Monday, 11 August 2014

Duck theory according to Mike Bara

When is a duck not a duck ? - A duck is not a duck if it only looks like one. We have to see that amusing waddle-walk and hear it quack too. Then it's a duck.

But for Mike Bara it only has to look like a duck. Below you can see a screenshot of Bara eating himself whilst masturbating furiously on Twitter. Sorry If I made you vomit, but looking at how he's been drunkenly spamming commenting on Twitter regarding the NASA team who did some small amount of testing on the Emdrive. Bara obviously feels vindicated in his assertion that there are no laws of physics. "As I said in my 2nd book The Choice." He yelps shrilly and repeatedly.

Mike Bara masturbating furiously whilst eating himself and tweeting.   

Bottom line. They built two models one of which was built not to work. However both displayed the same apparently anomalous behaviour. Now is this a new physics or does there need to be some serious engineering resource thrown at this to establish if it is real or the equipment and/or experiment are set up wrong. Shades of the speedy neutrinos perhaps.

If this turns out to be real I will be one seriously happy puppy. If it turns out to be a mistake I won't be surprised but will be a little disappointed. Mike Bara on the other hand will declare that it has been taken "black." The whole thing does operate but the powers that be are scared so they falsify its results and it will now be fully developed in secret by the secret NASA people who always hide shit from us while they are doing secret stuff. Or it wouldn't be called secret now would it.

Or you could just have a look at this article which explains the entire scenario.


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