Thursday, 4 September 2014

The Z-listers

What is so attractive about being a z-list celebrity. I cannot think of a
single reason that such status would appeal to me. Nor can I imagine what
being a z-lister must actually be like. Would it be like a soap actor from
a 30 years ago cancelled show who is still clinging on by opening
"everything for £1" supermarkets ? Or would it be even sadder than that.

We know why Mike Bara enjoys his z-list status so much. He tells us in no
uncertain terms that a relatively new BMW 7 series, living on Redondo beach
CA, strippers and porn starlets half his age are high on his list of
reasons. You see Mike is fat. Really fat, and he has no track record of
success with women. If he did he would be all over social media telling us
about it. Instead he uses his minor status to pretend he gets the girls to
his small Twitter following.

Richard C. Hoagland is not a mysoginistic homophobe like Mike Bara. He is
in a long term stable relationship with a woman unlike Mike Bara. So what
floats Hoagland's boat ? - I would tentatively suggest a few things; money,
money, money, a need to maintain the  fawning adoration from his
congregation, desperation to be seen as a real scientist, utterly desperate
to be accepted in mainstream, and of course to slag off NASA because of a
decades long grudge since they refused him press accreditation. Oh and ego.
Hoagland has a huge fucking ego. Hoagland's ego could easily be a stand in
for "yo Mama" in all the yo Mama jokes. "Yo ego is so fat....get the

Hoagland failing


  1. Bara lacks Hoagland's imagination. Where Hoagland could see himself as a respected scientist and science educator, Bara just sees a way to score with lonely cougars. Where Hoagland wanted to be Carl Sagan, Bara just wants to be Leisure Suit Larry. Where Hoagland wanted to be seen as saving the world, Bara just wants to be seen. They are both total frauds, but Hoagland aimed higher.

  2. Brilliantly put mate. Funny as hell, yet sad because it is actually true.