Monday, 2 June 2014

Richard C. Hoagland - You had it coming.

Much appreciation for the efforts of the meticulous Dr Stuart Robbins.

In this video Dr Robbins absolutely demolishes Richard C. Hoagland's poorly constructed geometric relationships described by Hoagland as the Rosetta Stone of Cydonia.

Hoagland claims that these mathematical relationships are the basis for his pseudo-scientific hyper-dimensional physics rubbish.

Therefore Hoagland's theory must meet his original claims, and pass the scientific method of review. It does neither, and is shown to be complete and utter cherry picked nonsense.

This is a nightmare for Hoagland and to a lesser extent his acolyte Mike Bara. Anyone who has listened to Hoagland will realise that he thinks very quick on his feet, is extremely au fait with his own bullshit and can actually come across as someone who can not only namedrop with the world's best, but sound as if he actually understands mathematics.

Dr Robbins rugby tackles Hoagland and his bullshit with real science. This is why Hoagland will either ignore this presentation or accuse Dr Robbins of being a paid NASA disinfo agent. He WILL NOT address his horrible mathematics or assertions. Dr Robbins is a scientist, Richard C. Hoagland is simply a sad woo seller who is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Not that he ever was relevant.

Thank you Dr Robbins. As I said in the title. He had it coming.



  1. Thanks for the favorable review and letting people know about it. :)

  2. Stuart,

    You are very welcome.
    This will be my coup de grace, when debate dictates.


  3. I agree. Dr. Robbins did a great job of using real math to deal with Hoagie's phoney variety.

  4. As to whether Hoagie will address it or not, that depends on then venue he's in when (or if) it comes up. If it's one where he's the only one talking, he might just take a swing at it. If it's a panel thing with other mathematically literate panelists, he'll try to change the subject.

    Bara on the other hand, won't be able to resist demonstrating his mathematical ignorance by saying something completely stupid before he questions Dr. Robbins' manhood.

  5. Dr Robbins video now at 4,287 views. Not bad for two days exposure.
    For my part I have been scanning YouTube for Hoagland/Bara videos and pasting the link to Stuart's video on there. As well as disseminating it via every social outlet I can. I urge others to do the same.