Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Hoagie and Bareass


  1. That might have been the relationship in the beginning, but my guess is that sometime during the writing of Dark Mission, Bara realized Hoagland was full of scat. That didn't stop him from using Hoagland (and his material) for monetary gain, it just meant the time of being a worshiper was over. Bara got what he wanted from the old fraud (enough BS for several of his own books), so he no longer has to play Pancho to Hoagie's Cisco Kid.

    The downside of that though is that Bara has lost Hoagland's expertise (in his own crap), and is left to defend it with only a vague understanding of what Hoagie was talking about. Which is explains the laughable responses he gives his critics and how limited his appeal is ever likely to be. He certainly won't be getting a regular gig at C2C anytime soon, as he has even less standing to be a science adviser than Hoagland.

  2. Indeed Chris. It is like Grasshopper decided when to take the pebble from the master's hand.