Thursday, 9 October 2014

How will Hoagland apply the shoehorn this time ?

Hi Richard,

I know you like numbers. Being a numerologist and all. Well here are some numbers for you to mull over. They are related to comet 67P. You know the comet that you say is not a comet, but a gigantic spaceship with skyscrapers on it. I digress, here are the numbers.

The head, or smaller lobe of the comet, is 2.5km by 2.5km by 2.0km. The "body" is described as being 4.1km by 3.2km by 1.3km.

With the previously released mass of 10 billion tonnes and a density of 400kg per cubic metre, this makes for an object that has a volume of 25 cubic km.

Its rotation rate is also now known to at least six significant figures - at 12.4043 hours.
Other details released:

  • Spin axis: Right ascension, 69 degrees; Declination, 64 degrees
  • Water vapour production rate: 300ml/sec (Jun 2014); 1-5 l/sec (Jul-Aug 2014)
  • Surface temperature: minus 68C to minus 43C (Jul-Aug 2014)
  • Subsurface temperature minus 243C to minus 113C (Aug 2014)
  • Gases detected: Water, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, methane, methanol
  • Dust grains sizes detected: A few tens of microns to a few hundreds of microns
Mission scientists have taken almost two months to release Friday's very simple data-set.
Could this be because they were secretly airbrushing out all the skyscrapers and buildings, gun emplacements and torsion field generators ?

Or could it be......................

No-one has ever been this close to a comet before, and there are major discoveries to be made, and to follow a completely open approach to the mission could allow anyone to claim a breakthrough.

I know where the smart money would be on that one.

Anyhow Richard. We are anxiously waiting your take on this whole scenario. The above are the numbers, the data, the real stuff. How will you manage to shoehorn Nazi's, 19.5's, 33's, Horus, Obama and HD physics into this one.

Kindest Regards

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