Monday, 22 September 2014

A chance meeting in Seattle. Perhaps.

Imagine you are sitting in (say) an airport lounge and get chatting to a guy at the bar as you wait for your flight. Smalltalk ensues and you are told that the person you are chatting to is an author. Not just a wannabe author but a published author. Impressive you may think. What sort of author you ask. Historical, fiction, scientific perhaps ?

You are then informed that your new drinking buddy is a published author in fields such as astronomy, physics, metaphysics and consciousness. Excellent you think. Since airport bar smalltalk usually revolves around work and family. Then comes the stark realisation that while you may indeed be talking to an author, this author believes some really crazy things indeed.

He tells you that there is a ziggurat not unlike the one at Ur in modern day Iraq on the Moon. You ask in amazement what is different from this "Moon ziggurat" to the Ur construction and are told that the ziggurat on the Moon is one mile square as compared to 65m long 45m wide and 30m high here on Earth.

You eye the exits. All three of them. Just in case. You are then informed that not only is this astonishing construction being hidden by NASA and indeed every other space-faring nation on the planet but there are more images available that clearly show that there are artificial structures all over the Moon, and indeed Mars too.

You ask why has nobody been made aware of this and are told that every space faring nation on planet Earth are in on a conspiracy to hide this fact from the entire human race. They employ battalions of people armed with airbrush tools and Photoshop. They tirelessly go over every single image returned to earth and airbrush out all the ziggurats, broken robots and apartment buildings. Not to mention 3 mile high glass towers and domes as well as flying saucers in hangars, gun emplacements and satellite dishes.

Hang on a second you say. Wouldn't it be impossible for every nation that has a vested interest in spaceflight to keep this secret. Given the resource that would have to be made available to ensure the airbrushing went to order and that nobody spoke about it.

You are then confidently assured that NASA, being run by Nazi's Freemasons and magicians are more than capable of ensuring people stay quiet, but there are a few "good guys" in these agencies that conveniently forget to airbrush a tank, or dome or ziggurat here and there so that there is a constant drip feed of information being made available to people who are smart enough to know how to manipulate the images and see what's really there. People like him and his venerable friend and co-author.

You tell your new drinking buddy that even without looking at his evidence it cannot be the case. Since even a small dose of critical thinking points to the hypothesis being false. Your new buddy now calls you a fucking douchebag faggot.

You look him straight in the eye and ask him politely if he would care to repeat that to your face in the parking lot. He mumbles something incoherent and you catch a faint whiff of human excrement in the air.

You leave by the nearest exit and go find another bar leaving your ex friend to contemplate the mess in his trousers.


  1. Thanks mate. Unfortunately it could very well be true. Apart from the Bara dunce squaring up to a man in a bar.

  2. Genuine lols at that! I'm always amazed that these artefacts are all items which have meaning to human beings, on Earth, right here and now. Engine parts? Yup. Sports stadiums? Of course. Fucking VGA enabled PC projectors? A big PowerPoint stock YES! Skyscrapers - used when land is at a premium - on the moon? Hell yeah.

    The irony of bara - thicker than a bull's cock - calling Tyson a "choad". Incidentally the other way trigger that excrement smell is to just say the word "debate".

  3. Indeed Chris. Bara has essentially shit his pants every time debate is mentioned. And if the name Robbins and debate are in the same sentence, Mike really fills his trousers.

  4. It's easy to forget how stark raving crazy all this stuff sounds to anyone who hasn't made a hobby of following guys like Bara. I remember talking to my wife about some of the things Hoagland has put out there, and when I got to the "and NASA brain washed the astronauts so they don't remember the glass domes" part she burst out laughing. I knew this stuff was crazy, I just didn't realize it was so crazy it was funny. Spending all day watching the cult eat up every word of the clown had dulled my senses on that.

    Bara, for all his pretend alpha-male BS, knows he isn't a match for a real scientist. Since (unlike Hoagie) he isn't trying to gain any legitimacy, he would rather just play to his fans and not risk being embarrassed. He's got nothing to gain by showing how ignorant he is, so he won't.