Monday, 8 September 2014

Hoagland calls on his "fans" to petition Elon Musk

Last week during his unusually less than enthusiastic radio appearance with John B. Wells on the "Caravan to Midnight" internet radio show Hoagland made the usual preposterous claims about comets being space stations, or space ships, or space craft. He also informed the great unenlightened and unwashed, that not only was comet 67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko not a comet. But as well as being a space-craft-thing it had skyscrapers and buildings and arcology all over it.

He then went on to ask his fans to petition Elon Musk. Yes he of SpaceX fame whom Hoagland referred to  as "Mister Ego." Yes, I laughed at the irony of that statement too.....He asked his "fans" to email or fax or phone Musk telling him to look at Hoagland's data (which of course is always stunningly confirmatory) that shows ancient space ships, buildings, and arcology on comets, the Moon, Mars and just about every other solid body in the solar system. He has the resources to do it yelped Hoagland almost reaching the shrill tones of his more usual breathless performances.

Wells asked Hoagland if he had met Musk. Hoagland replied that he had spoken to him briefly at some point in the past. Generally this would have been Hoagland's cue to claim Musk as his "good friend." But not this time. Hoagland wanted his fans to petition Musk with the message that "Hoagland would be contacting him."

I can imagine Musk saying something along the lines of, "who the fuck is this Hoagland nutcase. I've got better things to do with my cash than throw it at abject morons or lunatics."

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