Friday, 12 September 2014

The only thing to light up the skies were Richard C. Hoagland's filthy big lies.

Hello Gentlemen (and Mike),

It's over Richard. Admit it. Sure it was good while it lasted but all good things must come to an end. Even the careers of pretend-scientists. Mike Bara's career won't be far behind either. Although to be fair he only pretends to be an engineer.

You will notice if you have the gonads to follow the supplied link, that many of these comments are coming from ex-Hoagland fans. People who used to buy into your fear porn and bullshit. Looks like YU55 and Elenin (as discussed on my attack-blog) really were the final nails in the coffin lid of your career.

At least you had a career of sorts. Poor Mike is just a stand-in with a leather jacket, and a bad comb over, reduced to projecting his own utter failures as a human being onto others.

Kindest Regards
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The fans are revolting.

 Here are some comments I have assembled regarding Hoagland's mendacity over the past couple of years. Notably with regard to asteroid YU55 and comet Elenin. These comments were taken primarily from YouTube. One should remember that many of these people used to buy into Hoagland's lies. Oh how the mighty have fallen. His credibility is at an all time low.

Jett Rink

When Richard Hoagland predicts something, I hope he says it will hit my house. That way I will know for certain that I am 100% safe, because Hoagland is ALWAYS wrong.


Hmmm...I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure that Richard C. Hoagland is not taken seriously by anybody in the scientific, skeptic or astronomical communities.


This just goes to show, no matter how much info you throw at ppl, they will always claim it's doomsday or blow it up bigger than it should be. Richard hoagland also believed elenin was a space ship..........


it's December 1st and I don't feel dead. Maybe Mr. Hoagland (or Hoaxland) should stick to writing scifi. he could really make some money with these wild tales. Oh, BTW, he's on Coast to Coast right now spouting the same nonsense!


lol Elenin fizzed now we got this.....


Richard Hoagland's source is deep inside his own rectum. The guy is a crackpot and anyone who swallows his bullshit really should come and buy one of my exclusive bridges.


i think richard hoagland has discredited cant believe anything he says, nothing he said has come true..its a shame I should to like him, now i think he's full of shit.


You're right. If this should happen, we'd witness something really major - ie Richard Hoagland actually being right about something for once in his miserable, worthless, dishonest life !


Hoagland said this? Now I KNOW there is no danger.

Ted Judah

Richard Hoagland has spewed sooo many claims that have been demonstrably proven false. To pseudo-quote Mark Twain: I don't take no stock in Richard Hoagland. And neither should you.


Here it is Dec 27th, 2011. Earth is here. The Moon is here. Nothing hit anything - unless you count Hoagland's already piss-poor reputation took another hit. What a pile of gullible crap. Watch the same thing happen in Dec, 2012. NOTHING. Scientific illiteracy in this country is a national disgrace.


He is a dip shit! Wrong again idiot!!!! How are you ever gonna go on air again and speak! You have lost all credibility


Richard Hoagland.. LOL. What a joke.


Richard Hoagland is an idiot and you are too for believing him.

Art Warfy

Hoagland is the premiere fake. Zero credentials... check it out yourself.


Hoagland epic fail......again. What a tool.


What a crock of shit! When is this stupid old fool going to shut his damn trap!


Richard C. Hoagland also believes that peruvian cows can speak french if you take the time to teach them! He is as dumb as George Noory!


Just a small question? Has Hoagland ever been right about anything? Ever?


After this dip shits stupid predictions about Elenin who could ever care again what hoagland says about anything. He is a fool and so also is anyone that pays any attention to what this moron says. And you are just another fool You Tube idiot that should be licking his balls rather than trying to make a video!

Derek Eunson

Hoagland has no mathematical abilities whatsoever. His Elenin probabilities equation falls to pieces when he allows a division by zero possibility when assigning numbers to Elenin's inclination. Utter junk science. And what the FUCK he's telling people that Obama is the reincarnation of the Egyptian god Horus. Serious snake oil.


After this dip shits stupid predictions about Elenin who could ever care again what Hoagland says about anything. He is a fool and so also is anyone that pays any attention to what this moron says. And you are just another fool You Tube idiot that should be licking his balls rather than trying to make a video!


Hoagland loves to hear himself talk. Does he EVER get to the point? What a windbag! And Tea Leoni's dad in Deep Impact was Maximillian Schell, not Omar Sharif, you thick twit!  And jesus, you could get to your point in about 1/3 of the time. But you're a tool, so why expect anything else..

Sol Sharif
Hoagland did a mong


a load of bullshit, and I'm a conspiracy guy, but this is all bollocks

David Evans

If one of these conspiracy theorists who "know the hidden truth" could please just not have fucked up weird hair, fucked up weird jewelry or had just a credible appearance it would help the cause greatly. Looking like your alcoholic never-married middle aged uncle who moved to Arizona because of the harmonic convergence of Turquoise energy doesn't help give you or what you're saying any credibility, and credibility is the most important commodity in the who conspiracy theory racket.


Jesus he has been speaking for one hour but hasn't fucking said anything

kevin weiler

how many god damn times did he say "later in the evening"? I mean jesus fucking Christ get on with it already. this is 3 and half hrs? could of easily been 1 and a half if this idiot got to the point sometimes


"I'll tell you a secret at the end" didn't inspire me to watch this documentary all the way through. I only got to about 1/3, and decided he has a stripped gear.


No idea why youtube posted my comment twice but anyway I think this man is really retarded, I will never watch another video of this man, He keeps goimg on and on about something "if he's right".. god damn he is just fucking blowing smoke up this audience's asses, its always something that is gonna happen I the next few weeks and months "if he's right" fuck me, he was wrong about the space progrm, he full of shit about there being something specific about 39 people that died when halebop went by, I think this retard should be medicated and locked in a nut house, and his fear porn bullshit is lame, this was three hours of pure fucking nonsense, bullshit.


Ahhhh... my man, Mr Richard Hoagland. The only motherfucker I know who can talk for 2 hours - and say fuck all!



waz wazz

any one know if this clown gets paid for these talks I bet he does , he presents no real facts, not one iota , folks u are getting ripped good if u pay too see this arsehole speak his lies in fact I think he is a disinfo agent / misinfo spreader!!

Oscar Delta

Hoagland is the Benny Hill of space conspiracy theorists, he is playing all of his followers like a fiddle. Wonder how much his followers pay him yearly to listen to his BS just like Greer...

Mark Manning

I can't stand this richard c hoagland buffoon.He is so in love with himself.He mentions,china,russia,nasa,like he actually is an inside man.And walter cronkite.Usually when arrogant aholes like him do this,they know nothing.And the people they mention as confidants,when asked about hoagland they say WHO?I got sick of this dildo hearing him and george noory on coast to coast.Always much talk indicating how smart he is,then him and geirgie boy exchanging compliments towards one another.A bunch of hot air with nothing ever being proven.Since this is july 10,2014.Obviously nothing this conceited prick spoke of came to pass.Not even close.Fraudulent human being,constantly bragging on his 20 thousand fb friends or fans I think he'll call them.Someone should knock this twit out.
His foolish assumptions that obama will jump back into the space program full bore is pathetic.I'm hearing his self important voice and assertions while commenting on this waste of human flesh and bone.He speaks of movies as if they are a reality.I hate this guy.Won't ever listen to this know nothing again.

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