Friday, 16 May 2014

Hey there Georgie boy

Dr Robbins must be given an avenue of reply after Mike Bara's insult live on air.

Hi George,

Thanks for replying regarding my query about Dr Robbins being allowed to debate Mike Bara on Coast to Coast AM.

I must admit I was very surprised that Bara agreed on air to debate since he usually substitutes gross personal insults as debate.

I had my doubts that Bara would actually do it. I was correct. He was a no show. However I must stress in the strongest possible terms that when a guest on your show insults someone's professional competence. The person whose character has been besmirched should absolutely be afforded a right of reply.

I know that Bara will back out of a debate that he cannot hope to win. But Dr Robbins must be allowed a chance at rebuttal. A one way insult conduit has no place in any media. None whatsoever.

Please allow Dr Robbins a chance to reply to your audience and put forth his defence. Remember George, you were clearly shocked when Bara said, "yeah he's a scientist, but, frankly he sucks at it."

This injustice needs to be addressed sir. Or at the very least Bara be removed from the C2C guest list until he either debates, retracts, or Dr Robbins gets a right of reply. You DO live in America don't you ?

Kindest Regards
Derek James Eunson


  1. Nice one. You may have gone a bit beyond George's attention span in the text, but even the subject line is a good'un.

  2. Hi Expat,

    Aye indeed. I heard Georgie likes one liners.
    I got carried away a bit. :-)