Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Hoagland, teenagers and numerology.

Richard C. Hoagland. Inveterate liar, bullshit artist and world class name-dropper has squealed long and loud about subliminal messages in film, television, advertising and newspapers. If Richard can shoehorn a 19.5, or perhaps a 33.33, or even a 1.11, or even 111111111 or even still a 11111111111111111. Then it must be a sign that the elites are messaging other elites about hyperdimensional physics.

No doubt that television advertising uses subliminal messaging. None whatsoever. I'm old enough to remember coca cola flash frames for example. No doubt that Hollywood has used film to push an agenda. But when Hoagland starts trying to tell me that the film-flop that was John Carter of Mars is actually a documentary depicting the true story of Mars you simply have to sit back and mock the stupidity of the man. Incidentally, we are still waiting for Hoagland to release the promised "paper" about the John Carter movie. Where he promised to prove his claims. Don't hold your breath. Hoagland never finishes much at all before moving on to the next thing that could save the world.

Look at the picture below. Yes, it's funny. Especially if you are a parent. But just look at the number on the bottom right of the image. OMGZ hyperdimensional physics right there subliminally teaching teenagers. Now I know Hoagland has no children, and, therefore, knows fuck all about being a parent. But he also knows fuck all about mathematics or physics and he didn't let that little detail stop him writing about them.