Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A Quick Listing of Things Mike Bara Has Lied/Been Wrong About (By no Means Complete)

Hi Mike,

Imitating your bloggery I came up with this.

Mike Bara blogged recently a list of "errors" his critics have made. Below is a list showing just a smidgin of the errors Bara has stated. Both on the web and in his books.

The eccentricity of Mars - Mike thinks it is measured relative to the Earth.

Centrifugal Force - Mike thinks it makes you heavier.

The behaviour of light -  Mike thinks it can travel from space, hit the ocean floor and reflect back into space.

Map reading - Mike thinks that two roads can intersect even though they do not cross each other and one actually winds up a dead end.

String theory - Mike claims that the work of Dr Kaku et al is simply "poor man's hyperdimensional physics."

Engineering - Mike thinks that a person with no engineering degree could be employed by Boeing to design jetliners.

Physics - Mike claims he is 100% confident that he can prove that there are no such things as the laws of physics. Of course no proof has been presented.

Mathematics - Mike has shown on numerous occasions that he is a mathematical dunce. Hilariously miscalculating the orbital insertion of Explorer I.

The scientific method - Mike thinks thinks that no controls, baselines or peer review are necessary.

I don't expect a reply. Since Bara is utterly terrified of debate.

Kindest Regards


  1. Mike says that the lunar crater Asada is actually a satellite dish. He shows an Apollo 16 image whose resolution is ~200 m/px. When asked why he doesn't show the far better LROC closeup of Asada, he says "The sun angle is too high."

    Oh yeah???

  2. A few more:

    Seven astronauts were killed on the Columbia space shuttle because NASA switched to "green" insulating foam on the external fuel tank. The original foam never broke off.

    When you're in the middle of a meteor shower, they come at you from all directions.

    James Webb was the first NASA Administrator.

    Apollo 13 required an unusual number of mid-course corrections on the return journey because it was not benefiting from the spinning gyros. (Actually they used one FEWER than planned)