Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Kenyan douchebag and Horus

So is Obama a Kenyan douchebag or is he the reincarnation of the ancient Egyptian god Horus. Stop laughing. This is a serious question. Those chuckle brothers Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara cannot seem to agree about one thing. Is Obama a Kenyan or is he the reincarnation of Horus ?

They agree that there are huge ancient alien structures on the Moon, Mars, in Saturn's rings and scattered throughout the solar system. They agree that NASA is run by Nazi's, Magicians and Freemasons. They agree that every physicist, engineer, astronomer and scientist on the planet are using a set of physical laws that either a: Do not exist (according to Bara) or b: Are merely a subset of a higher physics (according to Hoagland).

Preposterous notion ? - Yes it would appear so. Yet they sell books and conference tickets. Having said that Hoagland has written one and a half books in 40 years and his conference appearances have diminished to the point of "no more invites."

Bara co-authored Dark Mission with Hoagland and polluted book stores with 4 more books speaking of things he has no knowledge of. Things such as engineering, planetary science, mathematics, physics, orbital mechanics and spirituality. Bara also has made a few TV appearances and is invited to conferences on a regular basis. Perhaps Bara has taken the crown from Hoagland. Or shall we see "The Big Man" (as Hoagland calls himself) make a comeback and rip the crown from the young pretender.

I doubt it. Hoagland's credibility is shot through. Caked in mud. Gone. He has been caught out in so many lies and these lies have been highlighted and made public by his many critics.

Bara, although far less intelligent than Hoagland will probably be able to hang on a little while longer. Primarily because while he makes laughably inaccurate statements and actually has them published in rubbishy books. He does not make a howling arsehole of himself by claiming that just about every fucking comet that sails through the solar system is actually a spaceship sent by Obama's ancestors in ancient Egypt's past. Not comets but intelligently controlled spacecraft sent by Atlanteans and Egyptian gods Hoagland shrilly maintains. - I know it sounds utterly batshit insane, but unfortunately it's true.

So is Obama a Kenyan douchebag or the reincarnation of Horus ? Perhaps the current crisis in the middle East will answer this most important question.

Hoagland tells us that Obama never refers to the terrorist group as ISIS but as ISIL. He maintains that this is important but neglects to tell us why.

Mike Bara thinks ISIS are douchebags and should be slaughtered to a man. (I cannot disagree with Bara on this point.)

Look to the skies folks. Comet 67P. Will Hoagland try and shoehorn some 19.5's into its parameters and then associate it with the mess in the middle East. Will Bara concur. Will Hoagland again use human tragedy and suffering to grandstand and aggrandize himself and his wallet.

Bara is no stranger either in using tragedy to grandstand and sell books. He used the dead children at Sandy Hook to advertise one of his books claiming that the massacre proved what he had written regarding spirituality and the connected consciousness of the human race.

What a filthy pair of lying mongrels. Just filthy. I need a shower.



  1. I doubt Hoagland & Bara talk much these days. However, I sincerely hope they have some arrangement whereby Bara compensates Hoagland for re-using so much of their joint work in his own books.

  2. Indeed. Especially since Bara has recycled Hoagland's bullshit several times in his last three error ridden scrawls.

  3. The Obama == Horus thing was Hoagland's way of capitalizing on Obama's election and (at the time) popularity. The faithful never really bought into it, but it gave him material for another video presentation that almost no one actually paid money for. It also allowed him to spend hours upon hours delving into the sekrit symbolism of White House Christmas cards and presidential addresses. How Hoagland actually feels about Obama is anyone's guess.

    As to Bara using Hoagie's material, you really can't steal from a thief. Hoagland took much of his material from other people and (in the words of Robert Heinlein on some of his own work) filed off the serial numbers and gave it a new coat of paint. Bara helped him get the stolen goods in marketable form, but they aren't really his work any more than they are Bara's. My issue with Bara is that he's writing pretty much the same book over and over again. At least Hoagland knows when it's time to retire old material.