Monday, 15 September 2014

Ok Hoagland - show me the skyscrapers.

Hi Richard,

Please take a look at the latest fantastic images from comet 67P reported today by the BBC. Look at the detail. The closeup views of the proposed landing sites are quite something to behold.

I doubt you will be able to convince any but your most blind cult members to sap up any further hogwash about "skyscrapers on this clearly artificial ancient space station."

Mike Bara will of course back you up. Since he has never contradicted you about anything. But even Bara who is getting far more airtime than you these past couple of years is wisely keeping his mouth shut.

Is this it for you now Richard. It's pretty much game over. No radio, no conferences, no nothing. Better get working on that book that was first announced 14 years ago.

Oh, and perhaps you "might" get some conference invites when you start realising that you are not an A-Lister in the woo community anymore, and stop asking for first class travel for you AND your partner. Then asking for first class hotels and fifty plus percent of the house takings. Travel cattle class, sleep at a Travelodge and leave the woman at home. That's what the rest of them do.

Kindest Regards


  1. Mike Bara wouldn't dream of taking a woman to a woo-conference. That's what he goes there to FIND.

    Speaking of which, have you heard the scandal over Michael Shermer's behavior at TAM??

  2. I read the Shermer article. Absolutely shocking.