Thursday, 22 May 2014

How dare Hoagland and Bara call this great man a liar

Every time Hoagland or Bara start spouting off about their glass domes, castles, skyscrapers, and ancient ruined arcology on the Moon, they are calling this man a liar. It's an outrage. A pair of knuckleheads who don't have a single science degree (or any other degree for that matter) between them see fit to try and besmirch the character of one of the greatest human beings in history by simply making things up.

Producing mathematics of unbelievable hilarity and making bold statements such as Bara did when he puked up this little gem.

"I'm confident I can prove there is no such things as the laws of physics."

Bara then went on to try and actually "use" the laws of physics that don't exist to explain the over-performance of Explorer I and made an absolute howling fucking arsehole of himself in the process. Priceless. Go take physics 101 Mike. You maladjusted knobend.

Such is the hubris of these two clownhats that they actually believe all of the Apollo astronauts except Neil Armstrong were memory wiped so that they could not reveal the truth about what is on the Moon. Aye right, and I'm the Queen of Sheba. Fuck sake.



  1. Mike Bara's malicious and ignorant comment got some discussion in the web forums:

  2. Armstrong is just one of many famous people Hoagie and Bara have scat on in their quest for fame and glory. There are also Hoagie's "close friends" Carl Sagan, Arthur C Clarke, and Gene Roddenberry, along with other notables like Werner Von Braun. Dumping on people who can no longer sue their asses is something of a hobby with these two.

  3. Indeed. Although Hoagland blows hot and cold when referring to Sagan.
    This seemed to appear when Expat published a piece that Esteban found. Where Sagan is asked about Hoagland and basically rips him a new one.

    So Sagan is either an insider disinfo agent, or his dear departed friend. Depending on the flavour of whatever shite Hoagland is belching up at the time.