Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Hoagland in the headlines

Poor old Richard. Where is he. Has he been abducted by a remnant of a type II civilisation, flown to Mars and anally probed in front of the face at Cydonia. Is he hiding because of the Jade Rabbit mess. Has he taken cover because he is working on all the promised but as yet undelivered part 2's of what he calls "papers." - Or is he working furiously on his promised 2nd book as a solo author ?

Now that would be something. Especially since Hoagland has a penchant for running with anything "sciency" in the current news. Aggrandising himself and grandstanding until he either gets caught lying like a bastard or something more interesting takes his fancy and off he goes with that.

Hoagland in the news.


  1. Maybe Hoagie just retired from woo-biz. I mean we are now in a conflict with a group called ISIS for Pete's sake. If that isn't enough to bring him out with another "elites sending each other secret messages with an Egyptian goddess" rant, nothing will. So he's either out of the game or just not able to work at the moment.

    1. Working on his second book perhaps. I have thought he might be doing something like this. But then I think how lazy the guy is and think again. I mean Bara did most of the work for Dark Mission, and his congregation did much of the "research" in finding anomalous images. So since most of his flock have deserted his website, and Bara is actually getting gigs and writing books (albeit shite ones) that leaves Tricky Dickie out on his own. And let's face it Hoagland isn't the most prolific of "authors."

    2. Most unlikely scenario - Hoagland is redoing his atrocious website. You know, dragging it kicking and screaming out of the early nineties and into the present.

      Nah, ridiculous idea. That would either take time and effort or cost money.

    3. I discount any theory that involves Hoagie actually doing productive (or nonproductive in his case) work. Nope, he's not working on anything. He's either completely burned out on the whole thing, or he's pissed off too many people in the woo-world to get work.