Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Pot kettle and black. Mister Bara.

Hi Mike,

Taken from your most recent bloggery.....

"None of this should really come as a surprise to anybody who knows anything about Plait or his tactics. He's a well established, inveterate liar who never argues science, logic or facts, but rather prefers to use the time honored debunking techniques of character assassination and personal attack."  - Mike Bara on Dr Phil Plait.

Well Mike that takes the biscuit don't you think. You are the one who;
  • Uses insult as a stand in for debate
  • Conveniently forgets the best ever image of the face
  • Refuses to debate Dr Robbins. Preferring instead to hide and throw insults to which Robbins has no avenue of immediate reply.
  • Call female critics ugly and cunts
  • Refer to male critics as homosexuals
Pot kettle and black. Dude you should take a good look at yourself. Dressing up as a caring messenger who brings the real truth. You are a liar (and I can prove it), you have no degree in engineering (and I can prove it), you are guilty of all the wicked bullet points above (and I can prove it), you shit yourself seven shades of shit when radio hosts bring up Dr Robbins and debate (anyone can prove that - they just need to listen to your voice changing and your bottom lip beginning to tremble at the mere mention of debate with a real scientist.)

I'd put my mortgage (if I still had one) on you never having the guts to debate Robbins. You keep running and hiding from him, and I expect more of the same. It is obvious that you suffer from insecurities probably related to weight issues and your inability to maintain or possibly even enter a relationship with a woman.

It's bad form Mike. Please stop lying. Then we will have no option other than to stop exposing your lies.

Kindest Regards


  1. It's really a gob-smacker that Mike would accuse Plait of character assassination and personal attack, and in almost the same breath refer to him as a "grotesque little toad of a man."

    1. Both Bara and Hoagland have no sense of irony. They'll go on and on about how credentials don't mean anything, yet ask for the credentials of anyone who questions them. Hoagland was also quite big on the "don't steal me work" thing while also stealing other people's work. I believe psychologists call it projection.

  2. Good for Jason Colavito, who writes this on his blog today:

    "What isn’t new is Mike Bara’s offensive and insulting blog posts, which reach new depths of odiousness whenever I think that the ancient astronaut theorist and television personality has hit rock bottom. I would like to know how it is that H2 allows the man on the air on Ancient Aliens and Discovery Communications made him the star of the Science Channel’s Uncovering Aliens when the man writes things like this for public consumption:"

    [insert quote]

    "Bara tries to defend the reality of the Face on Mars by arguing that it is half human and half feline, and that it also is an exact visual double for the ruins of a collapsed sports arena.

    When media personalities in fields other than fringe conspiracies say things like this, their networks either fire them or demand apologies and sensitivity training. Yet somehow fringe studies exempts individuals from having a modicum of politeness or professional decency. Compare, for example, the outrage even at Fox News when then-Fox employee Glenn Beck accused Barack Obama of being an anti-white racist with the silence that met Jim Marrs’s assertion last year that the president is planning a Russian-led military coup followed by genocide. Marrs, a frequent cable TV guest, is published by HarperCollins, which was owned by News Corp. (now owned by the new and legally distinct News Corp.), the then-parent of Fox News (now owned by 21st Century Fox).

    Mike Bara, intemperate and egotistical, acts more like an Ann Coulter-like agent provocateur than the seeker of “the truth” he pretends to be on television, where editors can excise his offensive remarks. I can’t see how it does any good to either H2 or Science to have their “stars” acting like teen cyberbullies, but it’s their choice."