Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Mike Bara Aerospace Consultant and Horseshitter

Hi Mikey,

It look longer than I expected, but, the results are in.

You may recall I have a friend who works at Lockheed. Not as a contractor, but as an employee of Lockheed. You may also recall that I asked her to check with her contacts at both Boeing and Lockheed regarding your 25 years as an aerospace consultant, jetliner designer, aeronautical engineer, or whatever other fancy title you have used to describe yourself.

Can you imagine my utter lack of surprise when I was told that nobody named Mike Bara has ever been employed or contracted to either company in any of the fancy titled positions you claim.

Engineer ? - Oh really Mikey ?
CAD jockey, not engineer Mikey.

Kindest Regards

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Dunces Hoaglands and Fat Baras

Greetings gentlemen, (and Mike)

Since both of you have declined to debate me regarding engineering and mathematical questions may I be correct in assuming that you have conceded defeat.

Let me explain;

I asked Richard to reassess his horribly inaccurate analysis of Explorer I. He declined. Please note that this is a "mathematical given" since Hoagland actually had the temerity to try and do mathematics and was caught. Having zero flair for mathematics.

I asked Richard to explain his assertion that water blocks torsion waves, yet he still angled for "donations" to assist both him and Robin in visiting the Baltic sea anomaly. Even though it was many meters under water. He waved some terribly embarrassing pseudoscience at me. A less gracious man than myself may have described it as a pathetic attempt at weaseling out. This is of course documented and catalogued in email format in both my records and on the Emoluments of Mars blog.

I asked Richard to explain his Elenin calculations, with particular regard to a division by zero possibility in his pretend mathematical analysis. He declined. Little wonder, since he was exposed hook, line and sinker as a dolt.

I asked Mike to explain centrifugal force. He called me "a homo" and suggested that I apply to John Travolta as a potential "masseuse." I laughed, I admit. After all a response however teenage is better than none at all.

I asked Mike to explain the eccentricity of Mars' orbit. He called me "a cunt." Not that I was offended. This word, while being quite vile in the American language is viewed in Scotland either as a direct challenge, or an expression of affection. Given the fact that Mike weighs something approaching that of a small family car I was neither intimidated nor endeared to him in this moment. Therefore I found this quite amusing.

Speaking of amusing I was also threatened by Mike's brother Dave. He asked for my address, so he could come there and "kick my ass." All because I asked Mike to clarify his description of centrifugal force. I was crushed. Or I may have been had he actually carried out his threat and caught me unawares. Seriously. Dave, like his twin with a similar zeppelinesque physique may present a significant problem for the unwary. Refer to WWF.

I am genuinely curious. I know Richard has a "formidable intellect", is quick on his feet in debate (although he uses horrendously inappropriate techniques) and actually does have some experience of spaceflight. Richard also plows an interesting furrow when he is in full flow. Fine. No really that is just fine. It makes good woo_radio and can be quite relaxing when one wants to fall asleep laughing.

Mike on the other hand is simply a dunce. A dunce of monumental proportions. A man of zero morals and even less (if possible) integrity. I think enough has been said about Mike, "the acolyte."

Bottom line. Will you both retract and/or correct your idiotic mathematics. I expect Mike to decline of course, because he simply does_not_get_it. Being as thick as shite on the neck of a bottle.

You Richard however, as a man of some education, must know better because better qualified engineers than me have pointed it out. Why, oh, why for example do you refuse to retract the horribly disgraced "Von Braun's Secret" "paper" from your ancient website ?

Kindest Regards

Monday, 26 May 2014

Mike Bara drops to number three in the charts

We all know just how low Mike Bara can stoop, and what kind of disgusting human being he is. I am glad to see that his blog is now (for me anyway) relegated to number three in the Google search engine.

Mike Bara wants a vibrator.

Hi Mike,

Since you speak of densities being related to the frequency one vibrates at.
Would I be correct in assuming (since you are one of the densest men on the internet) that you vibrate in the millihertz range ?

If not, could you explain in non bullshit terms exactly what you mean.

You once stated that any time you see something with "quantum" attached to it you immediately call bullshit. Same here Mikey. Anytime I hear someone talking about vibration, frequency, or energy wave.

Recently I heard you speaking of the energy field we are going through since 2012. You stated that this energy field is emanating from the centre of the galaxy. What kind of energy is it Mike ? - Can we measure it ? - Or are you trying to sound spiritual, and non materialistic.

Which would be a hilarious contradiction since you yourself like to brag about what kind of car you own, and how you get to hang out with strippers and porn starlets.

Kindest Regards

Friday, 23 May 2014

Mike Bara versus Dr Carl Sagan

I am confident that I can prove that there are no such things as the laws of physics. - Mike Bara, former cad-cam technician.

Hoagland, Richard C.; Bara, Mike (2007). Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA. Port Townsend: Feral House. ISBN 978-1-932-59526-0.

Bara, Mike (2011). The Choice. Pompton Plains, NJ: New Page. ISBN 978-1-60163-144-2.

Bara, Mike (2012). Ancient Aliens on the Moon. Kempton, IL: Adventures Unlimited. ISBN 978-1-935487-85-2.

Bara, Mike (2013). Ancient Aliens on Mars. Kempton, IL: Adventures Unlimited. ISBN 978-1-935487-89-0.

It would be madness to deny that there are well defined laws that describe the universe. - Dr Carl Sagan, astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist.

Annual Award for Television Excellence—1981—Ohio State University—PBS series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage
Apollo Achievement Award—National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal—National Aeronautics and Space Administration (1977)
Emmy—Outstanding Individual Achievement—1981—PBS series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage[27]
Emmy—Outstanding Informational Series—1981—PBS series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage[27]
Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal—National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Helen Caldicott Leadership Award – Awarded by Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament
Hugo Award—1981—Best Dramatic Presentation—Cosmos: A Personal Voyage
Hugo Award—1981—Best Related Non-Fiction Book—Cosmos
Hugo Award—1998—Best Dramatic Presentation—Contact
Humanist of the Year—1981—Awarded by the American Humanist Association
American Philosophical Society—1995—Elected to membership.[91]
In Praise of Reason Award—1987—Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
Isaac Asimov Award—1994—Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
John F. Kennedy Astronautics Award—1982—American Astronautical Society[92]
Special non-fiction Campbell Memorial Award—1974—The Cosmic Connection: An Extraterrestrial Perspective[93]
Joseph Priestley Award—"For distinguished contributions to the welfare of mankind"[citation needed]
Klumpke-Roberts Award of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific—1974
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky Medal—Awarded by the Soviet Cosmonauts Federation
Locus Award 1986—Contact
Lowell Thomas Award—The Explorers Club—75th Anniversary
Masursky Award—American Astronomical Society
Miller Research Fellowship—Miller Institute (1960–1962)
Oersted Medal—1990—American Association of Physics Teachers
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Public Welfare Medal—1994—National Academy of Sciences[94]
Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction—1978—The Dragons of Eden
Science Fiction Chronicle Award—1998—Dramatic Presentation—Contact
Named the "99th Greatest American" on June 5, 2005, Greatest American television series on the Discovery Channel[citation needed]
Named an honorary member of the Demosthenian Literary Society on November 10, 2011
New Jersey Hall of Fame—2009—Inductee.[95]

So, who do you believe. A former cad-cam jockey. Or a real scientist, published, peer reviewed and recognised within his field.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

How dare Hoagland and Bara call this great man a liar

Every time Hoagland or Bara start spouting off about their glass domes, castles, skyscrapers, and ancient ruined arcology on the Moon, they are calling this man a liar. It's an outrage. A pair of knuckleheads who don't have a single science degree (or any other degree for that matter) between them see fit to try and besmirch the character of one of the greatest human beings in history by simply making things up.

Producing mathematics of unbelievable hilarity and making bold statements such as Bara did when he puked up this little gem.

"I'm confident I can prove there is no such things as the laws of physics."

Bara then went on to try and actually "use" the laws of physics that don't exist to explain the over-performance of Explorer I and made an absolute howling fucking arsehole of himself in the process. Priceless. Go take physics 101 Mike. You maladjusted knobend.

Such is the hubris of these two clownhats that they actually believe all of the Apollo astronauts except Neil Armstrong were memory wiped so that they could not reveal the truth about what is on the Moon. Aye right, and I'm the Queen of Sheba. Fuck sake.


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Oh Dear Mikey.

This was tweeted by Mr Humility himself.

Nothing makes me laugh more than some college kid telling me about image enhancement. What a joke.

So sayeth Mike Bara photoshop guru and World Renowned Aerospace Engineer.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Extraordinary claims DO NOT require extraordinary evidence - WHAT THE FUCK

Indeed folks, the title is not a pisstake. Nor is it this blog simply poking more fun at Richard C. Hoagland.

It is quite simply a direct quote from Hoagland himself whilst being punched senseless in debate by a real scientist.

Now don't get me wrong. I do not in any way agree with any of Dr Hugh Ross' assertions, opinions or philosophy. Either in the scientific or religious sense. But this was a top drawer kicking delivered by Dr Ross to the floundering and increasingly shrill Hoagland.

It should be noted that Dr Hugh Ross is actually a genuine doctor. Please note: Dr Ross is a creationist. I reject this shit. I do however commend his approach when debating Hoagland. He invokes scientific method. Not numerology.

Hoagland, when being defeated in debate resorts to all sorts of sharp practice, dirty tricks, and as usual, smart Aleckry. Ross ripostes with science. Hoagland cannot respond in any meaningful manner and squeals, " BUT THAT'S A THEORY, A MODEL,.....NOBODY SAW IT HAPPEN."

Now seriously. WHAT THE FUCK. Isn't this what Hoagland's entire bullshit is based on. Flawed models and unfalsifiable theory.

At one point when Hoagland is trying to promote Bruce De Palma's spinning ball experiment. Hoagland claims he challenged high school students to replicate the experiment. He then asserts that teachers were told, "NOT TO TOUCH IT."

This is utter and total bullshit. I taught mathematics, I taught physics, I taught electronics. Nowhere, no time, no when was I told "NOT TO TOUCH" the De Palma experiment.

One question Hoagland, you fucking lying bastard thief.


It should also be noted that I designed the electronics and control system to replicate the De Palma experiment. Total cost (not including time) £123.93 - Hoagland was offered the schematics and software. He didn't even reply. Not that it would have been valid anyway given the Magnus Effect. - That's why Hoagland didn't listen. He knows that this invalidated De Palma.

My heartfelt thanks to James Concannon and Expat for pointing out the errors in my initial design.



In your face Hoagland - In your face Bara

Derek Eunson

to RCH, Mike, Richard, Stephen

And I don't mean yet another comet that Hoagland is going to attach bullshit numbers to and then claim it's artificial. But I'm sure you will like it Dick.

I also don't mean another bullshit book by Mike (I failed 101 physics) Bara, where he makes wild claims such as, "I am confident I can prove there are no such things as the laws of physics." Then goes on to try and use them, makes an arsehole of himself, then says, "I never said that."

I also don't mean another bullshit woo-woo conference where people are expected to tow the party line, not rock the boat, and try and flog crap that is demonstrably false. Basiago, Wilcock, Morton, Cassidy, Maxwell. All the usual suspects.

Personally If I was in a position where I was trying to get the truth out. I would NOT be sharing a stage with these creepy fucking liars. Sometimes I wonder if money is now the motive rather than the message.

I am slowly losing confidence in people who should know better.

MAY 31st 2014 - Something wonderful is coming.

In your FACE Hoagland.
In your FACE Bara.

More is coming.

Kindest Regards

Saturday, 17 May 2014

I said MIKEY not MILEY you wicked child.

My middle child.

Hoagland being made look a fool

Derek Eunson

to Mike, RCH, bcc: martin
Hello Gentlemen,

Recently I heard Mikey say that string theory is really just poor man's hyperdimensional physics.
I'm curious. How in the name of hell can you say that Mike. You have zero mathematical ability, don't even understand basic physics and have no_fucking_chance of understanding string theory.

So how can you make a statement like that. I've never seen you present a single paper with any valid mathematics on it. Neither has Hoagland. He tried once. Got caught and made look a complete fool. Yet it remains to be laughed at on his web page. So much for peer review eh Richard.

You two make various predictions of what HD physics can do.
Billions of times FTL travel
Free energy
Billions of times FTL communications
Planet killer weapons

Yet NOT ONE SINGLE PAPER. No equations no physics, nothing except old anecdotes, namedropping and a picture of a tetrahedron circumscribed by a sphere. Oh and 19.5 degrees.

Scientists my arse.

Check this out Richard.

Mikey, you may want to take a peek too. If the Hoagmeister gets made look like an arsehole by a scientist in debate. Ask yourself how would I fare. I'll tell you Mikey, you would be made look even a bigger foolish asshole than Hoagland was. Although I admit that you don't namedrop nearly as much, creepily trying to infer validation of your bullshit as Hoagland does.

Kindest Regards

Mike Bara says.....

During a presentation for the release of the error and lies strewn doorstop "Dark Mission The Secret History of NASA." Bara came out with this little gem. Ask yourself, how the fuck can a dunce that has no clue about mathematics or physics, clearly and demonstrably has no clue about planetary eccentricity, and wrote that centrifugal forces would crush us if it were not for the Moon, say something like this. What a fapping tragic twat.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Hugh Ross vs. Richard Hoagland

Hoagland being made look a fool when presented with real scientific method.
A very telling expose.

I specifically disassociate myself from Dr Ross's weird religious shit. Nevertheless he does a real number on Hoagland and exposes him for the sciolist he undoubtedly is.

As much as I want to vomit at Hoagland's attempt at validation by namedropping  and quit watching  I love the facepalming by Ross too much.

The Seekers - Georgy Girl

Hey There Mikey Boy

Hey there, Mikey boy
Swaggerin' on the net so fancy-free
Nobody you meet could ever see the emptiness there - inside you
Hey there, Mikey boy
Why did all the brains just pass you by?
Could it be you just don't try or is it the books you read?
You're always bullshit talkin' but never stopping to think
So shred those awful writings and cry - in humility
Hey there, Mikey boy
There's another Mikey deep inside
Bring out all the lies you hide and, oh, what a change there'd be
The world would see a new Mikey boy

Hey there Georgie boy

Dr Robbins must be given an avenue of reply after Mike Bara's insult live on air.

Hi George,

Thanks for replying regarding my query about Dr Robbins being allowed to debate Mike Bara on Coast to Coast AM.

I must admit I was very surprised that Bara agreed on air to debate since he usually substitutes gross personal insults as debate.

I had my doubts that Bara would actually do it. I was correct. He was a no show. However I must stress in the strongest possible terms that when a guest on your show insults someone's professional competence. The person whose character has been besmirched should absolutely be afforded a right of reply.

I know that Bara will back out of a debate that he cannot hope to win. But Dr Robbins must be allowed a chance at rebuttal. A one way insult conduit has no place in any media. None whatsoever.

Please allow Dr Robbins a chance to reply to your audience and put forth his defence. Remember George, you were clearly shocked when Bara said, "yeah he's a scientist, but, frankly he sucks at it."

This injustice needs to be addressed sir. Or at the very least Bara be removed from the C2C guest list until he either debates, retracts, or Dr Robbins gets a right of reply. You DO live in America don't you ?

Kindest Regards
Derek James Eunson

Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Arsehole Brothers Ride Again.

Do not approach. Do not listen. These men are extremely dangerous to your IQ.

Mike Bara's preferred debating method.

Honestly. What a nasty piece of work this fat bastard really is. Below are some choice quotes from the Fatmeister himself when "debating" the ridiculous assertion that there is a robot head on the Moon.

Mike Bara.

No, I rely on my critics having below baboon IQ's, which you obviously do. I'm surpised they even let you have access to a computer in a Turkish prison.

Tara, talk to me when you can prove you're not so ugly that guys turn to stone when they look at your face. Start by not hiding behind a phony profile picture.

I have never questioned your gender identity, although that highly defensive response and your profile picture indicate that I should. Why would I "debate" you when all you offer are personal attacks and non-sequiters? You are simply another example of someone who cannot argue the facts and must therefore make it personal. I'm sorry if your daddy didn't love you and you and you hate all men that are smarter than you. But please see a therapist instead of wasting my time with non-arguments.

Thank you for proving what you don't know. Please explain how a "chromatic aberration" can appear on 2 sets of NASA data taken under the same lighting conditions from 2 different angles? I'll answer it for you; they can't. The only way that can happen is if the red stripe is--- wait for it--- ACTUALLY THERE ON THE OBJECT! Dumbass

BBE, the whole point is to show inbred morons like you that you don't even need to use Photoshop to find the red stripe that Expat says doesn't exist. Turns out that like on pretty much everything else, he has his head up his ass.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Mike Bara - Engineer or fucking pansy ?

I am not expecting Bara to reply.

Hi Mike,

So George tells me that it takes two to tango.
From this I take it that you refuse to debate Dr Robbins even after agreeing to do so.

I can't say I am surprised. Even although you have stated in the past that Stephen Hawking's mind is as diseased as his body, and that you are confident you can prove there are no such things as the laws of physics. No I am not surprised at all.

So you tuck tail and run like a wee pansy yet again. Same as Hoagland. When presented with real scientists you simply cannot cope. Your utter woo is exposed, your mathematics taken apart and laughed at and your reputation rightfully besmirched.

Man up Mikey. Go debate.

Kindest Regards

George Noory's one liner

I wrote to George Noory......again.

Asking when Dr Stuart Robbins was going to get to debate Mike Bara as promised.


Any idea when Dr Robbins will be afforded the promised debate on C2C AM.

I have waited many months after George promised and nada.

What's going on. Will Mike Bara debate Dr Robbins or not ?

Kindest Regards
Derek James Eunson.

12:19 AM (8 hours ago)

to me

That’s the issue need two to tango

So there we have it. As suspected Bara is all mouth. He won't debate
even though he agreed to.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Will The Morningstar Rise and Reply

Hi Robert,

I listened to your Far Out Radio broadcast and looked at the images you provided.
Almost everything you said is wrong. What's going on man ? - Are you trying to cash in on the Hoagland approach - mistaking pareidolia for spaceship hangars and the like.

You do realise that James Concannon has taken to pieces your presentation in a most convincing fashion.

Is this something you would be willing to address. Even via responding to James' bloggery on the above link. I'm sure the readers would be interested in a debate. Or are you just like the rest of the hucksters, Hoagland, Bara, Wilcock et al ? - Talk shite, grab the cash and run like a little bitch ?

I mean Mike Bara once said that he was completely confident that he could prove there was no such thing as the laws of physics. Can you imagine a former cad-cam jockey with no understanding of basic physics or mathematics saying such a thing.

It was hilarious. I still laugh every time I think of that dunce saying that. On radio too. So Mike cannot default to his usual defence "I never said that." When cornered and caught out making stuff up.

Come on, MAN THE FUCK UP and back up your assertions. Go debate Jimmy Concannon.

Kindest Regards

Friday, 9 May 2014

Hoagland's Bulova Bollocks

Hi Richard,

It was only a matter of time before someone repeated your accutron experiment.
Unfortunately for you, yet fortunately for the rest of us it was done by a real engineer.

Bad news for HD physics I'm afraid.
It also comes with a YouTube video.

Happy viewing

Thursday, 8 May 2014

More bullshit that you could wave a stick at.

Hi Richard,

 Please find attached an image that would look real good on your webpage.

I might make another one for Mike Bara, but he has a LOT of catching up to do.

I mean you have been talking shite for "literally decades now George". Mike perhaps only a few years.

Kindest Regards

Nuts, Bolts, Kardashev, and Moonbat Hoagland.

Hi Richard,

Something has always bothered me the way you use the Kardashev scale to quantify this alleged "type II" civilisation you claim once inhabited the solar system.

Let's for a moment assume that these images you claim to see artifacts in are in fact real. And not as most sensible people assume, just random noise and photoshop manipulation by yourself and Mike Bara.

Imagine they were real. Why would this magnificent type II civilisation be using beams and girders, and bolts, and  struts, and all the other present day building techniques you claim to see.

It doesn't make sense. I would have thought that a civilisation that was capable of harnessing the output of an entire star would be using something much more exotic, and perhaps even more exotic than we can imagine, rather than nuts, bolts, girders and struts.

Kindest Regards

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Stunning Confirmatory Evidence.....

........That Richard C. Hoagland has been caught yet again manipulating images via software and claiming to have found ancient alien artifacts and buildings........

Hi Richard,
Many thanks to "Dee" a regular poster at the Emoluments of Mars blog for the attached image.

See how she did that Richard ? - It's all there. Man you have been so caught. Just like your fellow joke engineer Bara got caught with his pathetic rendition of 'Data's Head' on YouTube.

Damn, what a pair of pranksters you guys are. I can't believe the pair of you are still getting airtime. But I guess that Noory will buy into just about everything.

I can't wait for the Dr Robbins vs Bara debate on C2C. Not that I expect Bara to debate. Even though he promised Noory that he would. Bara would be committing career suicide. Which would be a great thing for science in general.

Kindest Regards

Aiming the grammar nazi gun at Hoaxland for shits n' giggles

Hi Richard,
The below quote was taken from The Enterprise Mission website.

"For those who have forgotten just how important a "tetrahedron" truly is -- symbolizing an entire field of "suppressed science" per our ~decades-long, Enterprise milti-disciplinary investigations of "Hyperdimensional Physics."

I know that you are leery of making changes to your website. Changes such as deleting Von Braun's secret. Since your mathematics are demonstrably wrong and falsify your own hypothesis. Which I find hilarious by the way. Changes such as deleting the whole table of coincidence nonsense since it has been falsified completely.
Do you think deleting wrong content would be a hammer blow to your credibility ?
I would suggest that leaving wrong content on the website and still trying to flog it off as real when you know it to be fake deals a far bigger blow to your credibility.

Are you a sociopath ?

So if you refuse to correct utterly wrong mathematics, would it be too much to correct a typo.

Kindest Regards