Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The comic book scientist and the price of lunacy

I got wondering.

Since Hoagland's last performance on radio was such an unmitigated disaster. When did he start to really lose the place. Yes, it could be said that it may even be as far back as when he first got into the face on Mars rubbish.

Then I thought wait a minute. At least back then he wasn't telling us that comets were space stations and that the global elites were sending each other coded messages via artificial asteroids, space-station-comets and Hollywood.

Was it when the pseudoscientist was in his John Carter of Mars phase ?

Hoagland tells us the above is actually real.

Was it when the delusional one was in his Tom Corbett Space Cadet phase ?

Hoagland also thinks this is real.

Then it came to me. It all started when he began to lose the battle to convince people that his face on Mars hypothesis was just a complete and utter mish-mash of "sciency sounding" bunk. Hoagland loves to talk about his "decades long demonstrated scientific competence" - decades long scientific made up shite more like. Now he's just a sad parody of himself squealing louder and ever more shrilly trying to get attention with his absolutely unbelievably insane babble. I actually have a bit of sympathy for the poor fucker. Seriously.


  1. The public end game has to be Elenin/YU55. That's when it became obvious to others in the woo-biz that Hoagie had gone off the edge of the cliff. It was a case where Hoagland got caught up in his own narrative and forgot for a moment that it's all bovine scat.

    As to when it might have happened internally, that is an interesting question. My guess is it might have began after Art Bell left. With no one to keep him in check, Hoagland's fantansist side began to really fly and soon took over his head. The time he spent on FB with his adoring fans didn't help either, as they just reinforced his ego. That feeling of invunerability finally gave him the license to make claims that actually could be checked. When those claims where checked, and found wanting, Hoaland's response was to double down on the stupid. Things kinda got out of hand from there.

  2. I agree Chris. The Elenin thing really killed any remote chance that he would ever be taken seriously again. Also very astute observations regarding Art Bell being replaced by an idiot who let Hoagland run fucking riot.

    1. What strikes me about the Elenin thing was the head long rush into the disaster. He had to know that when events didn't go as he predicted, it would hit the fan. It's one thing to make vague predictions about stuff no one can (as yet) prove one way or the other. It's another kettle of fish though, to make clear predictions (for months on end) about things that will certainly (and very publicly) happen either the way you said they would or not.

      So predicting YU55 was going to crash into the Moon and inviting his cult (along with a live Internet feed with Kerri Cassidy) to watch, when you know it isn't going to happen is madness. Only someone who has (or a moment anyway) bought into their own BS would do such a thing. His rationalization at the time (NASA put up a fake YU55 as a diversion) was laughably desperate.