Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Mike Bara chain brain-farting live.

I really think Bara has lost the plot completely. Either that or he does not give a rat's arse about his audience. His latest performance on Coast to Coast was quite simply staggering regarding the level of absolute mendacity, insanity and self-aggrandization on show.

Below are a couple of examples where Bara claims.....

The images of Pluto show NASA is wrong, and Bara loves how the latest information corroborate his personal theories.  He states that he loves NASA giving him credibility even when he didn't ask for it.

We also find out that Sitchin didn't "channel" his later works from ET. Oh no. Zecharia Sitchin took dictation directly from the King Annunaki Enki. Who apparently is still alive and living on planet Earth.

I shit you not folks. This performance is really really bizarre.

The above and many more nuggets of Bara's abject ignorance of his chosen specialist subjects are contained in the video. The Bara mental breakdown starts at approximately 1hr 12mins.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Hoagland admits to being wrong live on air.

During Richard C. Hoagland's new radio show something rather unusual happened. Hoagland admitted that he was wrong regarding his Von Braun's 50 year old secret "paper." This is one of my favourite Hoagland errors because he attempts use mathematics. Since Hoagland has no flair for mathematics we can easily point out where he has screwed up and there is no recourse for Hoagland to deny. Expat did a splendid job over on Emoluments explaining Hoagland's comedy maths.

Hoagland had Dr Joseph Farrell on as a guest and spent most of the interview trying to shoehorn Farrell's ideas of Nazi spacecraft and radical new propulsion systems into his own "torsion field" bunkum. During this conversation, Hoagland and Farrell had been discussing Von Braun and his alleged work in anti-gravity systems. Then Hoagland mentioned Explorer I and his explanation of it on his website. He then quickly admitted that there were some errors in the calculation, but there was still an over-performance of the rocket. He then went on to state that if anyone had emailed him regarding this error he would email them back with corrections. Complete fucking lies of course.
The mistake he assured us would be corrected when he got around to it. More untruths. He's been "getting around to it," since 2008. Reminds me of those drawer handles I found the other day. Drawer handles my wife asked me to install in the kitchen of our first home in 1985.

His interview with Dr LaViolette was very similar. Hoagland leading his guest into saying words that he could leap on. Then sellotape his own crackpot ideas to LaViolette's or vice versa. The most amusing part of Hoagland interviewing people is when he stops them mid-sentence, name drops like a bastard, then tells his guest to "carry on." When he did the Pluto fly-by show Bill Nye appeared as a 5 minute guest. Nye began an account and mentioned Margaret Mead. Hoagland then said, "Bill can I just stop you there." He then proceeded to aggrandize himself by name dropping Margaret Mead.Telling a tale of how Hoagland used to work at the same college as her and he would often have talks with her as she shuffled her way down the corridor with her walking stick. He then told Nye to carry on. It was cringeworthy.
Richard C. Hoagland: World name-dropping champion 1983-2015

We've all made mistakes at one time. I am no exception. I'd rather laugh at myself and either fix it or don't repeat the same mistake.

Me getting it wrong and admitting it.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Bara willingly telling lies.

Nothing new in Mike Bara telling lies I hear you say. No, there's not.  In this short video we can hear him repeat the claim that glass on the Moon is stronger than here on Earth. Bara knows this is lies. Expat blogged about it on Emoluments and Bara is fully aware of that.

Here Bara is selling the latest episode of "Hangar 1" that he appears in. The portly one delivers his made up rubbish and keeps a straight face.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Mike Bara's new age love of people exposed

Taken from Bara's Twitter. First he's gloating that an ex "Ho" isn't having a good life, then he's masturbating whilst watching himself on TV.

Mike Bara: Professional cunt.

Then I spot that he's going to run with this from the BBC. Astonishing confirmation of Dr Tom Van Flandern's discredited fission theory.

Source: BBC science and environment.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

What lies will Hoagland spew about Pluto ?

Not long now till New Horizons screams past the Pluto system and takes the first close-up images of her and her moons. Personally I can't wait. I've been lucky enough to have lived through pretty much all of the space age. 

I am wondering what Hoagland will do with his coverage. Will it be on Coast or on Dark Matter. I'm not sure. Perhaps Hoagland blew his chances at hosting Coast after trying to railroad Noory live on air into extending his airtime by a full hour. Although Noory shot him down nicely you have to stand back in awe at the arrogance of the man. Hoagland genuinely seems to believe he has something to contribute to science. Even though he has contributed about as much as Yogi Bear.

I envisage a world record breaking name-drop-a-thon. With all the usual suspects. Sagan, Clarke, Kaku, de Grasse Tyson, Dolan, Farrell, and of course Cronkite. Recently Hoagland has started referring to Neil de Grasse Tyson, and Michio Kaku as "my professional colleagues." That is a disgracefully misleading statement given that Hoagland has neither met nor worked with either of them.

Noory had Dr Joseph Farrell on Coast recently in a show Hoagland was appearing on. I almost threw up as Hoagland went into brown nose vacuum mode. Farrell had dumped Hoagland back in 2011 after being conned into appearing at a Camelot streamfest which quickly turned into the "The Hoagland and Elenin dog and pony show." Dr Farrell simply made his excuses and got up and left after an hour or so. Clearly disgusted he then responded to a reader on his blog who had asked if Farrell was now planning on keeping a distance from Hoagland and his particular brand of woo. Dr Farrell responded by saying "Trust me I'm distanced." He then stated that he felt like Hoagland had stabbed him in the back.

Anyone remember the Elenin fiasco. It cost Hoagland dearly.