Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Hoagland, Rosetta and the missing shoehorn

Hi Richard,

It looks like someone beat you to the bullshit.

I don't like that. When I want to hear about comets being "obviously artificial" I want to hear it from "The Big Man" himself. Not some snotty nosed teenage apprentice.

When will we get the "REAL" story of Rosetta. When will you tell us about it's obvious artificiality and how the real reason for the orbiter and lander is to identify the libraries and technology that are undoubtedly there as they were on Elenin/Ison/etc. Such a pity Elenin disintegrated and Ison turned out just to be a comet.

Have you had any time yet to shoehorn some 19.5's into comet 67P's trajectory, orbital inclination or closest approach to something ?

Better be quick though because you won't be able to say "I predicted that first."

Kindest Regards

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  1. It's not the same without a 3 hour non-stop talk by hoagland. I've almost forgotten what the Brookings report is again. I hope he mentions it at some point.

    On a related note, mike bara is American Loon #469


    4 + 6 + 9 = 19 (that'll do)
    4 x 6 + 9 = 33

    Astonishing proof that bara is a agent of the matrix. Or something.