Thursday, 26 June 2014

Hoagland again grandstanding on human tragedy in pursuit of cash

Recently I blogged about Richard C. Hoagland being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman on the BBC regarding ancient structures on the Moon. This short interview was conducted on July 26th 1996.

This was a few days after flight TWA800 exploded in mid air killing all 230 people on board.

Listen to Hoagland comparing his Moon woo to the crash investigation that was ongoing at the time.

He is actually comparing his ancient structures on the Moon "investigation" to that of Robert Francis who was appointed to lead the TWA800 crash investigation.

What a vile, disgusting pig I hear you say. Yes indeed he is. A man with no morals who will happily line his pockets with the cash of the gullible whilst using tragedy to bring attention to himself and sell more of his utter poppycock science. All while the families of the victims weep for their loved ones.

But, It's not the first time he has done this. Oh no, this creepy bastard has previous for this sort of thing. He makes me want to vomit.

TWA800 Being rebuilt by crash investigators

Burnt out Apollo 1 capsule.

Both Hoagland and Bara are quite vile in their own right. I have a hard time figuring out which one I would like to punch in the face first.

Who's the fucking jockey eh ?

Mike Bara - Fat disgusting greasy bastard.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Bara shows his true colour - and its YELLOW

Hi Mike,

I notice that you are quoting "scientific materialists", and listing papers by these same "scientific materialists" on your blog.

Isn't that odd since you despise real scientists and have often made the claim that there is no such thing as the laws of physics.

I get it now Mikey. You hate scientific materialists, and blithering idiot physicists until you come across something that you can shoehorn into supporting your preposterous woo. Cherry picker.

Oh, and when will you debate Dr Robbins ? - You claimed you would demolish Neil deGrasse Tyson in a debate.

"Trust me, neither you nor NDGT would like to see me debate him. He'd get beat worse than the Broncos in the Super Bowl. And BTW, science is not Truth. Scientific materialism is simply another worldview no different than the religious dogmas it and people like him seek to ridicule." - Mike Bara

So why are you running scared from Dr Robbins. You insulted him on radio where he had no means of reply. You agreed to debate him. Now you hide. What's the term they use in Yankland to describe people like that ? "Yellowbellied"

Kindest Regards

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Hoagland grandstanding on BBC - Paxman clearly unimpressed.

Absolutely repugnant. Listen to the smugness of Hoagland and how he tries to give the impression that he is heading up a "team of scientists." Paxman meanwhile can barely keep a straight face.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Mike Bara Middle East political correspondent

Hi Mike,

Recently you wrote, "There is no 'collapse' going on in Iraq. All of this stuff you are reading about took place over a week ago. It is all being staged to keep certain corrupt people in their positions. The news is being manufactured."

You are joking aren't you ? - Are the BBC and every other news agency on the planet "in on the game" and hiding the real truth from us. That truth being that there is no collapse going on in Iraq. Ridiculous.

Almost as ridiculous as you and Hoagland expecting people to believe every scientist and engineer on Earth are scared to reveal the truth that only you two and a few privileged others are in possession of. You know Mikey, that "truth" you crooks like to sell.

Iraq is a mess Mikey. It's a mess primarily because of America and her poodle the UK. Now it is fragmented, descending into civil war perpetrated by Islamist nutjobs that would have been squashed should America's old best friend Saddam still been in power. America and the UK under Bush and Blair are directly responsible for the clusterfuck that is now the Middle East.

But perhaps that was ultimately the plan of the insane neo-cons who started the whole bloody mess.

Kindest Regards

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Dick and Mick - a comedy duo

To RCH, Mike,


Can either of you two explain to me why you embrace what you term as HD physics when it is abundantly clear that neither of you;

*Have any academic qualifications in any relevant field, or any other for that matter.

*Understand even basic mathematics as has been demonstrated many times by myself and others.

*Have had any peer reviewed paper published on the subject.

*Have released any paper, either by bloggery or other showing any equations describing what you claim HD physics is capable of.

How can you claim a theory to be true, and to cite Maxwell and quaternion notation when neither of you have a snowballs chance in hell of understanding what a quaternion is or how to handle one.

Jeezus H Christ Hoagland can't even apply the rocket equation without making a fanny of himself, and Bara thinks centrifugal force makes us heavier.

Sharp practice indeed. Possibly quite lucrative if you have the morals of a sewer rat.

Kindest Regards

Monday, 16 June 2014

Bara the fanciful lunatic disgraces himself. Again.

Just for a change

The first meme is true.....I was there.

The Bara meme is also true.

Bara Hoagland and a Hyperdimensional Jihad

Hi Mike,

ISIS, didn't you see Mikey, the Jihadists in Iraq are called ISIS.....OMG ISIS Mike.
Surely that is a message that only some of us will understand delivered by super seekrit people that you and Richard C. Hoagland know about.

ISIS and 3rd, the space station called ISIS (sort of) and now THIS.
We need advice and help Mike. Take to the hills ? - or is it all made up rubbish.
Please advise. I do not know anybody as well versed in made up rubbish as yourself and Hoagland, and Wilcock, and Cassidy, and Basiago, and Morton.....

Kindest Regards

Thursday, 12 June 2014

When will Hoagland break cover again

Hi Richard,

It's been a while since you broke cover and cobbled together your ridiculous Jade Rabbit nonsense. You have promised part two is coming soon. Where have we heard that old cherry from before ? - Oh yeah, that's right we heard it from you. I wonder if you will break with tradition and actually publish a part two of this garbage. Please do. It's such fun watching you get more and more preposterous.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Mike Bara - you are a fucking disgrace

Hello Mikey,

Let me talk to you in terms that you would understand. I won't talk science, nor mathematics, nor physics, which are avenues that you are clearly and demonstrably unschooled in.

You think you can beat Neil deGrasse Tyson in a debate. You made that claim Mike. So there is no hiding behind your usual pish of saying, "I never said that."

Here's the truth. You are a lying piece of shit. You are a coward, a homophobic misogynist, with respect for nothing except your wallet. A short, fat, baldy little middle aged thug who needs a right good smack in the mouth, and I would be more than happy to administer such a thing.

A vile example of humanity. A "man" who thinks his critics are paid disinfo agents of the alphabet soup brigade. A weasel who boasts he has humbled on many occasions NASA's best Ph.D's.

What a crock of utter bullshit. You said you would debate Dr Stuart Robbins, yet when Noory was asked by myself why this hasn't happened he replied, "It takes two to tango." - That tells me that you are all bluster, hot air and fake bravado. In short a disgusting fucking coward.

May Lady Karma lay her hands upon you. You despicable fat little creep.

Kindest Regards


A table of liars and con artists

Mike Bara - Big Girl's Blouse

Hi Mike,

George Noory tells me it takes two to tango when I asked if you would debate Dr Robbins on C2C as promised.

Running scared Mike ? - typical. All mouth and bugger all to back it up with.
Do you know what we call people like that in Scotland ?

"A big girl's blouse." - That's what you are Mikey, a big girl's blouse.

I knew it. I could tell the way you were quivering whist agreeing to debate Dr Robbins. I thought to myself, "Mike is shitting his breeches, he will never debate Robbins, he simply would come off as even more ridiculous than usual."

Kindest Regards

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

So Mikey - you have a helluva big hit for yourself

Mike Bara has routinely described himself as an aerospace engineer. I have also heard him refer to himself as an aeronautical engineer, and jetliner designer. This is the same Mike Bara who likes to point out that the first thing that debunkers do it wave their credentials at you.

Twenty five years as an engineering consultant we are told. We hear Boeing and Lockheed as being companies who paid for Mike Bara's expertise in the field. Not that Mike is waving his credentials you understand. He is actually telling lies. Bara has never been an aerospace engineer, he has never been a jetliner designer nor an aeronautical engineer. He has worked for Boeing though, as a contractor doing CAD-CAM. Not quite the same thing.

When it comes to insults we know Mike isn't one to hold back. He likes to dismiss his critics in the style of a rude, angst ridden teenage brat rather than address any criticism. Women are called cunts too ugly to reproduce and men are dismissed as homosexuals and psychopathic cyber-stalkers.

Attacking Dr Stuart Robbins Mike had this to say. "His personal attack on me is dripping with envy, and frankly, taking one look at him, it’s pretty obvious he’s never even kissed a girl, or if he has, she wasn’t exactly a “Penny” in the looks department."

One female critic responded to Mike's assertion that men turn to stone when they look at her. She laid it bare. Simply stating facts. Paraphrasing, "you [Bara] aren't exactly doing well in the looks department. You are fat, short and bald." Mike of course deleted her comment whilst leaving his own misogynistic tripe on display.

I'll leave the reader to make up their own mind about that. Here's Mikey.....

Mike Bara - pretend aerospace engineering consultant. AKA - portly CAD jockey.

Mike also loves to watch himself on television. " Why he [Dr Robbins] and others of his ilk seem so obsessed with me I cannot fathom, but maybe it’s because I’m on TV all the time (For the record, I LOVE watching myself on TV. It’s a visceral thrill. You should try it sometime Stuart. Oh, that’s right—you don’t have the option…).

Real nice guy eh ? - This is the man who tells us that he is a spiritual human being concerned for the welfare of the human race. He also tells us that his dead dog can write poetry from beyond the grave, that pet psychics are real and astrology is a perfectly legitimate science. He also tells us that he is confident he can prove there are no such things as the laws of physics and that J.K. Rowling is "in the know" because the image of Voldemort in the Harry Potter movies resembles some image taken from a radio experiment in the 1920's where ET was apparently contacted.

Voldemort in space, or so Mike Bara would have us believe. I am not making this up.

He also tells us that "Sitchin is truth, The Choice is truth, Lloyd Pye is truth, Dark Mission is truth."

Mike the humanist also delights in telling people how successful he is and telling his critics that they are jealous of the girls, the cars and the fame.

Mike also tells us that pareidolia (the tendency for humans to try and make sense of random patterns, think Jesus on toast or Mother Theresa on a bagel, or indeed the Rorschach test) is not real, does not exist and is merely a term invented by debunkers.
This is odd, since Mike relies on pareidolia to populate his shite books with.

By this point you may be wondering why bother. The man is clearly a rude, obnoxious, thug. Indeed he is, and so much more. But both he and Hoagland really had it coming. They deserve to be exposed and have their congregation informed that they have been worshiping at the altar of bullshit, and paying for it for years.

It’s pretty scary to a lot of people that Newton could turn out be a dumb shit. - Mike Bara

Conversely Mike also thinks Sean David Morton is a genius, pals around with him and lauds his work. Yet Newton, Einstein and Hawking are dullards. He also thinks David Wilcock is fantastic.

Mikey and The Rev Dr Sean David Morton Ph.D. - yes that's how Morton monickers himself. How fucking dumb is this fat prick ?

Mikey and David Wilcock. He of the I am the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce bullshit.

What an utter creep.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Richard C. Hoagland - You had it coming.

Much appreciation for the efforts of the meticulous Dr Stuart Robbins.

In this video Dr Robbins absolutely demolishes Richard C. Hoagland's poorly constructed geometric relationships described by Hoagland as the Rosetta Stone of Cydonia.

Hoagland claims that these mathematical relationships are the basis for his pseudo-scientific hyper-dimensional physics rubbish.

Therefore Hoagland's theory must meet his original claims, and pass the scientific method of review. It does neither, and is shown to be complete and utter cherry picked nonsense.

This is a nightmare for Hoagland and to a lesser extent his acolyte Mike Bara. Anyone who has listened to Hoagland will realise that he thinks very quick on his feet, is extremely au fait with his own bullshit and can actually come across as someone who can not only namedrop with the world's best, but sound as if he actually understands mathematics.

Dr Robbins rugby tackles Hoagland and his bullshit with real science. This is why Hoagland will either ignore this presentation or accuse Dr Robbins of being a paid NASA disinfo agent. He WILL NOT address his horrible mathematics or assertions. Dr Robbins is a scientist, Richard C. Hoagland is simply a sad woo seller who is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Not that he ever was relevant.

Thank you Dr Robbins. As I said in the title. He had it coming.