Saturday, 28 March 2015

Hoagland lying one on one.

Be aware dear readers. The interview linked below may damage your intellect. Hoagland in full flow. Lying once again like an absolute bastard.

Hi Richard,

I recently heard a post conference interview with yourself and James Tyberonn.
During the interview when you are describing your proposed torsion field. You stress that certain angles of orientation of your torsion detector with respect to the torsion field are very important. Tyberonn then asks you, "what angles" ? To which you curtly and quickly reply, "I don't remember."

I would have thought that such important data would have been etched onto your memory since you have been wittering on about your watch and laptop set up for decades.Perhaps your curt reply was simply code for, "I don't know because I am making it all up."

Kindest Regards