Saturday, 17 May 2014

Hoagland being made look a fool

Derek Eunson

to Mike, RCH, bcc: martin
Hello Gentlemen,

Recently I heard Mikey say that string theory is really just poor man's hyperdimensional physics.
I'm curious. How in the name of hell can you say that Mike. You have zero mathematical ability, don't even understand basic physics and have no_fucking_chance of understanding string theory.

So how can you make a statement like that. I've never seen you present a single paper with any valid mathematics on it. Neither has Hoagland. He tried once. Got caught and made look a complete fool. Yet it remains to be laughed at on his web page. So much for peer review eh Richard.

You two make various predictions of what HD physics can do.
Billions of times FTL travel
Free energy
Billions of times FTL communications
Planet killer weapons

Yet NOT ONE SINGLE PAPER. No equations no physics, nothing except old anecdotes, namedropping and a picture of a tetrahedron circumscribed by a sphere. Oh and 19.5 degrees.

Scientists my arse.

Check this out Richard.

Mikey, you may want to take a peek too. If the Hoagmeister gets made look like an arsehole by a scientist in debate. Ask yourself how would I fare. I'll tell you Mikey, you would be made look even a bigger foolish asshole than Hoagland was. Although I admit that you don't namedrop nearly as much, creepily trying to infer validation of your bullshit as Hoagland does.

Kindest Regards

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