Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Mike Bara Aerospace Consultant and Horseshitter

Hi Mikey,

It look longer than I expected, but, the results are in.

You may recall I have a friend who works at Lockheed. Not as a contractor, but as an employee of Lockheed. You may also recall that I asked her to check with her contacts at both Boeing and Lockheed regarding your 25 years as an aerospace consultant, jetliner designer, aeronautical engineer, or whatever other fancy title you have used to describe yourself.

Can you imagine my utter lack of surprise when I was told that nobody named Mike Bara has ever been employed or contracted to either company in any of the fancy titled positions you claim.

Engineer ? - Oh really Mikey ?
CAD jockey, not engineer Mikey.

Kindest Regards


  1. Brilliant. No surprise at all.

  2. No surprise indeed. For as you know, if he were really an aerospace engineer he would be mathematically competent.

  3. Yes I too am shocked (and relieved) that Bara was not involved in the design of aircraft.

  4. Not exactly boy band material is he.

  5. Lol no. But Hoagland could be a country singer.

  6. Of course Hoagland likes to bill himself as a former NASA consultant, like he might have been called in during the Apollo 13 mission for advice. The reality is he just worked on the public relations end of things. So they both have a habit of overstating their credentials.

  7. He has proved time and time again that he and mathematics are not familiar friends. Had he actually been employed by any company in the Aerospace industry he would have been launched out the front door like a dart approximately ten seconds after he tried to bullshit an actual REAL Aerospace Engineer with his fantastic/fantasy garbage.