Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A list of crimes against science and common sense and the fleecing of the sheeple.

I thought it would be fun to make a small list of the crimes against science the previous blog entry woo-woo dolls have perpetrated. To document all of their claims would require a book-length blog entry.

David Wilcock - Claims mass arrests of illuminati are imminent. Imminent in this charlatan's mind means anything he wants. Claimed we would be ascended in 2012 and become light beings of pure energy. He also claimed similar in 2000. Claims he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. Claims that there is a "jump room" to Mars under secret government control. Claims to channel an alien called Ra. Cried like a little bitch claiming secret government forces would kill him if people didn't go to his website. I shit you not. This clown claimed he needed 500,000 hits on his own website or he would be killed. Unbelievable that people buy into this huckster's bullshit.

Richard C. Hoagland - Claimed Phobos was a spaceship, so was Elenin, so was Hale-Bopp, so were various other celestial objects. Claims NASA murdered the Apollo 1 crew. Claims there are miles high glass domes on the moon, an ancient civilisation on Mars, Obama is the reincarnation of Horus and that we are the descendants of a long lost type II civilisation. Documenting all of the utter batshit crazy shit Hoagland has come up with would also need a book. The face on Mars, his hyperdimensional physics model, his accutron torsion field detector, his ritual alignment model where NASA are sneakily choosing launch times and landing sites due to elevations of special constellations such as Orion. Hoagland is so off his head now he is scraping at anything to keep himself relevant in his mind.

Mike Bara - Homophobic, misogynistic dunce who was once a fawning acolyte of Hoagland. Bara thinks centrifugal force makes you heavier, light from space can reach the bottom of the ocean and reflect back, Mars' eccentricity is measured relative to Earth and that his dead pets write poetry from the grave. Mike also thinks that he once designed jetliners. He was a cad/cam technician in real life.

Steven Greer - Closet homosexual who sells "the truth."  He cannot tell the truth about his own sexuality yet expects people to believe he is channeling aliens and that all aliens are goody two shoes types. He also charges a fortune for his seminars and makes his disciples sign non disclosure agreements. I would guess the NDA's are to stop people outing this scumbag's cheap laser tricks which he claims are UFO's.

Kerry Cassidy - Ego maniac. Batshit crazy. Believes anything and everything she is told no matter how insane the stories are. Believes she is an "indigo child." Also believes she can channel aliens and do remote viewing.

Jordan Maxwell - Fat lying bastard. Claims to have been contacted by aliens. Claims to be an expert in all aspects of the mystery schools. Once was chased by a UFO in the desert.

 David Sereda - Claims to be in contact with people from the Pleiades and sells healing crystals imbued with alien goodness for $445 on his website. Claims that he can communicate with his space pals at millions of times the speed of light. Basically he is a filthy liar.

Aaron McCollum - Kidnapped by the CIA as a child and trained to be a super soldier imbued with dolphin DNA so he can operate under water on water world planets. No I am not making this up.

Duncan O'Finioan - Another super soldier trained from childhood. Also claims to have flown in a TR3B, also known as a black triangle.

Andrew Basiago - Claims as a child he was involved in a DARPA project named project Pegasus. He time traveled to Mars along with a young Barack Obama. I know it's hard to believe but people actually buy into this absolute nutjobs bullshit.



  1. Once you go down the crazy rabbit hole, all things become possible. So the Face on Mars becomes a NASA conspiracy to hide it, which in turn becomes part of a vast and ancient conspiracy to keep us on the prison planet. Indigo children and super soldiers using jump rooms to get to Mars aren't that far behind. The key is to get the mark to buy into the little absurdities so you can lay the ground work for the big ones. That's how they do it in Scientology anyway.

  2. How could I have forgotten Robert Morningstar? Nutcase and liar.

    "The Apollo astronauts weren't aware they were being recorded when they were behind the Moon."

    Sure, Robert, they never noticed that switch on Panel C labeled TAPE RECORDER. Or the frequent notations 'DUMP DSE' on the flight plan.

    Oh, then there are the "hangers" [sic] on Mare Imbrium. Absolute poppycock.