Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Is it over for Hoagland

Ever since Richard C Hoagland disgraced himself in front of his thousands of "Farcebook"  fans with his ridiculous Elenin nonsense. He has been appearing less and less on radio and at conferences. I notice that at the latest Contact in the Desert conference Hoagland was not there, but his small time acolyte Mike Bara was.

Was Hoagland invited, did he refuse to appear, is he pissed off at Mike Bara stealing his "research" and having it published solo. What's going on in woo land. Is "The Big Man" no longer deserving of that title. Is Mike Bara now "The Big Man."  After all Bara has managed to deliver on his promises of new books being published, and has actually managed to get on television albeit in cheap and ridiculous shows that are of the same caliber as "Finding Bigfoot." Bara even managed to get his chubby face on the "Ancient Aliens" TV show. Hoagland was nowhere to be seen.

This is curious. Anyone who knows anything about Hoagland will be very well aware of the fact that there is nothing that Hoagland loves more than the sound of his own voice. He can talk for literally hours during his presentations, but not before the feisty Robin plods through Hoagland's aggrandizing introduction. I'd have thought it would be a little embarrassing by now to keep up with the "Cronkite" association. I do not dispute the assertion that Hoagland worked as a researcher for Cronkite, but this was almost 50 years ago. A huge proportion of Hoagland's audience probably don't even know who Cronkite is. I had to Google him myself.

Below is an excerpt from his long abandoned Facebook page. I am suggesting that this sort of utter rubbish is why Hoagland now finds himself unemployed and marginalised.


This afternoon (US time), Elenin passed closest to the Earth -- at 19:50 GMT (give or take ~30 seconds ...).

People are now asking--

"Well, did ANYTHING happen?"

On this same afternoon, in Washington DC, thousands gathered on the Mall -- including President of the United States of America, Barack Obama -- to celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, and to dedicate a Memorial to his championing of human rights ... 50 years ago--

The SAME day as Elenin passed by ....

Around the world, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS gathered in cities, towns and villages across the globe, to protest against the increasing "dehumanization" of the human family by those who are "less than 1% ... but own more than 99% of the riches of the world" -- from London, to New York, to Denver, to San Franciso,(sic) to Tokyo, to Sydney, to Rome ... to Washington DC -- in an UNPRECEDENTED mass global movement ... which BEGAN precisely when Elenin was "19.5 degrees to the Earth/sun line" ... on September 17th, 2011.

And yet ... people are STILL asking, on this "Elenin Afternoon"--

"Did anything remarkable HAPPEN ...?"

Stay tuned. 


  1. Hoagie does seem to have pulled a Lamont Cranston (The Shadow) on us, though I am at a loss as to why. Sure the Elenin/YU55 thing went (predictably) badly for him, but the woo community has seen bigger failures than that. Perhaps it was the very public (and obvious) nature of the failure that turned his partners in woo against him. Given how easy it is to puncture his ideas, and how energetic his critics seem to be in doing just that, he may just have decided that it's no longer worth the effort.

    As you mentioned, Bara is now filling the woo void that Hoagland left open. The problem is that while Bara might be as good a BS artist as Hoagie, he isn't nearly as capable at arguing his case. Where Hoagland would try to dazzle you with scientific sounding double talk, Bara will just call you an asshole or a fag. He is likey to have a less discriminating audience.

  2. As far as TV and conference work goes, I believe RCH has priced himself out of the market. He demands top-level fees plus first class travel for himself and Robin. He won't appear on TV unless given a co-producer credit.

    None of that applies to radio, however. He's had long dry spells with Coast to Coast before, so I suspect he'll be back eventually.

  3. He must be pretty well off if he can afford such long absences. Or Robin is pulling in enough dosh from selling shite like her "Gulf Oil Remedy" - Which incidentally also works for pets. Low Low price of $30 for a 2oz bottle.

  4. @expat
    I'm sure he'll be back, but he's not there nearly as often as he used to be. At one time he was billed as C2C's science adviser and was the go to guy for anything that looked even remotely sciencey in the news. He also had a yearly gig on the anniversary of the Moon landing and was crop up just before some conference that he and Noory were guests at happened. He also got a spot whenever C2C had to fill air time when another guest couldn't show up.

    His last appearance was on the Chinese rover mission (if I recall correctly), but that was some time ago. Even then, the material presented wasn't anything more than a Chinese version of the low resolution, over processed Apollo images he's famous for. So if he isn't at the conferences and he's not talking to Noory, my guess is he's watching Judge Judy.