Thursday, 8 January 2015

Bara is on the road again

Mike Bara, world famous aerospace engineer, climate scientist, and astrophysicist reports that he will be appearing at the LA Conscious Life Expo in February this year.

I had a look at the cast. Boy it's a big one. Take a look at the roster. It's huge. Now I am no expert on these sort of woo-conferences but I was astonished to see just how many people they are shipping in to talk shite and get paid for it. It's like ninety seven people. What the fuck !!!!!

I've never heard of the vast majority of the people on their guest list but I did note that "Dr" Sean David Morton is included. It boggles the mind that Morton the thieving, lying, fat little bastard is still getting these gigs even after all the litigation and his false credentials being exposed. I mean this fat little fucktard thief has been known to refer to himself as "The Rev Dr Sean David Morton Ph.D." Yes I know it's ridiculous but it's true.

Isn't it funny how the woo-crowd always claim sceptics throw their credentials at them. They claim it's because we are afraid of their truth and we need to garner respect by waving degrees and Ph.D's. But if they are so disgusted by bona fides, why do they go out to diploma mills and award themselves phony degrees and Ph.D's ?

Can't wait to hear what sort of utter shite Bara will come out with. He must be running out of stuff by now. Especially since Hoagland is no longer producing anything. Which must severely limit Bara's source material. Having said that Bara has been caught rotten in the past simply making things up. Remember his centrifugal force description and his assertion regarding light being able to reach the floor of our deepest oceans. Even my grandchildren know this is nonsense, yet this sciolist continues to be published. Albeit by woo-woo publishing houses.

Oh well. Perhaps Mikey boy will be able to get a legover with Laura Einsenhower who is also appearing. She is utterly batshit crazy. I mean batshit crazy to almost the same degree as Kerry Cassidy. Yeah, Mike and Laura up a tree...etc !!!!!