Monday, 1 December 2014

David Wilcock. The Ego, the forehead and the ascention.

I've despised this little thieving creep since I first laid eyes on his overbearing forehead, treacly smug face and his slack-jawed devious look. Then I heard him talk. Fears confirmed I checked his website. Once I had stopped laughing and picked myself up from the floor I read on. 

He claims:
  • To have an IQ of 187 
  • To be able to channel an entity called Ra
  • That humanity will ascend into light beings who can fly and travel anywhere at will
  • That 2000 would be that year
  • That 2012 would be that year
  • That the Illuminati ordered him to generate multiple thousands of hits on his own website or be killed by an assassination team
  • To have contacts deep inside black ops
  • That there is a "jump room" to Mars in an underground base in the USA
  • That the "Montauk project" was real
The above are a tiny sample of his utter garbage. He also claims to be a singer. The below video will prove that that claim was as false as any of the others he has made. I give you "David Fraudcock."