Thursday, 13 November 2014

Skyscrapers on 67P/CG and the evil European empire

Hi Richard,

Whatever will we evil Europeans come up with next.

Live streaming
Immediate release of unprocessed raw images
Constant updates by the minute on social media
Unprecedented access to the engineers and scientists

Doesn't leave much room for the monkey business you will claim has being going on to obfuscate the libraries, hyperdimensional warp drives, gun emplacements and skyscrapers. Does it ?

I even notice that your ex-acolyte and bottom licker extraordinaire Mike Bara has been rather quiet on this one. Unusual, since he normally laps up every piece of gobshite that comes out of your mouth.

You are on record Hoagland. On record as saying that 67P/CG was a spaceship with skyscrapers on it. That little gem is freely available on the internet. No denying it "big man." How are you going to spin this one. We are Europeans, not nasty NASA Nazis. Show me the skyscrapers. I double dog dare you.

Kindest Regards


  1. Yes. It's most particularly nauseating for the anti-scientist Richard Hoagland to make that announcement, and then say nothing at all when immediate evidence clearly falsifies it.


  2. So, what secrets is NASA hiding now that the probe has bounced from its original position and is pointing sideways? There's some interesting "anomolous" features in there too. I can't wait for the Hoagster and his Jabba the Hut apprentice to present their theories.

    Stay Tuned.....