Monday, 4 August 2014

Bara, Gaza, Space Drives and Filthy Lucre.

Hi Mike,

I knew you would wet yourself and run with the "impossible space drive" story.
You are now claiming validation for hyperdimensional physics even though you cannot possibly hope to comprehend the mathematics or physics involved in the NASA experiments.

Interesting that you haven't been crowing about this for years Mike. Why are you suddenly tweeting like a drunk. I mean the technology isn't just out of the bag. It's been in development and testing for years.

If you understood it or do understand it, why not call up NASA, tell them how and why this experiment appears to work. Then simply swagger up and claim your Nobel prize.

I notice tricky Dicky is staying silent on this one for now. Perhaps he's waiting for the final results and peer review before claiming it as his own. A wee bit premature I think Mikey.

Also stunned by your assessment of the Gaza situation on Twitter. Showing your true colours there mate and they make me feel ill. 
It is about as vomit inducing as your dismissal of "scientific materialists." - Then you post what a total and utter hypocrite.
Mike Bara being the caring, non materialistic human being we know he is. Fucking wanker.
Kindest Regards

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  1. Agreed. However, he may be right about David Icke.