Friday, 21 November 2014

Hoagland resurfaces - In Alaska.

Hi Richard,

I heard you on some weird Alaskan radio station recently. Grats on the air time.

Why no more C2C - is it because you blew Noory a big fat raspberry and live on air read his private messages to you on Art Bell's Dark Matter ? - Then implied Noory was a "limp noodle" host ?

Anyhow, where is the Jade Rabbit part two that was promised ? - Has it gone the way of all your other invisible part twos ?

I also heard you tell the host that comet 67P was a spaceship. Just as we predicted you would months ago. It would seem that not only is science nothing if it is not prediction. Calling out pseudo-scientists fits that soundbite rather well too don't you think.

Anxiously awaiting the "D" word (again) and for you to claim obfuscation and shenanigans by the rulers of the planet and their black spacefleet.

Kindest Regards


  1. I guess that means he hasn't quit the woo biz entirely, it's just that the woo biz has quit him. So it's the same old comet/asteroid/something in the sky is really a spaceship/space craft/battle station thing. The sad thing is that it's all he has left.

  2. I did also catch RCH promising a new major "paper" to be released at the TEM website to preempt the Philae landing on November 12th. Didn't happen. Of course there's now the added possibility to talk about the issues with the landing but that didn't happen either. Then again, he might have just technical trouble editing the site again :-)

    It's a bit puzzling that he keeps getting away with focusing on the couple of *potentially* regular shapes amidst a pretty large soup of what appears to me as natural, chaotic, rocky or icy looking stuff. And then there are his presumptions certain geometry cannot occur naturally or through various physical processes. Especially with "rotation rotation" being the case one could expect patterns and lines here and there! And the remainder can be filled out by the brain. But if this comet would be artificial then what about all other ones showing similar characteristics from remote. What is the motive to disguise any spaceship as one of those comets in chemical signatures and surface? In my view his theory would be better served by answering those questions first and then make predictions on where to look for exactly what in the subject. Turning this process on his head keeps leading to silliness. Of course it *could* be a spaceship in disguise. Or junk from a giant space factory elsewhere. Or part of a populated exploded planet. Why a *ship* I wonder?

  3. Ah yes the promised "major paper" to be "published." And as we all know Dee, that translates as "some hastily put together and badly researched nonsense uploaded to his atrocious web site. Not quite the same thing as having a paper published in Nature as he would have the peons believe.

    The Jade Rabbit crap was just his latest of many many promised "part deux" that never materialised. I wonder if the sustained attacks that Hoagland receives every time he "publishes" some rubbish are making him reticent to do so. Then I remember the hubris of the man.