Monday, 13 October 2014

Hoagland 67P - Siding Spring and the end of something somewhere. Probably, maybe.....

Now that ESA has started naming things relating to comet 67P with an Egyptian flavour, and sat on data for a couple of months before general release. Will Hoagland again break cover and lever in Nazi's, Obama and all his usual numerology shite.

Nobody would appear to be listening. Both Hoagland and Bara  still use the 1976 images of the face to push their claims. But conveniently don't show the latest super hi-res images available. Is this why nobody is listening anymore. The images being sent back from comet 67P are quite literally breathtaking and breathtaking images are not what Hoagland and Bara deal in. They deal in "what the fuck crap quality is this" images that people scrunch up their eyes and pareidolia kicks in.

Hoagland has only made (as far as I know) a single reference to 67P being a spaceship with skyscrapers  on it. How will he push this as the landing date gets closer. Will he say ESA are now in on the act and are paying homage to NASA and Pharaoh Barry Obama by naming things Egyptian. I don't know, but it's possible. I mean this frothing, increasingly irrelevant madman has claimed even more outrageous things in the past. So he has previous for this sort of thing.

Look folks Hoagland was in on the whole comet Hale-Bopp spaceship thing. You remember Heaven's Gate don't you ? - You know where this bunch of cultists maimed and then killed themselves because they thought space aliens were coming to save them. This unprincipled pretend-scientist was all over Hale-Bopp like a bad suit making all sorts of bullshit claims. Check out his Hale Bopp bollocks at his shitty 1990's style 'scroll forever' website.

I especially love this quote from "The Big Man" himself....

"The very act of publicly making a "prediction" about a possible future action of an individual (or group of individuals) may cause those planning that event to change their minds ... making the initial prediction appear completely wrong. [In fact, the act of publicizing the "prediction" was part of altering the "initial conditions" around the event itself (in this case, the clandestine intentions of the planners), thus altering the specifics of the outcome ...]

Nice one Hoagland. That's like giving yourself carte blanche to say whatever the hell you like and claim that the 'evil powers that be' were paying attention to you figuring out their secret 19.5 degree, 33 degree, ritually aligned plans - and consequently changed them just to spite the great Hoagland. I'm surprised that he didn't use this sort of get out with Elenin. Instead he tried to drive home his bullshit predictions about an "Elenin afternoon" - and shoehorn in the Arab Spring. Man what an unprincipled prick.

As for Bara. I'll simply paraphrase a quote by the inimitable Chris Lopes......."All Bara does is write the same book over and over again." - Priceless mate. Loved it.


  1. I nearly fell off my chair when I read that a sinkhole in New York City between 19th and 20th Streets fits his 19.5 numerology. OMFG.

  2. I know mate. I couldn't believe my eyes for a second either. Then I remembered Elenin where Hoagland demonstrated that he can (and does) talk a bigger load of shit than 19.5 years worth of listening to Prime Minister's question time.

  3. Heh, it's worth repeating that bara has been outed by his own numerology:

    bara is American Loon #469

    4 + 6 + 9 = 19 (close enough)
    4 x 6 + 9 = 33

    Proof that bara is a paid illuminati shill

    1. Proof enough for me mate. Indeed.
      But seriously this is how they think science is done.

  4. By the way for some reason I am never able to post here using Safari on the Mac. Clicking Publish just resets the form. I have to boot up the laptop to post. Any other blog is fine, just this one. Any ideas?

  5. Dee is having some issues posting too Chris. No idea what's going on. I will post Dee's comments on the relevant page.