Thursday, 8 May 2014

Nuts, Bolts, Kardashev, and Moonbat Hoagland.

Hi Richard,

Something has always bothered me the way you use the Kardashev scale to quantify this alleged "type II" civilisation you claim once inhabited the solar system.

Let's for a moment assume that these images you claim to see artifacts in are in fact real. And not as most sensible people assume, just random noise and photoshop manipulation by yourself and Mike Bara.

Imagine they were real. Why would this magnificent type II civilisation be using beams and girders, and bolts, and  struts, and all the other present day building techniques you claim to see.

It doesn't make sense. I would have thought that a civilisation that was capable of harnessing the output of an entire star would be using something much more exotic, and perhaps even more exotic than we can imagine, rather than nuts, bolts, girders and struts.

Kindest Regards

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