Sunday, 7 December 2014

David Wilcock stars in "The Crying Game."

If you can stomach it here he is.....His Royal Lying Like a Bastardness - David Fraudcock. Crying like a little bitch claiming that an Illuminati hit team are threatening to kill him.


  1. I don't doubt that someone would send him a death threat, there are a lot of stupid people who have nothing better to do out there.

    But what's sad is that David has put out so much crap over the years that I would not be surprised if he faked this whole thing for attention. Also, isn't this an old thing? Didn't it happen a few years ago? Or is this a new one?

  2. Yes it's not new. I simply ripped out the best 10 minutes of Wilcock crying like a little girl and made this video. Primarily because the original pisstake video was taken down by YouTube, and any time I discuss this Wilcock fraud with the woo brigade they demand evidence of the crying game. So rather than subject people to the abject horror of a couple of hours of Kerry Cassidy and Wilcock discussing deep underground military bases, Japanese cartels and quantum woowoo vibrations, I can simply link to this. I really fucking hate this creepy little bastard.