Friday, 1 August 2014

Face - what face

The best ever face pic. Credit NASA.

Hi Mike,

Here is the image you refuse to use or address in any rational sense.
Where are the tear ducts, where are the eyes or nostrils. In fact where is the face.
I even cropped and rotated it for you Mike. Where is the evidence of your claims.
Or did NASA really "nuke it" to save us all from a public meltdown and world revolution?

Man, you are so confused, so wrong, so gullible. Or you are simply a plain old huckster trying to fleece the daft. Whatever you are you are NOT an engineer so quit claiming to be such. It is embarrassing for real engineers to be corralled with such a dunce.

Kindest Regards


  1. Silence from the big man.

  2. Not unexpected.
    He's currently wetting himself over the "impossible space drive."
    Of course he knows bugger all about it. Being a complete failure at mathematics. But he will try and shoehorn it into his HD physics bollocks.