Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A Quick Listing of Things Mike Bara Has Lied/Been Wrong About (By no Means Complete)

Hi Mike,

Imitating your bloggery I came up with this.

Mike Bara blogged recently a list of "errors" his critics have made. Below is a list showing just a smidgin of the errors Bara has stated. Both on the web and in his books.

The eccentricity of Mars - Mike thinks it is measured relative to the Earth.

Centrifugal Force - Mike thinks it makes you heavier.

The behaviour of light -  Mike thinks it can travel from space, hit the ocean floor and reflect back into space.

Map reading - Mike thinks that two roads can intersect even though they do not cross each other and one actually winds up a dead end.

String theory - Mike claims that the work of Dr Kaku et al is simply "poor man's hyperdimensional physics."

Engineering - Mike thinks that a person with no engineering degree could be employed by Boeing to design jetliners.

Physics - Mike claims he is 100% confident that he can prove that there are no such things as the laws of physics. Of course no proof has been presented.

Mathematics - Mike has shown on numerous occasions that he is a mathematical dunce. Hilariously miscalculating the orbital insertion of Explorer I.

The scientific method - Mike thinks thinks that no controls, baselines or peer review are necessary.

I don't expect a reply. Since Bara is utterly terrified of debate.

Kindest Regards

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Asimov on Hoagland

Isaac Asimov, talks about Hoagland in his essay about the cruise to observe

the launch of Apollo 17.

Hoagland talked Asimov into going because, Asimov said (probably with

tongue somewhat in cheek), "How would it look for the greatest science

fiction writer to not have seen an Apollo launch."

When Asimov questioned that, Hoagland said he had signed and notarized

statements to that effect. Once on the ship, Asimov found that Hoagland had

told several other writers that he had signed and notarized statements that

the other writers were the greatest science fiction writers.

Asimov also mention that as the time for the ship to leave approach, and

the launch had yet to take place because of a hold, Hoagland convinced the

captain of the ship to stay longer, because he had signed and notarized

statements to the effect that he was the greatest captain in the world.

I took the "signed and notarized statements" thing as Hoagland, even back

in 1972, had the ability to con people.- The essay was titled "The Cruise

and I".


Their first contact was by phone and Asimov said "He [Hoagland] was anxious

to see me and had all sorts of plans and projects in mind. He had an eager

spirit that was very contagious." Which may indicate, even then(1965) was

able to get people excited about things. Asimov goes on "When we finally

made personal contact I was taken aback to find him a thin, narrow-chinned

youngster of 19; extraordinarily bright though and filled with enthusiasm

for space.

Somehow he persuaded me to do a television show in Springfield and I drove

out there on May 6.... Hoagland also talked a good deal about Mariner 4,

which was on its way to Mars, to take photographs as it flashed by.

I avoided becoming overcommitted at that time, for I sensed even then
that Hoagland, like many utterly enthusiastic people, might have a reach

that slightly exceeded his grasp." - These quotes are from pp 364-365 of In

Joy Still Felt. First Edition, 1980. - Issac Asimov autobiography


Got a Bara barf bag handy ?

Here's a small collection of Mikey courtesy of Twatter.

Bara re-tweets a TV image of himself. He then tried to eat himself.

Mikey boy once again showing his skills with the ladies. This one is married.

Do I really need to answer that Mikey ?

Mike Bara NYT "bestselling" author. Classy.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Threats of violence and sexual harassment

Hi Mike,

Again you are accusing people of sexually harassing your female fans and of making threats of physical violence towards yourself.

"I have stopped responding to these people because they have used multiple false identities to attack and me, sexually harassed my female friends and threatened me with physical violence. Enough is enough." - Mike Bara

This has to be a joke right.

Remember your internet wife attacking James Concannon with vile sexually explicit language - Do you remember your brother Dave asking for my address so he could "come there and kick my ass ?"

Dave Bara threatens to kick my ass...."tremble tremble."

Pot kettle and black Mikey boy - Pot kettle and black. Why would anyone need to resort to physical violence with you, when all they have to do is punch your fat face in with facts, mathematics, and physics.

Kindest Regards

Wrong again as ever Mikey

Hi Mike,

Regarding your most recent bloggery. Where you attack people who have pointed out your plethora of mistakes in every book you have ever written, and just about every daft notion you propose as science.

Let's start with a simple one.

Two streets that do not meet cannot intersect. The image you provided requires lines to be drawn North/South and East/West before any "intersection" can be visualised.

The streets do not cross one another therefore they do not intersect. By your reasoning Isis could intersect many streets planet wide. Clearly you are wrong.


Isis not intersecting 33rd

Kindest Regards

Friday, 25 July 2014

Mike Bara - Internet research guru

to Mike, RCH, martin
Hi Mike,

I notice that you are using internet amateurs to do your research for you again. Well at least you credit the people in the facebook group or do you ?

Let me get this straight. You are taking images from a facebook open group where people are playing with pareidolia. They are even making jokes about being able to see Jimmy Durante, or a "blurry Indian Chief" - yet you use images from this group and claim machinery, and the usual stuff.

Brilliant Mikey, just fucking brilliant. 

Now step up along with Richard C. Hoagland and collect your Nobel prize. What an absolute joke.

Not joke as in funny you understand. Just to be clear on that.

Expat calls your condition "baradolia."  - Now that's funny.
A collection of baradolia.

Kindest Regards

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Dark Mission in the ultimate bargain bucket.

Hi Richard,

I remember Robin chastising people on your facebook page when they complained that you never seem to come up with the promised "part two" of many of what you refer to as "papers."

Robin then went on to ask people if they worked for free, and indicated that if people wanted the next installment they should contact your site and offer money for you to deliver your promised part two's.

Imagine my horror when I found THIS link to DARK MISSION in pdf format for FREE.

Some people are just plain irresponsible, and whilst I in no way want to see internet censorship, this kind of precipitous dissemination of balderdash terrifies me.

There are teenagers and young adults on the internet ALL the time. Some of them are not even looking at porn. Some of them may accidentally come across this error laden doorstop and believe it's true.

This is outrageous. I hope you will do all in your power to have this garbage removed to a place where no young people can be harmed by reading it.

Kindest Regards

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Hoagland laughed at again.

Hi Richard,

Above Top Secret are posting Mars stuff about you.
I know that you care little for copyright violation, and that you fake images.
But these people are claiming that your fake images are their fake images.

Some of them are even more ridiculous than that YU55 Borg sphere thing you posted before you stopped asking for cash on Facebook.

It's outrageous.

Kindest Regards

YU55 is really a spaceship according to Hoagland.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Bara in denial

Hi Mike,

Remember you wrote,  "Just know that the best part about success isn't the fame, the money or even the girls. It's making shitheaps like you and Derek watch..." - May I ask, how come you never ever have a girlfriend ? - You are always trying to pick one up on the internet. It doesn't seem that you are quite the catch you seem to think you are.

 I'd like to think that due to our outing you as a creepy misogynist, myself and Expat have contributed somewhat to your appalling lack of success with women.

Also the incessant labeling of your male critics as homosexual has people (including myself) wondering. Thou doth protest too much. Methinks.

Fuck Sake 2.

Kindest Regards

Thursday, 3 July 2014

For FUCK sake Bara

Doesn't this large tub of transfats have a massive hot for himself.

He writes on his farcebook.......

OK ladies, my numerology says that July is an excellent month for me to meet my next mate! So if you want to be the next ex-Mrs. Bara, better get those resume's polished up!

Fuck Sake