me annoyed. Normally I find Hoagland a little entertaining. Entertaining in a "small monkey in a fez" kind of way. But this was an unmitigated disaster. A clusterfuck of Elenin proportions.

Was this lunatic actually trying to convince the listeners that the terror group ISIS are actually named after the ancient Egyptian god and that their agenda is part of some global elite conspiracy. After all, the Illuminati and the world's elite all worship ancient Egyptian gods don't they. So it's not that much of a leap to assume that the elites also control the ISIS terrorists. I am not making this up.

We were also told that comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko is an ancient space station/space craft/ space ship. This is standard Hoagland fare of course. But it was the manner in which all this drivel was presented. Gone was the breathless delivery. In fact he sounded as if even he didn't believe the gobshite that was gushing forth from his lying mouth.

Perhaps the fact that he knows he is being scrutinised and every mistake will be jumped on. Every failed prediction, every ridiculous claim of ancient spacecraft comets will be highlighted.

Hoagland was pathetic. I think he's finally and totally lost the plot.


  1. I listened to a bit of the show just to get a feel for what you are talking about, and I agree. The delivery was very matter of fact, almost George Nooryish in its blandness. Gone was the infectious enthusiasm that made his conversations with Art Bell so much fun to listen to. Instead we got a guy who couldn't hide the fact that he's kinda bored with the whole thing. Maybe he knows his time is over, but something inside him just won't let him walk away gracefully. Too bad, as he was really fun to listen to at one time.

    BTW, I noticed in the intro that Wells didn't mention Hoagland's stint as "science adviser" to C2C. The bad blood between Wells and C2C may also extend to Hoagland as well, since he didn't mention it either. From what I can tell, Wells is the better broadcaster, which may be why they got rid of him.

  2. Actually come to think of it Hoagland didn't sound too well. I mean physically.

    1. It's clear the energy is gone. Whether that's because of health or lack of any real interest in the subject matter is the question. Either way, I have a feeling we'll continue to see lame attempts like this one, where Hoagland pretends to still be in the game. Kinda sad really, as he was pretty entertaining at one time.