Monday, 28 July 2014

Threats of violence and sexual harassment

Hi Mike,

Again you are accusing people of sexually harassing your female fans and of making threats of physical violence towards yourself.

"I have stopped responding to these people because they have used multiple false identities to attack and me, sexually harassed my female friends and threatened me with physical violence. Enough is enough." - Mike Bara

This has to be a joke right.

Remember your internet wife attacking James Concannon with vile sexually explicit language - Do you remember your brother Dave asking for my address so he could "come there and kick my ass ?"

Dave Bara threatens to kick my ass...."tremble tremble."

Pot kettle and black Mikey boy - Pot kettle and black. Why would anyone need to resort to physical violence with you, when all they have to do is punch your fat face in with facts, mathematics, and physics.

Kindest Regards

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