Saturday, 17 May 2014

Mike Bara says.....

During a presentation for the release of the error and lies strewn doorstop "Dark Mission The Secret History of NASA." Bara came out with this little gem. Ask yourself, how the fuck can a dunce that has no clue about mathematics or physics, clearly and demonstrably has no clue about planetary eccentricity, and wrote that centrifugal forces would crush us if it were not for the Moon, say something like this. What a fapping tragic twat.

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  1. Take a look at this video for some of Bara's newer gems of wisdom.

    "If we really evolved on the Earth would we need sunglasses to go out or sunblock on our skin? No we wouldn't so I don't think we're from here."

    "The moon has an airglow around it"

    "We know that Mars was inhabitable"

    "The species on Mars was forced underground by an interplanetary conflict, then they migrated to Earth and bred with Neanderthals to make us"

    "8ft tall basketball players come from human and Annunaki crossbreeding"

    "When planets rotate less it makes creatures in the solar system be shorter"