Friday, 15 August 2014

Are the rats turning on themselves ? - Hoagland and Wilcock attacked.

Are the woo-meisters turning on each other ? - Recently I came across a post entitled "Duncan O'Finioan on Hoagland and Wilcock."  I had been interwebbing for bits and pieces to further discredit the likes of Hoagland, Bara and Wilcock.

I've no idea how old the rant is, but since Awake and Aware 2011 is mentioned we can at least get a ballpark timeframe.

"Make no mistake, this little blog post will make me so many more enemies. Ah ? what the hell. I have more people who are against me than support me ? it just doesn?t really matter. This is my blog post. Not my precious Miranda?s, but mine and mine alone. And I am pissed. I want and need to keep this short. SO ?

Richard C. Hoagland and wife, I am calling your asses out. Along with you, David Wilcock. You two jackwagon asshats have made TONS of money telling the people what they want to hear. Don?t like that? Too damn bad!

Hoagland: I have read everything I can find about the connection you have with ?Mad Martian.? Let me be straight and clear: I DO NOT GIVE A RAT?S ASS ABOUT BUSINESS DEALS. However, IF what is being told is true, that your wife, and by proxy YOU, almost fraudulently had this man committed to a mental hospital, dude, if this is proven to be true ? I hope you both rot in prison.

And oh yes, Richard. I do remember what you are so afraid that I remember. I know thousands saw you lean forward and look at me with fear when I finally got to talk at Awake and Aware 2011. Of course, if that loud-mouthed, ❤❤❤❤ for brains Sean David Morton had not been put in his place, I never would have been able to talk. You know, that doesn?t make me wonder, just why was he running crap out of his mouth so much that night? Seems he would only let you and, uh, NO ONE else speak! Oh, right, except for David Wilcockkksss. As I said, short and to the point.

Because I am flying back to Europe tonight, even farther away from my Girl to fight and argue for the human race, more than I damn well know any of you asshats have ever done. Miranda and I were never supposed to be here ? again! Hell, we hardly had enough time to unpack, and we were sent back here! To fight for jackwagons like you and Wilcock.

Yes, I know, O?Finioan, I hear it all the time. You are full of it. But ? at least *I* have been tested and tried! And by the Gods I am still alive and fighting! I don?t give a damn about being invited to conferences and smiling to bull❤❤❤❤ faces, and there are many MORE internet WARRIORS out there who are total frauds that had better start looking over their shoulders. Because I am breathing down your necks.

Which brings me to YOU David Wil Cock ?You?re next. Pray I die in Europe. Because I am coming after you and hell?s no I ain?t finished with YOU, Hoagland!
Long live Hale Bopp! (sarcasm intended)
Duncan O?Finioan
Loved by few, hated by many."

Next up was a reply from Bill Ryan. Yes the same Bill Ryan that used to hang out with Kerry Mad-Tits Cassidy.

"I'd not have written what Duncan wrote using quite the same words.

But I fully understand where he's coming from, and I fully support him and his courage. He's calling out BS where he sees it.

For many years I, too, chose not say a word against any of my colleagues who I felt were wrong or mistaken. But times are changing: there's been so much nonsense and deception in the latter half of this year, particularly about Elenin et al, that it's no longer okay for people to be misinformed and to sit back and just watch it all play out. We have to take stands sometimes. Way too much is now at stake.

I too would not have Sean David Morton anywhere near any conference which I was hosting; he has no idea how to conduct himself in public any more. I think something went very wrong with Richard Hoagland's judgment this year; and much as I like and respect David Wilcock as a friend, I have problems with some of his material and the style in which he presents it.

Time will tell whether he and Ben Fulford are correct about a number of recent extreme claims: I think they are both mistaken -- let us simply say. David and I disagree strongly about the pedigree of at least one source who reports to him (who is known to myself also: he is an admitted agent and proven liar), and -- as we Englishman say: this is a cricketing analogy -- David may be on a stickier wicket than he believes. If I prove to be wrong, and a number of underground bases really have been destroyed, I will be the first to admit it. But in the meantime, none of this correlates with any information which I understand to be true.

Back to Duncan: what he did not state in his blog is that he also had an attempt on his life the other day, and is under quite some pressure. He and Miranda have been under regular, continual, electronic and psychic attack. Kerry and I received a couple of messages from them both the other day asking us to confirm that we stood with them. We do."

It looks to me like the rats are beginning to devour each other for the last few dollars they can screw from the gullible.


  1. That material was from December 2011.

  2. The problem with material on Hoagland is that it is likely to be old. He's all but disappeared from public life, so finding new Hoagland nonsense to talk about is next to impossible. I have to admit that as a strategy to avoid critics, it seems to be working.

    As to the inner fights in woo-ville, that's been a staple of that world for a long time. For a taste of what I am talking about, Google Saucer Smear sometime. Hoagland's mistake was in making too public a screw up. After Elenin/YU55, guys like Joesph Farrell just had to walk away from him.

  3. Agreed. Touchingly, Kerry Lynn Cassidy is the exception. This ultra-gullible nincompoop wrote:

    "Of course Hoagland looks like he's wrong if the people behind the scenes can change the game at any moment! "

    That was right around the same time as the OP.

    1. "Of course Hoagland looks like he's wrong if the people behind the scenes can change the game at any moment! "

      Holy unfalsifiable hypothesis Batman! lol

    2. Actually it translated pretty well through my HD truth-converter:

      "Of course Hoagland looks like he's right if he and the people still standing behind him can move the goal posts at any moment!"

  4. I actually think Kerry Cassidy is mental. And she has an ego the size of a planet to boot. The crap she has put on video, the "contactees", is like listening to a choir straight out of Broadmoor.

    If you can stand it watch a little of her interviewing Laura Jadzyk. This is one of the most pathetic things Cassidy has put out as "truth." - In fact Jadzyk is almost as bad as Mike Bara at making shit up.