Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Mike Bara - Engineer or fucking pansy ?

I am not expecting Bara to reply.

Hi Mike,

So George tells me that it takes two to tango.
From this I take it that you refuse to debate Dr Robbins even after agreeing to do so.

I can't say I am surprised. Even although you have stated in the past that Stephen Hawking's mind is as diseased as his body, and that you are confident you can prove there are no such things as the laws of physics. No I am not surprised at all.

So you tuck tail and run like a wee pansy yet again. Same as Hoagland. When presented with real scientists you simply cannot cope. Your utter woo is exposed, your mathematics taken apart and laughed at and your reputation rightfully besmirched.

Man up Mikey. Go debate.

Kindest Regards

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