Friday, 20 November 2015

Hoagland and Bara. The man behind the bullshit exposed.

Hi Richard, Mike,

I hope you are aware of James Oberg's latest expose of your long time friend and colleague Ken Johnstone.

Expat has conveniently blogged the whole investigation for us to peruse at our leisure.

It makes some horrific reading. Poor Ken. In trying to legitimise himself, he has left the door open for some very interesting details to emerge. And I am not just talking about the phoney online Ph.D. he essentially awarded himself. No sirs, I am talking massive lies, monumental deceit, downright chicanery and sharp practice on Johnston's part. Much of it gleaned from FOIA requests.

Since Johnston is the linchpin of your Moon investigation, do you think that he should still be trusted. Do you feel comfortable basing decades of work on the reputation of a proven liar and trickster?

It is a long read, I admit. It is however thoroughly researched and detailed. I highly recommend both of you read it. Or you can do what pseudoscientists, con artists and hucksters usually do. Refuse to read the truth and instead simply state that the powers that be are trying to sully poor Ken's reputation. You know. The kind of thing you two pranksters do when you get caught out lying.

Like Richard did when I called him out on the torsion field investigation he was angling for in the Baltic sea. Simply by asking him how could he measure a torsion field from many metres deep. When he himself had stated that water is an excellent shield against torsion waves. I got some hand waving answer accusing me of not understanding shielding. Oh my how the engineer laughed at that one.

Then we had Mike stating that light travels all the way to the floor of our deep oceans before being reflected back into space. Hence, the ocean appears darker from space than the clouds do. Oh my fucking god. This is wrong in at least 4 different ways. It is not even wrong it's so bad. I've yet to hear Mike try and wriggle out of that laughable error. That will be fun if he ever does. I remember Mike saying, "I never said that" on many occasions. Even when being quoted verbatim from one of his own books.

Kindest Regards

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Hoagland denies being in jail for fraud.

Dear Producer,

On OSOM open lines, Hoagland was asked if he had ever done any jail time. He denied this immediately. I was curious and now find that his first ever publisher and indeed the publisher of the last book Hoagland contributed to states that Hoagland actually did spend time in LA county jail.
The source article by Grossinger is linked here. Scroll to around 1/3 way down the page.

"Hoagland actually wrote much of Monuments in LA County jail. He never should have been there, but a silly mistake, a bureaucratic oversight, in New York followed by a corrupt attorney in California apparently landed him there. As the story goes, the warden liked the Martian concept enough that he let Dick use the facility computer to work on the project (while he also wrote the kitchen manual for staff use).  In fact, once the warden got wind of the gist of his inmate’s project, he became a great supporter and encouraged his “charge from Mars” to broadcast installments of Monuments to the prison at large over the loudspeaker at night.

Bored, surly males awaited their amusement at the bewitching hour, ever in suspense for the next phase of the tale of the unknown aliens and their Martian city.  I don’t know if they laughed or cried, or even if this actually happened but, if it did, the book’s original captive audience was  a Dickens-like fan club hearkening to the nineteenth century.

Hoagland is a unique mixture of amateur scientist, genius inventor, scam artist, and performer, blending true, legitimate speculative science with his own extrapolations, tall tales, and inflations.  He is a brilliant and glorious myth-maker and a evidence-based scientist at the same.  The Face on Mars is powerful speculative science in an exobiological, archaeo-astronomical context virtually unexplored before him."

Further research indicated Hoagland was jailed for the theft of a rental car and misuse of a planetarium credit card. I cannot however substantiate that as fact.

Would you ask Richard to address his jail time and set the record straight on air.

Kindest Regards
Derek James Eunson

Friday, 13 November 2015

Mike Bara - Dunderhead at large

Mike Bara, world famous misogynist, thug, homophobe and hater, is at it again. As Expat pointed out on his blog Mikey boy thinks the EM Drive violates relativity. What a fucking dickhead I hear you say. He couldn't have said that. Well, I am afraid he did. Not that having his horrible errors read out to him from one of his own books has ever stopped Lard Bottom from saying, "I never said that."

So sayeth Mike "Cartman" Bara.

Hi Mike,

I see you have been making an arse of yourself yet again on Twitter when you wrote this.....

"This doesn't "defy the Laws of physics." Relativity and Einstein are simply wrong."

You then try and plug your awful error-laden book The Choice. Don't you get it Michael, the EM drive violates Newtonian physics not Einsteinian. If you actually understood physics you would realise that. I always knew you were a dunce. But man, this really takes the biscuit.

Are you going to try your usual stance when you get caught making shit up and resort to, "I never said that." - Well yes you did say that Mike, and it's still on twitter.

Why are you not getting an invite to Hoagland's show. It would make great radio listening to the pair of you trying to out-bullshit one another. Or perhaps you two still aren't talking after you ripping off Hoagland's work and writing the same book 4 times with it.

I also heard you once again when interviewed state that Sitchin channelled his books directly from the Annunaki. Yet you still claim he was a scholar of ancient texts. Make your mind up Mike. Sitchin was either the great scholar your earlier interviews claim, or he was a batshit crazy old fuck who conned a whole slew of people (including you) out of money while he skipped to the bank.

Kindest Regards

Monday, 9 November 2015

Hoagland self destructs on air.

Well folks, it had to happen. Hoagland's monster ego surfaces and kills any chance he had of making decent radio. The scenario is quite simple. Hoagland gets a producer recommended by Art Bell. Rossy (the aforementioned producer) keeps the Hoagland ego in place albeit temporarily and books some engaging guests. Hoagland surprises everyone by turning out to be a decent interviewer. He then tells his producer that it is not ok to hang up on Hoagland to take a call from his Mother. Because Hoagland now owns his life and nobody (even his Mother) should be put before Hoagland. Rossy (who Hoagland refused to pay) then quit. Hoagland goes into meltdown...............

Hi Richard,

Nobody believes for one minute that you tried an experiment. This was a full on attempt at fooling your audience. Tim Russ will be ashamed when he finds out you tried to pass off his interview as being new. Even going to the lengths of splicing in a new introduction and news segment. Just wow.

Not too fond of being referred to as the peanut gallery either. With all the vile connotations that entails. Useless eaters too Richard. Man you've lost the plot, and quite possibly the radio gig.
As one person said. Who would have guessed the easiest way for Hoagland to self destruct was to give him everything he wanted.

A great producer in Rossy, Art Bell lending expertise and getting you a loan of expensive gear. Then we find out that you told Rossy (your then producer) that he was wrong to hang up on you so he could take a call from his Mother. That you were more important than his family and that you now own his life.

Now Art Bell is royally ticked off at you because of your lies and downright egomaniacal behaviour. Way to go Richard, alienate everyone, even the ones who were wont to give you a chance to be a decent host. There is more on this debacle to come. I am sure much will soon be revealed. I shall attach a PDF for your perusal. Not that I think your unwarranted monster ego will allow whatever sliver of decency is left in you to care.

I doubt you missed this post from Art Bell. But just in case you did. I quote him verbatim below.

"I guess I need to say something about the email and messages I have been getting about RCH. I did everything I could to help him in every way possible, including getting a loan of expensive gear from Telos to transmit his show to the Network. I found Rossy for him. I gave him the best advice I could muster up on how to proceed. I provided help in more ways then I will try to detail here.
I am sad that events have unfolded as they have. I am not going to discuss specifics but will say that we are currently not in communication nor have we been for some time now. Sometimes you think you know somebody and then find out you never really did, just sad. Please understand that I do not run the Network, I just do my show.


*ps* The PDF in this case will link to my public dropbox where the file is located.

Kindest Regards