Thursday, 15 May 2014

Mike Bara's preferred debating method.

Honestly. What a nasty piece of work this fat bastard really is. Below are some choice quotes from the Fatmeister himself when "debating" the ridiculous assertion that there is a robot head on the Moon.

Mike Bara.

No, I rely on my critics having below baboon IQ's, which you obviously do. I'm surpised they even let you have access to a computer in a Turkish prison.

Tara, talk to me when you can prove you're not so ugly that guys turn to stone when they look at your face. Start by not hiding behind a phony profile picture.

I have never questioned your gender identity, although that highly defensive response and your profile picture indicate that I should. Why would I "debate" you when all you offer are personal attacks and non-sequiters? You are simply another example of someone who cannot argue the facts and must therefore make it personal. I'm sorry if your daddy didn't love you and you and you hate all men that are smarter than you. But please see a therapist instead of wasting my time with non-arguments.

Thank you for proving what you don't know. Please explain how a "chromatic aberration" can appear on 2 sets of NASA data taken under the same lighting conditions from 2 different angles? I'll answer it for you; they can't. The only way that can happen is if the red stripe is--- wait for it--- ACTUALLY THERE ON THE OBJECT! Dumbass

BBE, the whole point is to show inbred morons like you that you don't even need to use Photoshop to find the red stripe that Expat says doesn't exist. Turns out that like on pretty much everything else, he has his head up his ass.

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