Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Dunces Hoaglands and Fat Baras

Greetings gentlemen, (and Mike)

Since both of you have declined to debate me regarding engineering and mathematical questions may I be correct in assuming that you have conceded defeat.

Let me explain;

I asked Richard to reassess his horribly inaccurate analysis of Explorer I. He declined. Please note that this is a "mathematical given" since Hoagland actually had the temerity to try and do mathematics and was caught. Having zero flair for mathematics.

I asked Richard to explain his assertion that water blocks torsion waves, yet he still angled for "donations" to assist both him and Robin in visiting the Baltic sea anomaly. Even though it was many meters under water. He waved some terribly embarrassing pseudoscience at me. A less gracious man than myself may have described it as a pathetic attempt at weaseling out. This is of course documented and catalogued in email format in both my records and on the Emoluments of Mars blog.

I asked Richard to explain his Elenin calculations, with particular regard to a division by zero possibility in his pretend mathematical analysis. He declined. Little wonder, since he was exposed hook, line and sinker as a dolt.

I asked Mike to explain centrifugal force. He called me "a homo" and suggested that I apply to John Travolta as a potential "masseuse." I laughed, I admit. After all a response however teenage is better than none at all.

I asked Mike to explain the eccentricity of Mars' orbit. He called me "a cunt." Not that I was offended. This word, while being quite vile in the American language is viewed in Scotland either as a direct challenge, or an expression of affection. Given the fact that Mike weighs something approaching that of a small family car I was neither intimidated nor endeared to him in this moment. Therefore I found this quite amusing.

Speaking of amusing I was also threatened by Mike's brother Dave. He asked for my address, so he could come there and "kick my ass." All because I asked Mike to clarify his description of centrifugal force. I was crushed. Or I may have been had he actually carried out his threat and caught me unawares. Seriously. Dave, like his twin with a similar zeppelinesque physique may present a significant problem for the unwary. Refer to WWF.

I am genuinely curious. I know Richard has a "formidable intellect", is quick on his feet in debate (although he uses horrendously inappropriate techniques) and actually does have some experience of spaceflight. Richard also plows an interesting furrow when he is in full flow. Fine. No really that is just fine. It makes good woo_radio and can be quite relaxing when one wants to fall asleep laughing.

Mike on the other hand is simply a dunce. A dunce of monumental proportions. A man of zero morals and even less (if possible) integrity. I think enough has been said about Mike, "the acolyte."

Bottom line. Will you both retract and/or correct your idiotic mathematics. I expect Mike to decline of course, because he simply does_not_get_it. Being as thick as shite on the neck of a bottle.

You Richard however, as a man of some education, must know better because better qualified engineers than me have pointed it out. Why, oh, why for example do you refuse to retract the horribly disgraced "Von Braun's Secret" "paper" from your ancient website ?

Kindest Regards

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  1. Hoagie has already (sorta, kinda) owned up to the math error in Von Braun's Secret. He claims that his revised calculations still support the thesis, but since he's never published those calculations, it's not unreasonable to question validity (or existence) of those calculations. Bara of course, has no friggin idea what any of this is about.