Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Aiming the grammar nazi gun at Hoaxland for shits n' giggles

Hi Richard,
The below quote was taken from The Enterprise Mission website.

"For those who have forgotten just how important a "tetrahedron" truly is -- symbolizing an entire field of "suppressed science" per our ~decades-long, Enterprise milti-disciplinary investigations of "Hyperdimensional Physics."

I know that you are leery of making changes to your website. Changes such as deleting Von Braun's secret. Since your mathematics are demonstrably wrong and falsify your own hypothesis. Which I find hilarious by the way. Changes such as deleting the whole table of coincidence nonsense since it has been falsified completely.
Do you think deleting wrong content would be a hammer blow to your credibility ?
I would suggest that leaving wrong content on the website and still trying to flog it off as real when you know it to be fake deals a far bigger blow to your credibility.

Are you a sociopath ?

So if you refuse to correct utterly wrong mathematics, would it be too much to correct a typo.

Kindest Regards

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