Friday, 24 October 2014

Clown-Hats and spaceships

Hi Mike and Richard,

The below is taken from that NASAPEDIA website that is so corrupt no-one ever references it. Except when it suits them. Like you do Mike. Oh man does it describe both of you perfectly. I knew you were both ill in the head. Anxiously waiting Hoagland's take on space station 67P/CG. 

As we predicted with "stunningly confirmatory confirmation" Hoagland would call THIS COMET !!!!!, NOT A COMET, but an "ancient artificial spaceship" with LIBRARIES and SKYSCRAPERS onboard.

In our model Hoagland is once again "stunningly, embarrassingly wrong !!!!!"

Kindest Regards you two clown-hats

"The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias manifesting in two principal ways: unskilled individuals tend to suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than is accurate, while highly skilled individuals tend to rate their ability lower than is accurate. In unskilled individuals, this bias is attributed to a meta-cognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their ineptitude. Skilled individuals tend to underestimate their relative competence, erroneously assuming that tasks which are easy for them are also easy for others.
David Dunning and Justin Kruger of Cornell University conclude, "the miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others".

Ancient Spacestation. Image credit: ESA.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Hoaglandisms - Feel free to add some more

George !!!!! - Can have many meanings. But is usually interpreted as an
instruction for the host to agree with Hoagland or to compliment him.

If you had been following our work - Get ready for the Hoagland bullshit
nozzle to go into overdrive.

My good friend - Hoagland is about to name drop. Usually famous people.

My dear departed friend - Hoagland is about to name drop like a bastard.
Pedal to the metal. Be ready for some serious bullshit since the "dear departed
friend" is obviously dead. Therefore no checking up can take place.

MSNBC,CNN,CBS,FOX and all that - Hoagland name dropping news corporation
names attempting to legitimise himself by association.

Do you remember <insert some ancient fucking 1960's TV show> - Again
Hoagland waxing lyrical and saying six words when he could have used two.
Interpreted as a pathetic attempt to associate himself with TV from way
back as if he was an actual TV regular.

Stay tuned !!!!! - Keep buying into my shit until I come up with more shit.

This could change everything - Get ready for nothing to happen and Hoagland
to instantly forget and move onto the next thing that could change

What are the odds ? - Meaningless Hoagland mathematical drivel about to be
spouted. Hoagland again assuming his audience have the brains of a
lobotomized mouse (actually most of them do).

In our model - Hoagland loves to use sciency sounding terms. He loves to
use the word model, he really really loves to use the word model. He also
uses it because when one of his predictions yet again fails to materialise
Hoagland will say it was only a model.

If we are correct
- Misuse of the Royal "we". Hoagland loves to give the
impression that he is heading up a huge team of scientists in a gleaming
office and lab complex. It is however just him. On his todd, on his
lonesome. So the use of the word "we" to describe himself in the singular
perhaps points to a superiority complex. Or maybe he just fancies the
Queen. Come to think of it she's one of the few people he has
mentioned on air without actually claiming to know them. 

Back in my Cronkite daysI was Walter Cronkite's science adviser.  Translates as "I used to be a fact checker for Cronkite on and off for two years."

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Potential cash earnings for hucksters, liars and highwaymen.

photo credit: David Mitchell (25%) Time-Life (the rest)

I wonder just how much cash is to be made by writing lies. I guess that depends on the size of your prospective audience.

Take Mike Bara for example. He's been hawking tickets now for a couple of weeks or so for a MUFON gathering in California in early November. Tickets are going at $10, or if you prefer it's a $10 "donation" at the door. It's a three hour job and it would appear that Bara is the only speaker.

So how much would Bara get for this sort of thing. - A percentage of the house takings ? Or would he demand a fixed fee. Let's play with numbers. Bara has written four and a half really shitty books, filled with errors, typos, mis-captions and generally a plethora of other embarrassing boo-boos. He's also appeared on a couple of utterly atrocious TV shows and on woo radio at odd times of the night.

Not exactly a Richard Dolan in the popularity stakes, but he would perhaps pull in a maximum of two hundred people. At $10 per "donation" that's $2000. For an afternoons work. Not too shabby, but then there are the costs of hiring the room and all the other guff that goes with woo conferences. So perhaps Bara might trouser about three or four hundred dollars. Still not too shabby for showing up with blurry photographs and lying like a bastard for three hours.

I doubt Mike gets a gig like this every month, but let's suppose he did. At the upper end ballpark that's about $5k per year in woo-fees. Add to this his book sales. Unfortunately we have no idea what Mike would get for these since we have no way of knowing how many books are sold annually. I doubt it's very many. Especially since there are places to visit on the web that show just how much of a scoundrel this highwayman is. Call it $25,000 a year. Add his woo-fees and that's $30,000 a year. I wonder what else Mike gets up to if that's all he's pulling in ? - After all he does have a massive ego, porn starlets to impress and a 2007 5 series Beamer to maintain.

As for Hoagland. No idea. He writes no books, gets no more woo-conference invites, is never on TV and rarely gets to appear on woo-radio. Perhaps Robin is subsidising poor old Hoagland with her Gulf oil remedy for fifty bucks a pop.

I doubt Bara or Hoagland are in the same earnings league as Richard Dolan or David Wilcock and certainly not in the same league as the bullshitter extraordinaire Dr Steven Greer. Small fish in a pond full of small fish and a few biggies.

Mike will say I am a loser who is  jealous of his success. The type of simple argument that one would expect from him. I'm just happy to be a Father and Grandfather and to have had a successful career as a real engineer. I am pretty sure my children would have disowned me if I lied like a bastard for a living and wrote books full of embarrassing high school physics mistakes.

Just as well Mike is so "successful" he doesn't have a partner and has no children to humiliate.

Way to go Mikey.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Hoagland 67P - Siding Spring and the end of something somewhere. Probably, maybe.....

Now that ESA has started naming things relating to comet 67P with an Egyptian flavour, and sat on data for a couple of months before general release. Will Hoagland again break cover and lever in Nazi's, Obama and all his usual numerology shite.

Nobody would appear to be listening. Both Hoagland and Bara  still use the 1976 images of the face to push their claims. But conveniently don't show the latest super hi-res images available. Is this why nobody is listening anymore. The images being sent back from comet 67P are quite literally breathtaking and breathtaking images are not what Hoagland and Bara deal in. They deal in "what the fuck crap quality is this" images that people scrunch up their eyes and pareidolia kicks in.

Hoagland has only made (as far as I know) a single reference to 67P being a spaceship with skyscrapers  on it. How will he push this as the landing date gets closer. Will he say ESA are now in on the act and are paying homage to NASA and Pharaoh Barry Obama by naming things Egyptian. I don't know, but it's possible. I mean this frothing, increasingly irrelevant madman has claimed even more outrageous things in the past. So he has previous for this sort of thing.

Look folks Hoagland was in on the whole comet Hale-Bopp spaceship thing. You remember Heaven's Gate don't you ? - You know where this bunch of cultists maimed and then killed themselves because they thought space aliens were coming to save them. This unprincipled pretend-scientist was all over Hale-Bopp like a bad suit making all sorts of bullshit claims. Check out his Hale Bopp bollocks at his shitty 1990's style 'scroll forever' website.

I especially love this quote from "The Big Man" himself....

"The very act of publicly making a "prediction" about a possible future action of an individual (or group of individuals) may cause those planning that event to change their minds ... making the initial prediction appear completely wrong. [In fact, the act of publicizing the "prediction" was part of altering the "initial conditions" around the event itself (in this case, the clandestine intentions of the planners), thus altering the specifics of the outcome ...]

Nice one Hoagland. That's like giving yourself carte blanche to say whatever the hell you like and claim that the 'evil powers that be' were paying attention to you figuring out their secret 19.5 degree, 33 degree, ritually aligned plans - and consequently changed them just to spite the great Hoagland. I'm surprised that he didn't use this sort of get out with Elenin. Instead he tried to drive home his bullshit predictions about an "Elenin afternoon" - and shoehorn in the Arab Spring. Man what an unprincipled prick.

As for Bara. I'll simply paraphrase a quote by the inimitable Chris Lopes......."All Bara does is write the same book over and over again." - Priceless mate. Loved it.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

How will Hoagland apply the shoehorn this time ?

Hi Richard,

I know you like numbers. Being a numerologist and all. Well here are some numbers for you to mull over. They are related to comet 67P. You know the comet that you say is not a comet, but a gigantic spaceship with skyscrapers on it. I digress, here are the numbers.

The head, or smaller lobe of the comet, is 2.5km by 2.5km by 2.0km. The "body" is described as being 4.1km by 3.2km by 1.3km.

With the previously released mass of 10 billion tonnes and a density of 400kg per cubic metre, this makes for an object that has a volume of 25 cubic km.

Its rotation rate is also now known to at least six significant figures - at 12.4043 hours.
Other details released:

  • Spin axis: Right ascension, 69 degrees; Declination, 64 degrees
  • Water vapour production rate: 300ml/sec (Jun 2014); 1-5 l/sec (Jul-Aug 2014)
  • Surface temperature: minus 68C to minus 43C (Jul-Aug 2014)
  • Subsurface temperature minus 243C to minus 113C (Aug 2014)
  • Gases detected: Water, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, methane, methanol
  • Dust grains sizes detected: A few tens of microns to a few hundreds of microns
Mission scientists have taken almost two months to release Friday's very simple data-set.
Could this be because they were secretly airbrushing out all the skyscrapers and buildings, gun emplacements and torsion field generators ?

Or could it be......................

No-one has ever been this close to a comet before, and there are major discoveries to be made, and to follow a completely open approach to the mission could allow anyone to claim a breakthrough.

I know where the smart money would be on that one.

Anyhow Richard. We are anxiously waiting your take on this whole scenario. The above are the numbers, the data, the real stuff. How will you manage to shoehorn Nazi's, 19.5's, 33's, Horus, Obama and HD physics into this one.

Kindest Regards

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Kenyan douchebag and Horus

So is Obama a Kenyan douchebag or is he the reincarnation of the ancient Egyptian god Horus. Stop laughing. This is a serious question. Those chuckle brothers Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara cannot seem to agree about one thing. Is Obama a Kenyan or is he the reincarnation of Horus ?

They agree that there are huge ancient alien structures on the Moon, Mars, in Saturn's rings and scattered throughout the solar system. They agree that NASA is run by Nazi's, Magicians and Freemasons. They agree that every physicist, engineer, astronomer and scientist on the planet are using a set of physical laws that either a: Do not exist (according to Bara) or b: Are merely a subset of a higher physics (according to Hoagland).

Preposterous notion ? - Yes it would appear so. Yet they sell books and conference tickets. Having said that Hoagland has written one and a half books in 40 years and his conference appearances have diminished to the point of "no more invites."

Bara co-authored Dark Mission with Hoagland and polluted book stores with 4 more books speaking of things he has no knowledge of. Things such as engineering, planetary science, mathematics, physics, orbital mechanics and spirituality. Bara also has made a few TV appearances and is invited to conferences on a regular basis. Perhaps Bara has taken the crown from Hoagland. Or shall we see "The Big Man" (as Hoagland calls himself) make a comeback and rip the crown from the young pretender.

I doubt it. Hoagland's credibility is shot through. Caked in mud. Gone. He has been caught out in so many lies and these lies have been highlighted and made public by his many critics.

Bara, although far less intelligent than Hoagland will probably be able to hang on a little while longer. Primarily because while he makes laughably inaccurate statements and actually has them published in rubbishy books. He does not make a howling arsehole of himself by claiming that just about every fucking comet that sails through the solar system is actually a spaceship sent by Obama's ancestors in ancient Egypt's past. Not comets but intelligently controlled spacecraft sent by Atlanteans and Egyptian gods Hoagland shrilly maintains. - I know it sounds utterly batshit insane, but unfortunately it's true.

So is Obama a Kenyan douchebag or the reincarnation of Horus ? Perhaps the current crisis in the middle East will answer this most important question.

Hoagland tells us that Obama never refers to the terrorist group as ISIS but as ISIL. He maintains that this is important but neglects to tell us why.

Mike Bara thinks ISIS are douchebags and should be slaughtered to a man. (I cannot disagree with Bara on this point.)

Look to the skies folks. Comet 67P. Will Hoagland try and shoehorn some 19.5's into its parameters and then associate it with the mess in the middle East. Will Bara concur. Will Hoagland again use human tragedy and suffering to grandstand and aggrandize himself and his wallet.

Bara is no stranger either in using tragedy to grandstand and sell books. He used the dead children at Sandy Hook to advertise one of his books claiming that the massacre proved what he had written regarding spirituality and the connected consciousness of the human race.

What a filthy pair of lying mongrels. Just filthy. I need a shower.