Friday, 21 November 2014

Hoagland resurfaces - In Alaska.

Hi Richard,

I heard you on some weird Alaskan radio station recently. Grats on the air time.

Why no more C2C - is it because you blew Noory a big fat raspberry and live on air read his private messages to you on Art Bell's Dark Matter ? - Then implied Noory was a "limp noodle" host ?

Anyhow, where is the Jade Rabbit part two that was promised ? - Has it gone the way of all your other invisible part twos ?

I also heard you tell the host that comet 67P was a spaceship. Just as we predicted you would months ago. It would seem that not only is science nothing if it is not prediction. Calling out pseudo-scientists fits that soundbite rather well too don't you think.

Anxiously awaiting the "D" word (again) and for you to claim obfuscation and shenanigans by the rulers of the planet and their black spacefleet.

Kindest Regards

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Skyscrapers on 67P/CG and the evil European empire

Hi Richard,

Whatever will we evil Europeans come up with next.

Live streaming
Immediate release of unprocessed raw images
Constant updates by the minute on social media
Unprecedented access to the engineers and scientists

Doesn't leave much room for the monkey business you will claim has being going on to obfuscate the libraries, hyperdimensional warp drives, gun emplacements and skyscrapers. Does it ?

I even notice that your ex-acolyte and bottom licker extraordinaire Mike Bara has been rather quiet on this one. Unusual, since he normally laps up every piece of gobshite that comes out of your mouth.

You are on record Hoagland. On record as saying that 67P/CG was a spaceship with skyscrapers on it. That little gem is freely available on the internet. No denying it "big man." How are you going to spin this one. We are Europeans, not nasty NASA Nazis. Show me the skyscrapers. I double dog dare you.

Kindest Regards

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Bara paints himself into a corner - AGAIN !!!!!

Hi Mike,

Yes me ole' mucker. You've done it again haven't you, and I bet like me other ole' mucker RCH you will not admit to being wrong and retract. Valve on Mars ?

Now that the whole valve thing that you wet yourself over and ran with has been perfectly explained how will you wriggle out ? - Wait I know, you will say you are correct and NASA are wrong and they are trying to cover things up even when good guys are leaking stuff like crazy. Your standard bullshit Mike, we are all wise to it.

You must be about as humiliated as Hoagland was with his two inch high Martian apartments. You remember I am sure. Oh, and Hoagland never admitted to being wrong about that either. Instead he said, the physics had changed and it would be possible to have wee tiny 2 inch tall Martians. Seriously Hoagland get the fuck out of Dodge. Nano seconds earlier he was telling people that the face on Mars was a structure that was massive - on the scale of a mile or more. Now he wanted us to believe it was built by two inch high Martians.

Bloody clownhats. Such abject idiocy entangled with such contempt for ones readership, coupled with a complete lack of understanding of the most basic physics.

Can you spot the big fat fucking lie in the below statement from yourself ?

"My Ancient Aliens buddy Jason Martell has suggested this could be a Rock Abrasion Tool (RAT) mark left over from Opportunity drilling on the rock. I initially considered this but dismissed it for several reasons, although I should have probably brought it up in my initial post."

Pants in an advanced state of combustion big time Bara. You absolute liar. I'll tell you what happened. You wet your panties and ran with it without checking the facts. Then your mate Martell comes along with a suggestion that you said you had already considered and then dismissed. What a whopper.

Karma won't like that Mike. No she wont at all.

Kindest Regards

*ps* I hope the $247 you made from your last lie-a-thon keeps the repo men from the door.