Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Asimov on Hoagland

Isaac Asimov, talks about Hoagland in his essay about the cruise to observe

the launch of Apollo 17.

Hoagland talked Asimov into going because, Asimov said (probably with

tongue somewhat in cheek), "How would it look for the greatest science

fiction writer to not have seen an Apollo launch."

When Asimov questioned that, Hoagland said he had signed and notarized

statements to that effect. Once on the ship, Asimov found that Hoagland had

told several other writers that he had signed and notarized statements that

the other writers were the greatest science fiction writers.

Asimov also mention that as the time for the ship to leave approach, and

the launch had yet to take place because of a hold, Hoagland convinced the

captain of the ship to stay longer, because he had signed and notarized

statements to the effect that he was the greatest captain in the world.

I took the "signed and notarized statements" thing as Hoagland, even back

in 1972, had the ability to con people.- The essay was titled "The Cruise

and I".


Their first contact was by phone and Asimov said "He [Hoagland] was anxious

to see me and had all sorts of plans and projects in mind. He had an eager

spirit that was very contagious." Which may indicate, even then(1965) was

able to get people excited about things. Asimov goes on "When we finally

made personal contact I was taken aback to find him a thin, narrow-chinned

youngster of 19; extraordinarily bright though and filled with enthusiasm

for space.

Somehow he persuaded me to do a television show in Springfield and I drove

out there on May 6.... Hoagland also talked a good deal about Mariner 4,

which was on its way to Mars, to take photographs as it flashed by.

I avoided becoming overcommitted at that time, for I sensed even then
that Hoagland, like many utterly enthusiastic people, might have a reach

that slightly exceeded his grasp." - These quotes are from pp 364-365 of In

Joy Still Felt. First Edition, 1980. - Issac Asimov autobiography

Source: http://cosmoquest.org/forum/archive/index.php/t-107243.html


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  2. Pure comedy gold Expat.
    I had no idea.

  3. What surprised me about Poul's article is that they turned down his offer to bring it up at Worldcon. I could understand it if they'd had an alternate way of drumming up business, but it doesn't appear they did. In any case, after losing a quarter of a million it's any wonder Hoagland can convince anyone with money to back anything he proposes.